Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween and Fall

I love fall. Fall is definitely my favorite season of the four. Fall, Winter, Summer and then Spring. I love fall and winter because I can wear sweaters. Yep...I am basing my favorite seasons on clothing. Anyways...I love everything about fall. The leaves changing, the cooler weather, the football, and of course being able to go outside and enjoy playing with Leo. In the summer we are attacked by mosquitos and apparently they are laying low this fall. Some more things about fall I love are pumpkin patches! We have a favorite pumpkin patch around our town called Walter's Pumpkin Patch. And my mom, my (future) sis-in-law, my niece, Leo and myself are all going there this Wednesday. I am so freaking excited! THey have a huge pumpkin patch but they also have a lot of other really awesome things there such as an inflatable pillow, an underground slide, a corn maze and even a barn filled with useless crap I don't need but really feel like buying. So yeah. Amazingness will ensue!
I also love fall because of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I really like Halloween but I don't really dress up. We have the past few years at work, but nothing too crazy. ANd now that Leo is able to make decisions I have been letting him tell me what he wants to be for Halloween. The things he has told me so far have been: an elephant, Spiderman, a cricket, a white person (apparently he saw a "white person" on a cartoon. We are not a racist family all decked out in our KKK stuff but my boss did tell me to let him know he could never be white, you know since he's a halfie! :), Spiderman, a pumpkin pie and Batman. He has talked about Batman because a friend of our families told him a story about how his mom made him a Batman costume when he was a little boy. So now Leo has really been into the idea of being Batman like Mike was. So we went to a few costume stores today and he saw a Batman costume. And it fit. And it was only $20. So Leo will be Batman for Halloween. And he looks adorable in it! Awesome!

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