Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Perfect Date

Jen came up with a super-easy topic this week. Well only because I'm making it easy! She wanted to know what our perfect date would be. I'm sure some went all philosophical and chose someone famous and how they would interact with them but I'm just going to tell you what my idea of a perfect date would be with my hubby since it's been a while since we've gone on an actual date that met my "standards"!

My ideal date would start with Leo going to my parents house because I wouldn't have to worry about a sitter and if he was (mis)behaving.

My ideal date would also be a weekend event. Only because this is fictional and it can be!

The hubby and I would pack a suitcase and head to Kansas City. We would leave Friday night and get to our hotel and we would just hang out for the evening. Our hotel would be on the Plaza and it would be expensive! And for dinner we would go to the Cheesecake Factory because it is AMAZING.

Saturday we would wake up whenever we wanted because there would be no human alarm clock waking me up asking me for milk or to turn on cartoons. There would also be no TV in our hotel unless I deemed it appropriate because I want to spend the weekend talking to each other and not worrying about what the score is or what-not. We would leisurely get ready and then head out for day 1 of our date. We would walk around the Plaza shopping all the cool shops and not feel like we are rushed or need to be anywhere. We would spend as much or as little money as we wanted on things that we don't need. Later that afternoon after a loooong nap we would get up and get ready to go to a nice dinner anywhere where there is not a kids menu. We would dress up. Not suit, dressed up but just nice pants and shirt for him and probably a dress for me. And after dinner we would go to a movie. After the movie if there was time we would go to an area where they serve ice cream AND have a nice little walk-around area where we could maybe walk around a pond or something. Something semi-romantic! :) After that we would go back to our hotel.

Sunday morning we get up and have a nice brunch at the hotel or a local eatery where they serve french toast. Yes...that is a requirement. I love me some french toast! TLinkhen we would just get packed up and head back to town. We would enjoy each others company on the drive home and be refreshed to see our little heathen who would be so overjoyed seeing us since he always misses us so much when we leave him overnight somewhere.

Ahhhh....I feel relaxed and awesome just writing about that. So yeah...if anyone wants to donate to my dream date fund and would also like to knock my hubby out so he would agree to this date then that would be amazing! Be sure to see the other spins about their dream dates. Maybe we'll get ideas (realistic ones) and have awesome dates in the future!


Anonymous said...

You should try to schedule a "babymoon" - maybe not a whole weekend if its not doable, but you could still go to KC and the plaza! We love us some plaza and cheesecake factory....(as you know, lol) -T

Sprite's Keeper said...

So romantic!
A weekend away from the child? We've never done that before. We did let Sprite sleep over at John's parents' while we spent the night at mine so they could get some time with her. That was nice. :-)
You're linked!

CaJoh said...

Cheesecake factory? I guess that must be your favorite restaurant. Sounds like fun. Never did KC, perhaps I should.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a perfectly wonderful dream date. It's great that you can have such a wonderful time just spending time with your husband. Too many people don't enjoy their spouses company enough!