Sunday, October 18, 2009

Super Heroing Ain't Easy

This weeks spin cycle was a photo essay. I had to look through all my recent pictures and I found the perfect ones...enjoy!

Being a super hero ain't easy. But I'll let you in on how I spend my free time...
I like to ride horses

And hang out with my friends. (Avert your eyes so they won't know your true identity).

But the safety of the city is worth it.

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Davina said...

Lil Leo is so adorable! Where was the horse picture?

kendrasue said...

It was taken at Walter's Pumpkin patch. We went there a few weeks ago with Amy and Chloe and my mom and her mom and her nephew!

Sprite's Keeper said...

That is GREAT! You have to be careful with super heroes. Once you learn their true identity, they start wanting you to work for them. I recently learned Cinderella's true identity. Now I have to fetch her juice when she asks. You're linked!