Monday, October 10, 2011

Memoir Monday

What a weekend. It of course flew by. I had to work all day Saturday so my weekend really was Sunday only.

And it seemed like we didn't do much on Sunday either. I took Leo to the grocery store and he got to pick out his Halloween costume. He chose the Red Power Ranger and he looks super cool in it! Plus I got all the groceries we need for the next two weeks and hopefully if the baby comes we have a little extra food in the house to sustain us!

Leo had some behavioral issues all day and so it seemed like it was a constant battle to keep him from flipping out in anger, throwing temper tantrums to having sad issues. Not sure what was going on with him but then he also didn't take a nap so that added to the awesomeness!

On the upside I did make blueberry muffins for breakfast, a pumpkin pie and chicken and rice for dinner so we had full bellies all day! Other than my baking I did I just watched football and baseball.

All in all a pretty awesome day! Hope you all had lovely weekends too!

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