Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things

I was talking to Leo tonight about what I should make for his Halloween party for school on Friday and I showed him these Frankentreats and asked if he would like me to make them. And he was a little sad and said that he wanted me to make Power Ranger treats. I told him I wasn't sure how to make them and he told me to buy the bags with Power Rangers on them. When I said I didn't know where to find them he told me I could find them 672 miles away in a place called Texahoma. Apparently that is a border town between Texas and Oklahoma and only there do they make Power Ranger treat bags. Who knew?Link

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RTT: Baby Edition

Hi! Did you miss me?! I've been a little preoccupied with an early arrival of our little guy. His Jacoby Layne Fernandez. And he might be tied for the cutest baby I've ever seen!

This is him on day 2. So don't mind the scratches all over his face!

So to honor the birth of this little fella this week's RTT is going to be all baby-related. How exciting huh?! And it's going to be bulleted because I'm exhausted and don't have a lot of time to just sit at the computer. It's the darndest thing!

  • So...his name. Jacoby (pronounced: Juh-Kobe) That's my best phonetic way of putting it because I don't know the proper way to do it. And no Jake. I'm not into nicknames but apparently my dad likes to call him that. And every time he does I cringe. So I hope it doesn't catch on. We had about 6 names going into delivery and this one was my favorite. So I don't know if the hubby caved but I think it suits him. Even though we don't really use it right now. Everything is "the baby."
  • I forgot how much baby's sleep. I told Leo that all he is going to do is sleep and eat and boy does he. It seems like that is really all he does. And while it's nice sometimes I want to just sit and hold him but I know that I don't want to start that habit.
  • I am doing things the "right way" this time around. We co-slept with Leo and I swore I would never do it but I did. And then it bit us in the arse because dude wouldn't leave our bed. And even still he would rather sleep in our room. So this time we have the bassinet set up in what is the baby/computer room and he hasn't slept in our room one night. And even though it sucks that I have to get up and get him to feed and what-not I think (hope) that this will help when it comes to having him sleep in a crib and then as he gets bigger in his own bed. On the upside...since the baby has come home Leo has only slept in our room once and that was when we had company and they slept in Leo's room. So score on that!
  • Breastfeeding is nice and sucky all at the same time. I really like that I can actually feed Jacoby this way because with Leo I could not. I think part of the reason was because Leo was in NICU and so they supplemented by bottle feeding him formula so he could get enough to eat while in there and so I think it threw him off. With Jacoby he has only been breastfed and so it works for him. But it is super-sucky because when those middle of the night feedings come I would so rather be the one that gets to sleep while the hubby went to get him and feed him. I won't lie sometimes I pretend to be asleep when he cries just so the hubby is the one that has to get up and change the diaper and then bring him to me to feed him. I'm not the only one that is able to change a diaper!
  • Tonight I am leaving Jacoby with his dad while I go to a seminar at the church about how to deal with temper-tantrums and unruly children. Haha. I'm sure that's not what it's called but that's what I'm calling it. Leo is going with me for the hot dog dinner and then he gets to go in a playroom while I stay for the seminar. So I have been pumping a little bit each day and so we will see how that goes. Hopefully I can feed him right before I leave and then he'll sleep the whole time I'm gone. That would be ideal and then I can freeze whatever I've pumped to just stock-pile.
  • I am on maternity leave until I go back on December 27th. I smile every time I say that but I know it's going to go by too quickly. But while I'm on leave I really don't have much planned other than keeping Leo home on Tuesdays and Thursdays to save money on daycare. I bought some workbooks and got a look at their daily school schedule so I can try to do some of the things he does there instead of just sitting in front of the TV all day. Today was the first day he stayed home and so far we've watched Captain America, eaten lunch and now he's in our bedroom with his dad watching Destination Truth. So much for that!
Ok. That's all I have the energy for now. Once I get some good pictures I'll get them up. Hopefully I'll have time to blog occasionally but if not don't forget about me!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A woman and her thoughts

This weekend was the weekend we were to go to Dodge. And my doctor ixnayed it for me. So the boys packed up and left Saturday morning. And I was jumping (not really...I was still laying in bed) for joy. And so my weekend began.

First thing I cereal in bed.
Second thing I did...laid in bed and watched TV
Third thing I did...washed all of baby boy's laundry and all of Leo's hand-me-downs to the baby and put them away.

And by the time I was finished with this it was 11. Holy cow. Apparently living the single life is not all it's cracked up to be. The hubby called me around 4 to tell me that we had received a call about an appointment to show our house the next day so I could pick up and do the last minute cleaning things that needed to be addressed. And it was so random. Because that was really the first time I'd spoken since they'd left. And I talked to my aunt last night on the phone and even though I wasn't doing anything I didn't want to get out but it still felt weird not talking to anyone basically for 24 hours.

So today I am up already (actually I've been up since around 7:30) and am going to eat (more) cereal. Then I'm going to finish the sweeping and mopping of the floors and then kick back and watch the Redskins game until it's time for me to leave to let the creepers in the house. I'm almost to the point where I can deal with our house because I don't think I'm going to be up for people coming to check out our digs when I have a newborn. But I'm not sure how that works since we signed a contract to stay listed for 6 months. Oh well. What are you going to do? (stupid housing market!!!). Anyways...I hope you all had lovely weekends and keep your fingers crossed that this is the one and they'll buy our house!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food sharing

Are you a food sharer?  I am not.  And my dear hubby thinks this is horrible of me.  Not that I won’t share with him but because I don’t like to share with Leo.  Does that make me horrible?  If I wanted him to have some of the food I was eating I would give him some.  But last night when I was eating a gigantic piece of pumpkin pie (that I made) and Leo wanted to lick some of the whipped cream off I didn’t want to let him have any.  1) because I didn’t think he needed to eat just whipped cream and 2) I put the amount of whipped cream that I wanted on my pie and any less was not what I wanted.  Or else I would have put less on there.  But my hubby just thought that I was being the Worst. Parent. Ever.   He even told me that what was mine was theirs (Leo’s and the new baby’s).  I disagree.  I think what is mine is mine and what is theirs is theirs.  What do you think?!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Memoir Monday

What a weekend. It of course flew by. I had to work all day Saturday so my weekend really was Sunday only.

And it seemed like we didn't do much on Sunday either. I took Leo to the grocery store and he got to pick out his Halloween costume. He chose the Red Power Ranger and he looks super cool in it! Plus I got all the groceries we need for the next two weeks and hopefully if the baby comes we have a little extra food in the house to sustain us!

Leo had some behavioral issues all day and so it seemed like it was a constant battle to keep him from flipping out in anger, throwing temper tantrums to having sad issues. Not sure what was going on with him but then he also didn't take a nap so that added to the awesomeness!

On the upside I did make blueberry muffins for breakfast, a pumpkin pie and chicken and rice for dinner so we had full bellies all day! Other than my baking I did I just watched football and baseball.

All in all a pretty awesome day! Hope you all had lovely weekends too!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Update: 36 weeks

I just figured one all stomach/no shirt picture would be fine. Especially since daily I get the, You look very pregnant today or the You look like you're about to burst. From my sweet hubby!

And this is what I see looking down. All belly baby!

How far along: 36 weeks

Baby Size: 6.5 pounds...the size of a watermelon.

Weight Gain: 44 pounds. Eeks!

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing lots of dresses. A lot of my shirts are no longer fitting because apparently I am carrying a bowling ball. Or a watermelon. Or twins as some people like to ask me.

Sleep: Sleep is a distant memory. Or at least a full night is. Multiple trips to the bathroom occur every single night. Oh well. Sleep will continue to be a distant memory once the little dude comes!

Best Moments: Just knowing in a few short weeks he will be here!

Movements: Little dude is moving a LOT. Lots of contractions too. I had to monitor them on Saturday because they seemed closer together than they needed to be but I was good.

Cravings: Nothing. Nothing ever sounds good anymore so it's hard to make anything to eat. I just have to make a meal plan and stick to it because if not we would be eating cereal for every meal.

Looking forward to: My appointment on Wednesday. Last week I was already dilated to a 2 and thinned out a lot (sorry TMI). So I guess we'll see if I have progressed any. We are also supposed to be going to visit the in-laws in Dodge City this upcoming weekend so I'll ask to see if that is a good idea or if I will be sidelined. Either way I am off work next weekend so that is nice!

Symptoms: Just contractions.

And last but not least stretch marks: The same as before. Haven't noticed any new ones. Thankfully!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Perfect Date

Jen came up with a super-easy topic this week. Well only because I'm making it easy! She wanted to know what our perfect date would be. I'm sure some went all philosophical and chose someone famous and how they would interact with them but I'm just going to tell you what my idea of a perfect date would be with my hubby since it's been a while since we've gone on an actual date that met my "standards"!

My ideal date would start with Leo going to my parents house because I wouldn't have to worry about a sitter and if he was (mis)behaving.

My ideal date would also be a weekend event. Only because this is fictional and it can be!

The hubby and I would pack a suitcase and head to Kansas City. We would leave Friday night and get to our hotel and we would just hang out for the evening. Our hotel would be on the Plaza and it would be expensive! And for dinner we would go to the Cheesecake Factory because it is AMAZING.

Saturday we would wake up whenever we wanted because there would be no human alarm clock waking me up asking me for milk or to turn on cartoons. There would also be no TV in our hotel unless I deemed it appropriate because I want to spend the weekend talking to each other and not worrying about what the score is or what-not. We would leisurely get ready and then head out for day 1 of our date. We would walk around the Plaza shopping all the cool shops and not feel like we are rushed or need to be anywhere. We would spend as much or as little money as we wanted on things that we don't need. Later that afternoon after a loooong nap we would get up and get ready to go to a nice dinner anywhere where there is not a kids menu. We would dress up. Not suit, dressed up but just nice pants and shirt for him and probably a dress for me. And after dinner we would go to a movie. After the movie if there was time we would go to an area where they serve ice cream AND have a nice little walk-around area where we could maybe walk around a pond or something. Something semi-romantic! :) After that we would go back to our hotel.

Sunday morning we get up and have a nice brunch at the hotel or a local eatery where they serve french toast. Yes...that is a requirement. I love me some french toast! TLinkhen we would just get packed up and head back to town. We would enjoy each others company on the drive home and be refreshed to see our little heathen who would be so overjoyed seeing us since he always misses us so much when we leave him overnight somewhere.

Ahhhh....I feel relaxed and awesome just writing about that. So yeah...if anyone wants to donate to my dream date fund and would also like to knock my hubby out so he would agree to this date then that would be amazing! Be sure to see the other spins about their dream dates. Maybe we'll get ideas (realistic ones) and have awesome dates in the future!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby Update: 35 weeks

How far along: 35 weeks. 5 weeks to go!

Baby Size: A Large Cantaloup (hopefully not one with the bacteria...anyone?!) 22 inches and 6 pounds. Give or take a few inches or pounds...

Weight Gain: Yeah...I'm going with 42 pounds. That's so horrible to me when I say it or type it but what am I gonna do? Hopefully shed it all post-pregnancy with breastfeeding and getting back on track with an exercise routine.

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing lots of dresses. A lot of my shirts are no longer fitting because apparently I am carrying a bowling ball. Or a watermelon. Or twins as some people like to ask me.

Sleep: I'm sleeping fine but still having to get up constantly to go to the restroom. The hubby says I have been snoring a lot. I wouldn't know though.

Best Moments: When Leo gives my belly a kiss or he says something sweet about the baby. Plus just knowing in a few short weeks we will have a new little one in the house!

Movements: Dude is moving a lot still. Plus having the super-awesome fake contractions.

Cravings: The only craving I've had lately and it was a one-time thing, was when we went to a bbq place here in town and the hot links sounded so good. And so I got some. And they were delicious!

Looking forward to: My appointment on Thursday. As creepy as this sounds I get checked on Thursday so I'll know if I'm dilated or effaced or any of that nonsense. But it will be nice to know!

Symptoms: No symptoms as of late. So that is awesome!

And last but not least stretch marks: The same as before. Haven't noticed any new ones. Thankfully!