Friday, August 31, 2012

Leo's Laughs

I haven't done this in a while but since school has started we have heard a lot of silly things coming from Leo's mouth.  Here are just a few...

  • Leo loves to use the word hilarious.  Except he doesn't say it right.  He only says larious.  So everything that is funny is that is so larious.  The hubby and I have found this to be amusing so we have started to say it too.  I will miss those things once he learns the right way to say everything.
  • Jacoby has been really snotty lately (with allergies and a sinus infection) and the other morning while we were getting ready for work and school he told me that Jacoby smelled like boogers and death.  Sure enough, Jacoby had snot on his face and he had pooped. 
  • We had Hamburger Helper the other night for dinner.  It was just one with a cheese sauce, lasagna-like noodles and hamburger.  I figured this would be a meal-win for Leo becuase he loves noodles, cheese and hamburger.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  After we finished (and he took forever so he was the last to get down from the table) he took his plate to the sink.  He came back out of the kitchen and said...If we have leftovers I am not eating that tomorrow.  Just so matter of factly.  The kid is so larious!

There are so many others that I just can't think of.  I need to carry a recorder so I can record him while he's talking because he always says something that I just don't picture him saying it until he does.  And then I crack up.  Becuase some things, like the hubby says, if they're funny-I'm going to laugh.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weight Watchers: Week 10 Update

First I want to say thank you to everyone who has given me encouragement and ideas for how to stay on point and keep up the hard work I've been doing for the last 10 weeks!  I appreciate it.  It really does keep me accountable which is why I blog about it!

So on to my weigh in this week.

Original weight: 147.2
Last week: 141
This week: 138.8
Down 2.2 pounds this week for a total loss of 8.4 pounds!  Woohoo!

I am now only 1.6 pounds away from my goal and technically 6.8 pounds away from a "healthy" weight for my height.  But honestly...I am so pleased with where I am now.  As I keep losing I am back to a weight that I haven't been since graduating high school.  I am constantly getting asked how much weight I've lost and/or told how good I look (which is actually really embarassing for me because I don't take compliments very well) so it makes me feel good.  (on a side note...just writing that last sentence makes me feel uncomfortable.  I'm not going to erase it though! Haha)

For the next 6 weeks I just need to keep it up and lose that last 1.6 pounds and I will get my 75% reimbursement.  My main source of accountability!

Monday, August 27, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation (in pictures)

Gretchen asked me what did I do on my summer vacation?  So I figured the easiest way was to show her!  And if you want to tell us what you did make sure to link up for the spin cycle! (In no particular order...)
10 year reunion
At the Star Wars exhibit at the local children's museum
At Derby Days
Jacoby got tubes in his ears
He also turned 9 months (and 10 months!)
I got to see my bff twice.  Once for fun...the other for sad times.  But glad I got to see her none-the-less
Vacation!  At the Royals game!
At my friends birthday party.  We tie-dyed AND had ice cream.  A win-win!
We went to the zoo

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First day of school

So a week and half ago my dearest Leo started Kindergarten.  He was ready.  Beyond ready.  His mama was a little more hesitant.  I knew that he would make friends but it made me sad to know that he was already ready to go.  I wasn't ready to let go.  But I did.  And he LOVES it.  Last Satruday when we went to church (which is right next to the school) he told me that he wished he could go to school everyday.  And today he asked me if he had to go to school tomorrow.  When I told him yes, he got real excited.  So I love that.  His favorite thing is recess (duh!) and his least favorite thing is having to go to latchkey in the morning and afternoon while mom and dad go to work.  His teacher is amazing and he seems to really like everything about it.  He was also really excited that he got to check out a library book on Friday.  The littlest things!  So here are a few pictures of my little guy on his first day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weight Watchers: Week 9

Starting weight: 147.2

2 weeks ago: 143.4

Last week (whoops…I forgot to post last week): 143.2 (YAY!  Down 0.2! A loss is a loss!)

This week (WEEK 9): 141 pounds (Down 2.2 pounds)

TOTAL LOSS: 6.2 pounds!!



So 2 weeks ago I was down because I hadn’t lost anything.  I had actually gained.  What a bummer.  And I said I was going to do better.  And I have.  I’ve been tracking religiously.  But the foods I’ve been eating haven’t been the best.  Because it seems like I’m always going over my daily points.  I am not going over my weekly bonus points and they say you can lose even if you use them but I don’t see it. And another blogger who is also doing Weight Watchers after her second baby said the same thing.  So even though my sweet tooth has been in full effect (hello peach pie!) I am going to have to really work on what I’m eating.  And if I want to eat those little extras (yeah, I’m still talking to you peach pie.  Seriously…it was delicious.  I really wanted to lick my plate it was so good) then I need to make sure that what I eat during the day won’t make me go over my points values if I eat the extra stuff.  Also, I am back into exercising.  I had not been doing very well and so my motivation was zero.  But last night I got off my lazy buns and went out and did week 1 day 3 of the Couch to 5k.  And it was a lot easier this time.  I don’t know if it’s because the weather was pretty much perfect last night but I didn’t get too winded.  So that was a bonus!  I’m hoping I can do week 2 days 1 and 2 by the end of the weekend.  And hopefully I can motivate myself to do a few videos I have.  So I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.  And I have 7 weeks left to meet my goal of 10 pounds.  So that is 3.8 pounds that I still need to lose.  I got this!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RTT: Back to school

I haven't randomed it up for awhile and I haven't been here since last week so I have a lot of thoughts going on.  So here we go!  Oh...and don't forget to visit Stacy and the other randomers today too!

I know I know...I haven't done a first day of school post yet.  I promise I'll get one.  Soon.  Someday.  I couldn't do it on the day of because I would have freaked myself out.  But I didn't cry at all.  I was pretty darn pleased with myself!

One thing I was amazed by...on Leo's 3rd day of school he brought home a fundraiser packet.  Al-freaking-ready.  Some people's kids aren't even back in school yet!  At least they're selling something people use.  Trash bags.  Better than junk!


This weekend Jacoby was overly cranky and we (I) couldn't figure out what was going on.  The hubby mentioned that he might be teething.  I scoffed and said that he just got his two top teeth.  He couldn't possibly be getting any more.  But I looked online to see the order of teeth to come in and figured I'd take a look in his mouth to check out the goods.  Lo and behold the little bugger had one tooth that was already out and another trying to come through.  Whoops!  So I doped him up on ibuprofen and orajel and he became only reasonably cranky.  A much needed improvement!


Right now I have a peach pie in the oven. My very first peach pie try.  I had a fresh peach that my mom had gotten from the farmers market and it made me want a peach pie.  So we went to a different farmers market over the weekend and I got some peaches.  Apparently making a peach pie is not as simple as just plopping in a pie (you have to do something called blanching...who knew?!) and so right now it is baking.  Wish me luck!


Some jerk won the lottery last Wednesday that was supposed to be my ticket to early retirement/homeschooling mom.  So yeah.  I have been going to work.  Lame!  Now it's back to 50 million.  I think I could still handle that.  So excuse me while I go buy my lottery ticket for Wednesday night!

Ok that's all for today.  Happy Tuesday and happy randoming!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Daddy Love

When the hubby and I got married we knew we were going to want kids.  We didn't know when or exactly how many but kids were definitely part of the plan.

2 1/2 years later came Leo.  And he was love at first sight.  Of course all mom's would say that.  But his dad was smitten too.  And so began the bond of a dad and son.  I saw the love between them every time I saw the boys together.  Whether it was playing video games, watching football, baseball or basketball or just listening to music.  And everything dad did Leo wanted to do to.  And so it went for about 3 years.  Then I started to get the itch.  I wanted another baby.  But the hubby always was like, no we have a good thing going.  How can I love another baby as much as I love Leo.  But I always told him that he would be able to love another just as much.  And then came the exciting news...we were going to have baby number 2!

Since last October I have seen the bond between Leo and the hubby grow more than I ever thought it could.  But I have also seen a bond start to form between the hubby and Jacoby.  It's so sweet to see him go in Jacoby's room in the morning and have conversations with him. Or just hold him while dancing and singing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song.  I love it.

And honestly...every time I see him loving on the boys it makes me find a bigger place in my heart for the man I already love.

Go see Gretchen and the other spins about family.  There were a million ways to spin it and I've talked about my love for my family (big and small) but I thought a dad's view on family would be a nice change!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weight Watchers: Ugh

Starting Weight: 147.2

Last week weight: 141.8

This week weight (Week 7): 143.4

Total weight loss: 3.8


Well losses are a lot easier to blog about than gains.  But I don’t want to not be open when I have an off week.  Of course I have excuses (who doesn’t!) but I am not going to use them.  The main reason I didn’t do as well is because I didn’t track and I didn’t exercise.  I was a little surprised that I had put on 1.6 pounds this week because I didn’t really eat that much differently than I had been but alas I did!  I’m just glad I’m still down for a total overall weight loss.  I just need to get back on my horse and start up again!  I can do it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Running, exercising and freeing your mind

2 posts in one day.  I know right?!  Well after my woe is me post earlier and just feeling emotionally drained over the last few days I felt like I needed a positive post.  So here we go…


Since I’ve started weight watchers I have felt a million times better about myself.  I have lost weight, been able to keep it off and feel generally better about my overall appearance.  Of course I still have those days where nothing fits and nothing looks ok but those days are more or less a thing of the past.  I have generally tried to keep a more positive outlook on my self-image because I want to set a positive example for my boys and not an example of low self-worth dictated by body image.  Of course exercise has played a huge part in this.  I have tried really hard to make time to work out and find ways to get my body moving.  The one thing I haven’t done since I started is run. I’ve never been a runner due to exercise and weather-induced asthma.  I just never could run.  And while I mainly have my asthma under control it still sometimes flares up.  But I have an inhaler and I have done some classes where running was expected and I pushed through.  And lately I have seen SO many people on Facebook and other blogs post about running.  So I really want to start trying.  So here is my question to you, my dear readers.  What do I need to do to get started?  Do I need special shoes?  I just have general purpose athletic shoes.  I have downloaded the C25k (Couch to 5k) on my phone.  Are there any better apps out there or is that one adequate?  I just really want to try this.  And it seems like the people who have started a running regimen have had amazing results, mentally and physically.  I also think this is something that my hubby and I could do occasionally together.  He has also wanted to start running.  So thoughts?  Let me know!

Open hearts

Do you ever have times in your life where it seems like everything that can go wrong (or bad) does?  The hubby and I had that year in 2004 and the beginning of 2005.  We each had a grandparent pass away from cancer, the hubby’s dad was seriously injured in a work accident and we had a family friend pass away from an injury sustained while serving in the military oversees.  This was also the year we got married and there was a giant ice storm that hit our city and we were out of power for 9 days.  This all happened in the span of 9 months.  We felt like things just kept snowballing and we couldn’t get ahead.  We were both working full time and going to school full time as well.  It was chaos.  Since then we haven’t (thankfully) had another year like that.  It always seems like one or two things happen but we cautiously hold our breath waiting to see what else bad will happen and usually the storm passes. 


Well it seems like this year the storm does not want to pass.  First, with Jacoby being incredibly sick with the continuing ear infections and then we went back to the ENT and now he has the MRSA bacteria (which hopefully after his 4th antibiotic will *FINALLY* clear this nonsense up) we are hoping to get out of the woods for him.  We go back to the ENT next Thursday.  Then we also have the hubby’s dad who had some really severe health issues earlier this summer.  They thought they were strokes but then ruled that out but never really said what the cause was.  Or if they did his parents decided to keep us uninformed.  He also was diagnosed with diabetes.  Also, the hubby’s grandparents are in their 80s and 90s so their health also is an issue.  Then I had an aunt die recently from cancer and now my best friend from way back in the 2nd grade let me know that her mom had had a stroke on Friday.  I stayed at the hospital all day Saturday with her and kept here company with a few other friends and then let her be with her family on Sunday.  Unfortunately I got the bad news yesterday night that she had passed away.  So I am pretty much over the year 2012.  Leo starts school adding to my stresses (which really is very insignificant in this whole piece, but I am still worked up over this.)  So if you could say a prayer for my friend and her family I would appreciate it.

Really this post was just produced so I could vent.  Sometimes there isn’t a way to get your feelings out and when you do they don’t always seem to matter in the grand scheme of things.  But venting gets it out so it doesn’t fester.  Because as I move forward I want a heart that is open and happy and not an ugly, dark heart.  And I want to move forward and just jump to 2013.  So if you can move the clock forward by all means…do it!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Thanks to Vandy I’ve been trying to post more and this gives me something fun to do!
A – ADVOCATE FOR: My boys. I will fight tooth and nail for them. Whatever it takes!
B – BEST FEATURE: My eyes. They are green and if I wear green they are very bright and sparkly!
C – COULD DO WITHOUT: Money stress
D – DREAMS & DESIRES: I want to watch a game at all of the baseball and football stadiums in the United States (and technically Canada since there is still a baseball team up there!
E – ESSENTIAL ITEMS: My phone. I’ve become obsessed. Although I dropped it and the screen cracked. No bueno.
F – FAVORITE PAST TIME: Reading and watching TV
G – GOOD AT: Sleeping!
H – HAVE NEVER TRIED: A lot of things. But there aren’t a lot of things that I want to do that I haven’t tried. I’m not very adventurous!
I – IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I would pay off all of my bills. Then have a little fun!
J – JUNKIE FOR: reading
K – KINDRED SPIRIT: My bff Kirby
L – LITTLE KNOWN FACT: My hubby is 10 years older than I am. He doesn’t look it and he sure doesn’t act it! :)
M – MEMORABLE MOMENT: My boys’ births!
N – NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Hmmm…it’s hard to say you will never do anything again. So I’m not sure about this one.
O – OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: Strawberry Daiquiris! Yummmm!
P – PROFESSION: International banking processor
Q – QUOTE: Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. (don’t know where I found it but I love it!)
R – REASON TO SMILE: My little family
S – SORRY ABOUT: Letting friendships slip through the cracks. Now, more than ever, I am realizing how important it is to have good friends.
T -THINGS THAT ARE WORRYING YOU RIGHT NOW: My friend whose mom is in the hospital. (Send happy thoughts and prayers their way)
U – UNINTERESTED IN: All of the debates going on in politics. I think we should all let everyone do what they want. Well socially speaking. I don’t think one group should tell the other group that they are right or wrong.
V – VERY SCARED OF: Something bad happening to my boys and not being able to help them.
W – WORST HABITS: Biting my fingernails when I get bored. I am doing a lot better than I used to but sometimes when I watch movies I just chew.
X – X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: I would love to go on another cruise.
Y – YUMMIEST DESSERT: Apple pie and angel food cake

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Fever

There.  I've said it.  I have baby fever.  Yes I know...I already have a baby.  And yes I know...I have a little one that is about to start Kindergarten.  I have enough going on.  But for reals.  I want another baby.  Growing up I always wanted to be a stay at home mom and have 6 kids.  And while I know that is unrealistic (and I definitely don't want 6 kids anymore!) another one wouldn't be so bad.  And I think I could get the hubby on this bandwagon.  There are so many people I know who are pregnant or just recently had babies and it makes me want to squeeze their cheeks.  And then go make a baby.  So if you don't see me for awhile you know what I'm doing! (just kidding mom!)

Friday, August 3, 2012


In my department at the bank we recently had an employee leave to attend law school.  He was going to move to a different town so his position came available.  It was a little bit of a different position and it was one that was dealing in a different area of international banking than I was currently.  So I jumped at the chance for a better job.  And they snatched me up!  I didn't even have to apply.  They just moved me into that position and posted my job. I was so stoked.  After everything I dealt with at my previous job and not feeling appreciated at all it was a welcome change.  When I told my supervisor that I was interested in the position she was so excited and told me how pleased they were with how quickly I picked up on my job and how they thought I would fit well in the new position and how if I moved into that position it opened up an easier route for promotions.  So really this was a no-brainer.  I even threw in how I would really like it if I could have a schedule where I worked 7:45-4:45 instead of 8-5 for carpooling and picking up Leo.  And they agreed!  So this is definitely a win in my book!  Things are looking up!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going Postal

A few weeks ago on a Tuesday I noticed we hadn't gotten mail for the past couple of days.  Normally we don't get a lot of mail because so much is sent electronically but to not get any mail for that many days was unusual.  Also unusual was the fact that there were flags in al of the yards on our block that didn't have mailboxes on the street.  So I called my aunt who works for the local paper to see if there had been any articles recently about people having to have boxes where the delivery person would be able to just drive and deposit.  She hadn't remembered anything but would look into it.

A few days passed and I saw I had a voicemail from her saying that no one at the post office would talk to her and if I would call to see what they said.  I did and talked to the post master.  She told me that they had issued letters to the people in our neighborhood a while ago saying there had been a dog issue and that if they couldn't resolve it they would hold mail until people put up mailboxes.  Apparently the issue hadn't been resolved and so they had resorted to holding mail.  She also told me that it was a loose rottweiler roaming the neighborhood.  She said that they would hold our mail for 10 days (at this point we were on day 7) and their business hours were M-F 8:30-4:30 and Friday 9-12.  This got me heated.  We had never received a letter stating there had been any issues number one.  Number two, there has never been a loose rottweiler in our neighborhood.  Not that I am a breed-hater but Leo is not a dog person.  And he likes to play outside.  So had I ever seen a loose rottweiler I would not have allowed Leo to play outside by himself.  And number 3 those business hours are RIDICULOUS!  I work 8-5 and thankfully I don't work weekends anymore or else I would have had to take off work to go get our mail!

So that weekend I went to pick it up and I filed a complaint with the department because lo and behold...the letter letting us know that they wouldn't be delivering mail was in our mail that was being held.  The reason why...because it would have been dangerous for the mailman to deliver our mail.  I also asked how I was supposed to have known and they said when we stopped receiving our mail we were supposed to call.   Ugh.  So that weekend we got our mailbox put up but they still didn't start delivering our mail until I called them.  So ridiculous.  And after talking to a neighbor she said that she was out when the mailman was supposedly accosted by the vicious rottweiler.  It apparently was a collie and the mailman had called animal control.  And that was the only time (according to police record...because I also have a police officer AND a city employee as neighbors) there had ever been a complaint about a loose dog.  So really our mailman was just being lazy because he didn't want to walk to deliver mail in the 100+ degree heat.

And now I understand how people go postal.  Rant over!  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WW: Weigh In Week 6

Starting weight: 147.2

Last weigh in: 144.4
Today’s weigh in: 141.8

Total loss: 5.4 pounds!!


I didn’t do an update last week since I was out of town but I had gained .4 pounds.  It was a rough weigh in because I had worked out hard core while I was on vacation and really didn’t eat a ridiculous amount of food while I was gone either.  And I worked out 6 of the 7 days that week.  So I was bummed to say the least. 


So since then I have worked out a few times and just tried to stay on point.  I did have a really bad day on Saturday and I just let it go.  I tracked my points and used all my allowance points and my activity points.  But then on Sunday I just picked myself up and started fresh.  So this week I have been staying on point.  With it being so incredibly hot I really haven’t wanted to eat as much so it’s not a real problem with the overeating.  But unfortunately it is also making we want to exercise a lot less.  Either way this week was a win with dropping 2.6 pounds this week!  I got a new video from the library to do some exercises with but this week instead of doing exercises I have been watching the Olympics and watching everyone else do activities!