Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Am I the only one that is not ready to see Christmas decorations? I was shopping at Target the other day and the Christmas decorations were an aisle away from the Halloween costumes and decorations. I am not ready for it. I am starting to Christmas shop because this Christmas we not be putting anything on credit cards because how stupid is it to put Christmas on the credit card and then pay for it until next Christmas. Uh uh! But even though I am preparing does not mean I am ready for my kid to see it all.

Speaking of my kid…I am excited to say that he has officially pooped in the potty. I never thought I would be this excited about potty training but look at me! I also never expected anyone else to care about his potty training as much as I did. But when he went to school and told his teacher about it she was extremely excited and started to tell all the other kids about. I thought streamers and confetti were going to pop out of the ceiling for a parade and party. I’m ok with that though!

Also, he got a “surprise” for doing his business in the potty. He chose a bucket that had 61 pieces of jungle animals and flora and fauna for said animals to play on. It was a great buy for only $10 (gotta love Target!) but on the package it said 5+ because of choking hazards. I’m not sure but Leo is not really at the stage that he is putting things in his mouth that I am concerned that he is going to choke on. Either my kid is a genius or this company is taking great lengths to keep all kids that are not 5 from choking. Now, as much as I would like to go with the first option I don’t think my kid is the only under 5 that is capable of playing with these toys without having a problem. Oh well. They still got my money!

I’m just gonna say this without much else, but Lady Gaga is really weird. I watched her on SNL and she was wearing that weird costume and she could barely sit at the piano with it on. Don’t you think she would have rehearsed that? Yeah, just really weird.

I am going on a date with the hubby this weekend. Nothing spectacular but we are going to watch the fights at the local B-Dub. I got a parenting magazine and it had a little survey that asked if it was important to still have date nights after baby. 90% of people said yes. As much as I agree with this, I think it is hard to have a set “date night.” Maybe we are just lazy people that didn’t really go out much before baby but we don’t really go out that much. It is also expensive. You have to pay to go out plus pay for a babysitter (if you don’t coerce a family member into doing it!). On that note, I have a cousin that is watching Leo this weekend for a few hours while me and the hubby will both be at work. He’s not that difficult to watch, especially on a Saturday morning, but how much do I need to pay her? I don’t really have people watch Leo that I have to pay so I don’t even really know what the going rate is. Anyone? Anyone?

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Captain Dumbass said...

The first poop in the potty is definite cause for celebration.