Monday, December 9, 2013

The Elf is Back

Year 2 of elf on the shelf. It's fun coming up with new things to do with him. Well, looking up ideas on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram anyways! So here is the first week of shenanigans provided by Lucas, our elf.

Lucas arrives with a letter from Santa reminding the boys of the real reason for the season. 

Lucas hanging by the piano. 

Silly Lucas was trying to help decorate the tree.

Here he is helping count down the days until Christmas.

Keeping an eye on the kitchen. Doing recon from the flowers.

He needed a bubblegum fix overnight and got caught in the bucket!

Flying through air on his (toilet paper roll) trapeze!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Urine Trouble, Cyber Monday and Elf on the Shelf Oh BOY!

Crazy times in the house as of late as we prepare for Santa Claus to come visit! So in all things random related here we go…


We are having a lot of issues with Jacoby and night time stripping. Dude takes off his diaper in the middle of the night and then pees in his crib. So I get the genius idea that he won’t take off a pull-up. So we try that and it works for a few days. And then I check on him and he has pulled that off as well. So I buy some onesies (this is getting expensive…) and try that. It works for the first night but then the next night I go in and he is soaked. But he still has the pull up and onesie on. Hmmm…he has pulled his peep out of his pull up and it is just sticking up over it!! I couldn’t believe it. Then the next night he just straight undoes his onesie and takes off his pants and pull up. I don’t know what to do! Any suggestions would be lovely!


Our Elf on the Shelf is back. He showed up this morning with a letter from Santa detailing the rules and reminding Leo and Jacoby what the real meaning of Christmas is. Let’s see how long this lasts. And let’s also see how long I can go before I forget to move him and remember as I’m falling asleep. Fun times!

I am off work this upcoming Friday and Monday and those will be my last days off until Christmas other than the weekends. I am so looking forward to them. Friday is my annual shopping day with mom and grandma and then on Monday I am going to go to Leo’s school and read to his class and then go get a massage. Thank you Groupon!


Thanksgiving was last week (duh) and I am so happy that I have friends whose parents live in town still. That way when they come home to visit their family they get to see me too! So I got to spend time with my bestest friend from grade school twice and then saw a girl I used to work with over the weekend. It was so nice!


I was so annoyed with Cyber Monday. On Target’s website they were having a buy one LaLaLoopsy get a second for 30% off. I have 2 little girls on my list that would have loved that and my pocketbook would have as well. So I look online and lo and behold almost all of them are not available for order online (even though they had an online price) but there were a few. So I found two cute ones and went to put them in my “cart.” When I went to do that though, it told me that there was an error and I could not add them. I tried multiple times from my phone and an actual computer and it never worked. A similar thing happened on Toys R’ Us website with the same stupid doll…it was supposed to be buy 1 get one 50% off but when I put them in my cart the discount never took place. I even went so far as to almost place the order and it never changed. So frustrating. If you don’t want to offer for that specific product it’s fine…just don’t make me waste my time! Ok. Rant over!

Have you ever heard of Posh Cosmetics? I hadn’t until recently and now I’ve heard about it 3 times in the past 2 weeks. It’s similar to Lush where they are a natural based cosmetic company and a friend is having a party tonight. I’m not going but I ordered some stuff…I hope it’s worth it!


Ok…that is all the random I can scrounge up today! Hopefully you are all having a wonderful Tuesday…and for me, it’s my Wednesday. Yippee!!!