Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wicked Awesome

I went to see Wicked last night and it just was awesome! I went with my mom, my grandma, my sister-in-law and my aunt/god-mother. We had a wonderful time. I will say that I know I am a nerd but never have I thought I was this much of a nerd. I have decided I am a music theater nerd. Not the ones that want to be doing music theater but the ones that love it. I borrowed the soundtrack from my mom and I have been listening to it all week and then last night at the show my heart was just happy because the lights, the costume, the music, the voices all just made me so happy. I wish I could bottle that feeling because that is a vast difference from what I have been feeling lately. I'm not exactly sure why I'm unhappy but lately I just have been. It's like I got a case of the moondays without it always being a Monday. I don't know why...oh well. Last night more than made up for it! SO thanks mom for the ticket! It made my month!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

Here is my latest random thoughts...they will be bulleted because I like the cleanliness of it all...

  • The Redskins have been killing me lately. How do you call yourself a "professional" football team when you have 3 turnovers in the first half. All of them resulting in scores. Annoyed. Also, the whole smiling, slapping asses, etc. Yeah, you're losing. And you've only won 2 games all year. Probably not the best time to be jacking around on the sidelines. Just FYI.
  • Work has been pretty good but I'm pretty sure that even though we work together 5-6 days per week that does not give you the right to touch me. I'm not a big touchy-feely person but we are in a work environment so either way not the right place to throw that down. So please don't try to give me hugs, poke my side, rub my back etc.
  • I went to the tag office today to get my tag renewed because I waited to long to do it online. I don't know what all the complaining is about. I was in and out in under 20 minutes. And the lady that helped me was very friendly. It made the whole experience a lot better! But really...$96 for a 2001 Ford Escort...I'm not even sure my car is worth that much.
  • The little heathen is getting prepared for Halloween. He has learned the phrase trick or treat and knows that this is the time for candy. So this morning when I gave him his options for breakfast he looked at me and said..."Ummmm gum?" and when I told him no he said..."Ummmm candy?" with the most cutest smile I've witnessed since yesterday. You wish buddy boy! I would say you would get enough in the upcoming days but we're really not hitting up to many houses so sorry! No candy for you!
  • We have way too many toys in our house. It is ridiculous the amount of toys we have. So when I tell people that he doesn't need more toys and they give me the look like I'm a mean mom I guess I need to show them pictures.

I guess this is all the time I have for today. I have to get to work which I do not want to go but who does?! To see other randomness check out keely at

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spin Cycle: Fall Recipes

Ok, so I am going to be completely lazy but here are 2 super-easy recipes that I love to make year round but people think I'm weird so I'm gonna call them fall/winter recipes. They are super easy because I'm not a huge veggie person and I don't really like recipes with a lot of ingredients. Some people might call me lazy, I call myself practical. Without further adou (sp?)

First up: Chicken and Noodles

3(ish) chicken breast (with or without skins and bones)
a couple chicken bouillion cubes
1 package of frozen egg noodles
2 cans cream of chicken soup (I use Campbells)

Cook chicken (I like to put them in the crockpot so they are cooked when I get home). To season it toss the bouillion cubes in there. Cook the egg noodles ( to make them even tastier use the broth from the cooked chicken). Drain noodles, add cream of chicken soup and chicken. I like a thicker soup so I drain most of the water out from the noodles and the cream of chicken soup makes it thick.

2nd recipe: Roast
Step 1: Buy roast, carrots and potatoes
Step 2: Put all in crockpot with Onion Soup mix (the powder form) with about 3/4 cup of water
Step 3: Let it sit all day and smell its gloriousness when you come home from work.
Step 4: Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Am I the only one that is not ready to see Christmas decorations? I was shopping at Target the other day and the Christmas decorations were an aisle away from the Halloween costumes and decorations. I am not ready for it. I am starting to Christmas shop because this Christmas we not be putting anything on credit cards because how stupid is it to put Christmas on the credit card and then pay for it until next Christmas. Uh uh! But even though I am preparing does not mean I am ready for my kid to see it all.

Speaking of my kid…I am excited to say that he has officially pooped in the potty. I never thought I would be this excited about potty training but look at me! I also never expected anyone else to care about his potty training as much as I did. But when he went to school and told his teacher about it she was extremely excited and started to tell all the other kids about. I thought streamers and confetti were going to pop out of the ceiling for a parade and party. I’m ok with that though!

Also, he got a “surprise” for doing his business in the potty. He chose a bucket that had 61 pieces of jungle animals and flora and fauna for said animals to play on. It was a great buy for only $10 (gotta love Target!) but on the package it said 5+ because of choking hazards. I’m not sure but Leo is not really at the stage that he is putting things in his mouth that I am concerned that he is going to choke on. Either my kid is a genius or this company is taking great lengths to keep all kids that are not 5 from choking. Now, as much as I would like to go with the first option I don’t think my kid is the only under 5 that is capable of playing with these toys without having a problem. Oh well. They still got my money!

I’m just gonna say this without much else, but Lady Gaga is really weird. I watched her on SNL and she was wearing that weird costume and she could barely sit at the piano with it on. Don’t you think she would have rehearsed that? Yeah, just really weird.

I am going on a date with the hubby this weekend. Nothing spectacular but we are going to watch the fights at the local B-Dub. I got a parenting magazine and it had a little survey that asked if it was important to still have date nights after baby. 90% of people said yes. As much as I agree with this, I think it is hard to have a set “date night.” Maybe we are just lazy people that didn’t really go out much before baby but we don’t really go out that much. It is also expensive. You have to pay to go out plus pay for a babysitter (if you don’t coerce a family member into doing it!). On that note, I have a cousin that is watching Leo this weekend for a few hours while me and the hubby will both be at work. He’s not that difficult to watch, especially on a Saturday morning, but how much do I need to pay her? I don’t really have people watch Leo that I have to pay so I don’t even really know what the going rate is. Anyone? Anyone?

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Super Heroing Ain't Easy

This weeks spin cycle was a photo essay. I had to look through all my recent pictures and I found the perfect ones...enjoy!

Being a super hero ain't easy. But I'll let you in on how I spend my free time...
I like to ride horses

And hang out with my friends. (Avert your eyes so they won't know your true identity).

But the safety of the city is worth it.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009


No not the ridiculous singer, me! I've been abnormally bored with my life lately and really haven't had much that I felt needed to be discussed. The Derb has turned abnormally cold making it miserable because it's almost too cold to play outside! I did take Leo to the high school football game where he lasted for about a quarter and a half. We also went to the pumpkin patch earlier in the week where it was really nice outside but my little munchkin was not the best behaved. He has really weird mood swings so it is very frustrating. I have been working out twice a week at my spin class and I feel like it is improving my spirits if not at least improving my waist line a little bit. I have been trying to eat healthier but it makes it difficult when it is 40 degrees. No one wants to eat fruit at that ridiculous degree IN OCTOBER! So that's been my life in a nutshell lately. I don't forsee it getting any better but I will try to bore you with my everyday shenanigans! I hope this sees all of you doing well! To cold weather and crappy football!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holy Terror

So lately I have had a holy terror for a child. I think I may be Rosemary because I may have the spawn of satan. On Sunday I really wanted to go for a walk while the hubby was golfing. I didn't figure this would be a huge deal because we would be outside, and I even told Leo he could play golf when we got home. He agreed to this but when I went to change his diaper and sit him on the pot so he could do his business he totally flipped out. He told me he didn't need to go to the bathroom. I told him that was fine but we still needed to change his diaper and then put pants on. It was a nippy 50ish degrees. As I was taking him into his room he promptly started screaming that he needed to go potty. So I took him back to the bathroom where he proceeded to throw his basketball seat that sits on top of the stool (so his tiny buns fit in it) at me and screamed he didn't like to go potty. This continued for a good 5-10 minutes before I bribed him with just putting regular underpants on. This scared me a lot since we would be gone for at least 30 minutes and he had not gone to the bathroom. He finally calmed down and I got him in those and we got on our walk. We got home with dry pants and he went inside and went to the bathroom and then he got to outside and golf. He continued to have dry pants until his dad came home and he unloaded a giant deuce in his nice new-ish underpants. I sat him on the stool so I could go get some wipes and I came back and he had poop. ON. HIM. It was disgusting. Not like on his buns, but on his chest and his shoulders. He had touched it and then put it on him. I immediately ran bath water and put him in it where he proceeded to throw another fit about how he wanted to splash water on me and then the hubby and I got into it because I was yelling because he was splashing water all over the bathroom and i was tired of dealing with a devil child and if he wanted to golf then he could deal with the kid. I wouldn't even claim him. I think I even said that he could stay in the water as long as he wanted and I hoped he got pneumonia. Yep. Parent of the year right here! Oh wait...nope that was a giant ass sign saying parenting fail. Oh well. He did not get pneumonia and he got to watch football with mom and dad all afternoon. Yep...that's how my life has been the past few weeks. And the lady that comes and does in-home visits for Parents as Teachers (an organization that gives learning ideas for young kids through the school district) said that kids like to throw fits for attention. All I was doing was showering this kid with attention. I just don't get it sometimes...sigh.

***Note to all readers: No children were harmed in the writing of this blog***

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween and Fall

I love fall. Fall is definitely my favorite season of the four. Fall, Winter, Summer and then Spring. I love fall and winter because I can wear sweaters. Yep...I am basing my favorite seasons on clothing. Anyways...I love everything about fall. The leaves changing, the cooler weather, the football, and of course being able to go outside and enjoy playing with Leo. In the summer we are attacked by mosquitos and apparently they are laying low this fall. Some more things about fall I love are pumpkin patches! We have a favorite pumpkin patch around our town called Walter's Pumpkin Patch. And my mom, my (future) sis-in-law, my niece, Leo and myself are all going there this Wednesday. I am so freaking excited! THey have a huge pumpkin patch but they also have a lot of other really awesome things there such as an inflatable pillow, an underground slide, a corn maze and even a barn filled with useless crap I don't need but really feel like buying. So yeah. Amazingness will ensue!
I also love fall because of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I really like Halloween but I don't really dress up. We have the past few years at work, but nothing too crazy. ANd now that Leo is able to make decisions I have been letting him tell me what he wants to be for Halloween. The things he has told me so far have been: an elephant, Spiderman, a cricket, a white person (apparently he saw a "white person" on a cartoon. We are not a racist family all decked out in our KKK stuff but my boss did tell me to let him know he could never be white, you know since he's a halfie! :), Spiderman, a pumpkin pie and Batman. He has talked about Batman because a friend of our families told him a story about how his mom made him a Batman costume when he was a little boy. So now Leo has really been into the idea of being Batman like Mike was. So we went to a few costume stores today and he saw a Batman costume. And it fit. And it was only $20. So Leo will be Batman for Halloween. And he looks adorable in it! Awesome!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Disney is better then Nickelodeon

So in the last few years I have become a connosieur of children's television. I am one of those parents that lets my kid watch TV. I don't really care. I watched tv as a kid but I was also very active. I was not overweight (that came during college!) and I did not spend every waking minute in front of the television. So I really don't see the problem in watching a few shows if they are age appropriate. So back to what I was trying to say before I rudely interrupted myself!
We watch childrens tv in the morning when Leo and myself are trying to get ready for work and then again for a little bit in the evenings when I am getting dinner together. I have decided that I like Disney much better than Nickelodeon. The main reason is because Disney does not over-run their programming with commercials for products. Adult products, kids products, toys and food. I really don't want my 2-year-old to become a gimmie gimmie kid. And just when we were watching Nick while he was sick he saw a commercial and was like I want that. And he's not like that unless we are in a store and he sees something exceptionally cool. So I will give most of my tv watching time to Disney. And that's all I have to say about that.