Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sticky Songs

There is so many different places I could go with this week’s spin cycle because it is about a song. Any way we want to go with it. And after spending 4 years working in a music store and spending another 2 in the same store with the hubby as he managed the store after I left we definitely have a lot of music in our history. But even with all that history I think it’s funny because just this week the hubs and I have been emailing each other when songs get stuck in our head. Yesterday alone he emailed me 3 times with 3 different songs. They were: S-I-M-P Squirrels in My Pants from Phineas and Ferb, the Fishy-Fishay song from the McDonalds commercial and finally the Mighty Mighty Bosstones ‘The Impression That I Get’. So ridiculous.


We both just seem to have music flowing through us all the time and it definitely plays a role in our everyday lives. We always seem to be singing or dancing (me) and I love it. I also love that both my boys have an affinity for music as well. Leo is just like me in that he can hear a song one time and the next time it comes on the radio he can sing it. He loves him some Justin Bieber and Pitbull. He also likes Calvin Harris. His dad is nice to him and will normally let him listen to music he is interested in in the car. Some of Leo’s favorite tunes right now are: The Harlem Shake song (and he will dance like the KU basketball players when he hears it. If you haven’t googled it please do. Then imagine a little 6 year old boy dancing like those guys. Highly inappropriate but hilarious.), Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” and pretty much all popular music playing on the radio he knows. It is so funny/cute to hear him singing these songs in his little voice.


So this was a very choppy post but I have so many things to say about music and songs that a little dollop will do ya.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Advice for the masses

I’m going to make this short and sweet…this week’s spin assignment is about advice. Best advice you’ve ever gotten, worst advice, advice you need, or don’t need. Well I think that when it comes to advice this one takes the cake.


Not all parents parent the same. What works for some, does not work for others. It doesn’t even always work for the person giving you the advice. (I’ve learned that from what I think I know and then suddenly it stops working…stupid second kids not doing exactly what their siblings did!)


Anyways…as a parent there are so many confusing situations that you will be in. If you want advice then ask. I will not give you an unsolicited opinion because I don’t even know if what I’m doing is right. It drives me crazy when parent’s spout off and think that what they are doing came directly from God’s mouth. Let me tell you something…ok let me not. Because then we’ll get into a whole other discussion about parents and who they think they are!


So to recap—if you want advice ask, research, learn. But do not think that what works for me will work for you. Or specifically what works for Jacoby will work for your little Bobby or Suzie. Try things out. Switch things around. And probably what you figure out will be fine and you’re not scarring your kid for life. But some of you will…and I’m gonna be watching out for you!


Go visit Gretchen and all the other spinners. They probably have much better advice than I do!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Why, why, why, why, why. I feel like that is a recurring theme in my house. So Gretchen kindly offered it up as an easy-peasy spin. So here are some questions I want answered!


·         Why are little boys so rowdy?

·         Why are healthy groceries so expensive?

·         Why are we surprised we have an obese nation when I can buy 3 or 4 boxes of cookies for the price of 1 pound of fruit?

·         Why does a side effect of my migraine medicine say it could cause headaches? (thankfully it doesn’t for me but…)

·         Why are cruises so inexpensive but flights to get to the ports are outrageous?

·         Why are kid attractions (Disneyworld, Six Flags, etc.) so expensive?

·         Why do we have 5 day work weeks and 2 day weekends? Who thought of that?!

·         Why does my phone battery run out so quick but it takes forever to charge?

·         Why is it so hard to wean a baby off a bottle?

·         Why do kids have so many days off of school?

·         Why are teachers changing how they teach kids certain things (division is the one that comes to the top of my head) and so the parents aren’t able to help the kids with their homework.

·         Why is health insurance so finicky? And expensive.

·         Why is it so hard to find a good babysitter to be able to go out every once in a while?

·         Why is it so hard to find the time to go out?

·         Why do I sometimes regress to wanting to eat like a child (helloooo PB&J, grilled cheese and mac and cheese!)?

·         Why is it so easy to come up with so many why questions?!


Ok that’s enough for now!  I hope you all have a wonderful week and if you have the answers to my questions let me know!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Years Mission Update

I figured since we’re two months in to the new year I would give you a mission update. Also, I figured out how to include a hyperlink in my email that I send directly to upload to my blog. Not a mission but YAY me!


Anyways…my missions were as follows:

·         Maintain my weight loss

·         Train for my first 5K in April

·         Keep house in order

·         Read 1 book per month

·         Blog more about meaningful things


So starting with my weight loss. I met my Weight Watchers lifetime goal so I am now a card-carrying lifetime member. I’m pretty stoked about that because it means I no longer have to pay! Woo hoo! So since June I have lost a total of 17 pounds. And while that doesn’t seem like a lot to lost in 8 months, on a 5’1” frame that is quite a bit if I do say so myself! Also…since giving birth to Jacoby in October of 2011 I’ve lost a total of over 50 pounds. That is definitely a lot on a short frame!


I have not trained as much as I should for my 5K but I will be finishing my second week of training on the couch to 5K tonight. You know…it only took me 2 months to do 2 weeks worth but now that the snow is melted I am going to buckle down and run 3 days a week. I got this!


Keeping my house in order is laughable. But I’m trying. My kitchen gets cleaned every night and we’re not leaving dishes setting for a day or two at a time. It’s the little things.


I read one book in January (Mindy Kaling’s ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me) and I finished Sarah’s Key on March 1st so I was so close to my deadline! I’m also about 75% finished with Stephen King’s book 11/22/63 so I will definitely be finished with that one by the end of March. I just joined a book club with a girl I went to high school with. It’s a Facebook only club since she lives in California so we’ll see how it goes. That was why I read Sarah’s Key. It was really sad. And the ending wasn’t really to my liking but that’s neither here nor there. I would recommend it though.


And finally…blogging about more meaningful things. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job about this. The number of posts have been less but I feel the depth has been better. So that is also accomplished. If you want a recap of my last two months here are the main ones…

Jacoby’s tantrums and subsequent EEG

Love in 7 days

The awesome painting I got the hubby

And if anyone has any extra money to throw my way I can go on a vacation!


Overall I feel like I’m doing well with my missions. But we’ll see over the course of the next 10 months!