Wednesday, February 25, 2015

28 Things

Ginny's Spin Cycle prompt is to list 28 things. It can be any 28 things to commemorate the 28 days of February. So here are my 28 things. First 7 will be just random things going on.

  1. I have given up sweets for Lent. I teeter back and forth between sweets and pop but this year I did sweets. I'm hoping that it will spur me on to better eating habits and lose some weight! We'll see. I'm one week into it and not down anything.
  2. I'm also participating in The Best Lent Ever. It's a series where they email you scripture, a thought or a video every day to make you think about your faith. It's been really good so far. If you're looking to grow in your faith (even if you're not Catholic) this is a good place to start.
  3. I started selling Premier jewelry at the beginning of 2014. It's been one year and while last year was good, I have been completely overwhelmed with the rest of my life that I haven't been able to devote any time to it. Which makes me want to do even less with that. Which does not create very good vibes towards it.
  4. I've been  binge reading the Heroes of Olympus series. I'm on book 3 and so far they're really good. I'd already read the Percy Jackson books and enjoyed them so I figured I would like these too.
  5. Our microwave broke on Sunday morning and we had to replace it the same day because we use it so much. Even though I've been cooking more we have been eating the leftovers so we need it to warm them up in addition to quick meals/snacks for the other days.
  6. I wish everything wasn't so expensive. We're looking to replace our fence and it's looking to be over $3,000. What?! That's insane. We also want to fix a few things around the house inside and out and we would like to have a new driveway repoured. I think we're going to have to divvy up the list.
  7. I am so tired of this winter weather. Both the boys are super tired of being cooped up and I'm tired of their attitudes because of it.
My most favorite shows on TV right now:
  1. Game of Thrones (duh)
  2. Gotham
  3. The Following (when it come back on)
  4. Bones
  5. Under the Dome (when it comes back in the summer)
  6. New Girl
  7. Expedition Unknown
  8. Modern Family
Places I'd like to visit (or visit again): 
  1. Seattle
  2. New Orleans
  3. Disneyland/Disneyworld and all of the other Disney related theme parks plus Harry Potter world!
  4. Cayman Islands-it was so beautiful and peaceful when we stopped there on our cruise
  5. Italy
  6. London
  7. France
  8. Anywhere else tropical!
And finally, because of all the sports Leo is in or has been in, here is my list of my top 8 favorite sports!
  1. Major League baseball - Go Royals and Cardinals!
  2. College basketball - Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
  3. Professional football - HTTR!
  4. NBA basketball
  5. Gymnastics
  6. Soccer
  7. Cheerleading
  8. Couch surfing...that counts right?!
So that is a lot you've learned about me! Go visit Ginny and see all the other spinners and their 28 things!


  1. We just got about 5 more inches of snow last night, and I would love to go some place warm!

    I know what you mean about everything being so expensive. We are just trying to fix or replace a little bit at a time. I hope we can finish putting new windows in this spring. It's been one of our ongoing projects!

  2. If you like GOT, The Following and Under the Dome, you should check out 12 Monkeys. It's my newest sci-fi fixation.

  3. Going somewhere tropical sounds great. It's been so cold this year!

  4. I gave up sweets this year also. I will say around 3 it gets very tough but manageable. Good thing Sundays are a day off!

  5. My husband is counting the days till the Cardinals begin playing!

  6. I'm totally with you on that winter comment. I'm done. I say crank up and the heat and pretend you're in the tropics for an hour or two! LOL! I thought I had signed up for that Best Lent Ever (It's Matthew Kelly, right?), but I don't seem to be getting the emails. I am, however, getting Father Robert Barron's daily Lenten reflections, plus I'm in a prayer email group via church, plus I have a daily Lenten Reflection booklet from church to read (I wrote a couple passages in it, too), plus I'm in a Lenten house church group, so I don't know about this being the "Best Lent Ever," but it may be the "Busiest Lent Ever" for me!