Monday, December 27, 2010

Memoir Monday--Christmas Edition

Memoir Monday

This weekend was a special weekend what with Christmas and all! My weekend started Thursday when I left work (early!) at 2. I came home where my good ol' hubby had already loaded all of our stuff in the car so we could get on the road before any bad weather hit. Fortunately bad weather didn't hit but it also let us get to Dodge before 6. So then we had the whole evening to spend with the hubby's family and relax before the big days ahead.

Friday started off AMAZINGLY. You know why? Because I got to sleep until 11. Do you know the last time that happened? Yeah, I don't either! My little monkey played nicely with his cousins and let his mommy sleep! I was woke up a few times but nothing that I couldn't push through and go back to sleep! After I (finally) got up we just hung out some more. Hubby's mom made delicious homemade chicken and noodles and we ate and ate. We made some cookies for Santa and then I gave the monkey a bath and then put him down for a nap. I got ready and headed to church. When I got back home from mass we finished getting everything ready and headed to Christmas dinner at the hubby's aunt and uncles house. It was fun and we ate more delicious food! Then after that we went back to the inlaws and opened all of our presents from the immediate family.

Leo and Great Grandma playing with his new trucks and cars

Saturday morning we woke up a little earlier by a little boy who was in awe of what Santa had left him. It was so cute!
His exact quote when he saw the Santa toys were, "Where did these come from?"

Then we got to spend the morning and early afternoon with family before having to head home to spend Christmas day night with my parents and brother and his family.

Getting a much needed nap on the way home before more Christmas festivities

We got to open MORE presents and eat MORE delicious foods.

Leo with grandma and grandpa and all the food!

My brother and his wife. Merry Christmas with lots of pictures!

Hubby being super excited about the toys he, I mean Leo got for Christmas! :)

Leo and Chloe

Then we celebrated Jesus' birthday with a cake and candles and we finished off the evening playing Scattergories before it was time to head home.

Cake time!

Once home we let Leo open presents from us (mom and dad). He was so cute and pretty thankful for all the gifts he received. The only times he had any issues was when he saw the GIANT pile of presents in front of his cousins at the inlaws house and he was whining that he didn't have as many and then when he opened his final present from us and saw that it was a Thomas the Train thing he said he wanted it to be a worker truck. We're still working on good manners, but thankfully all the whining was done to me and not to others.

Happy with his toys...but he wished it was a worker truck!

And then this morning we got up and I took the monkey to church. We hit up a local fast-food joint on the way home and then the rest of the afternoon has been spent cleaning up all his old toys and going through them to see which ones we want to keep and which ones we should give away to people who would like new toys. And of course putting together all the new toys that have all the wonderful boxes and twisty-ties and I don't even know what else!

I hope your Christmas weekend has been as awesome as mine has and continue to remember the whole reason for the season! Happy Monday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families from the Fernandez family!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's totally cool to pee your pants

Ok an update on the peeing in the pants story.

Apparently my kid is a liar. Ok, well maybe not a liar. But probably just a normal 3 year old who doesn't understand that if you just say you have to go to the bathroom automatically means your teacher knows you peed a little in your pants.

I talked to his teacher and she said she knew nothing about it and that if he had said something they have them change their clothes. So we're all good on the pee front. And I have explained to Leo that you have to actually tell your teacher if something like that happens again. But hopefully it won't!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leo's Laughs

On Monday night this is a conversation had in the Fernandez household:

Leo: Mom, I didn't tell you I peed in my pants a little bit.
Me: What? Did you tell anyone? Did you change your pants?
Leo: I told Ms. Sandi. And I didn't change my pants
{Now, this story is not about how I am going to talk to the teachers about why we only found out he peed his pants by the hubby feeling that his pants were damp when he picked him up...because I'm going to}
Me: What happened? Why did you pee your pants?
Leo: Well I was playing with my friend and then I felt something in my pants. And I was like what was that. And then I knew I peed my pants.
Me: Laughing hysterically

I did not think the situation was funny because still...he peed his pants and nothing was done about it but the look on his face when telling this story was hilarious. His face and the way he talks with his hands cracks my stuff up!

P.S.--2 days until Christmas! Laugh it up until the festivities begin!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



It's Tuesday again. And that means random. So these are the thoughts of my brain...

When I was trying to get ready for work I had this thought go through my head: I wish I was ambidextrous so I could put on makeup with one hand and brush my teeth with the other.

Someone brought a Caboodle in to work today filled with coin to be counted. I didn't even know people still used Caboodles. Obviously this person wasn't using it for the purpose intended. But seriously do the still sell them because I want one!

I have been losing a ridiculous amount of hair lately. And I was slightly concerned because I talked to a hair dresser and they said if you don't see new hair coming in then I could be balding. While I wasn't too concerned I kept watching for the baby hairs to sprout. Well they have come out in full force. It looks funny because I have random hairs sprouting from the top of my hair. But at least I'm not going bald!

I was the only parent out of 11 at Leo's daycare class that signed up to bring anything for the Christmas party. His school is so good and do so much for the kids that I don't see how these parents can't shell out $5 to buy a pack of cookies or some fruit or something to share with the other kids. Rude!

We were watching the Raiders play on Sunday and my hubby jokingly asked why all the Mexicans like the Raiders and I said that that was all that was in LA. Mexicans and movie stars. I crack myself up!

Only 3 days until Christmas! Woo hoo! We are leaving for Dodge on Thursday and won't come back until Saturday afternoon. So excited to see family!

To see more random go check out Keely. She always has random.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Memoir Monday: Christmas party edition

Memoir Monday

Another weekend gone. But I'm ok with that because that means we are getting that much closer to Christmas! Only 4 more days!

This weekend I got in the Christmas spirit by working all day Saturday! But I did get to have a little bit of fun. We had our work party Saturday night at one of our co-workers house. It was so much fun!Me and Shelley doing our best sassy faces


Jennie teaching Dallas how to do the Beat It dance

Me and the lovely hostess in my rockin' $13 dress from Old Navy!

And then Sunday we went to church and then hit up McDonalds afterwards. So delicious! Then I went to the store to get some groceries. Not too many though since we're headed out of town later in the week. Then it was football Sunday followed by chili for dinner. delicious!

I hope all your weekends were as good as mine.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Manic Mall Day

I went to the mall to pick up a dress for my work Christmas party. Nothing too fancy and nothing too expensive either. I probably shouldn't have even been buying anything because that money should go to pay the plumber but whatever! I stopped at Penney's, then I went to Maurices. Then I hit up Old Navy. I was really looking for a sweater dress even though this summer I tried on my friend's belted shirt dress. And I loved. it! But then I tried on a sweater dress with this crazy cowl neck. And it just overwhelmed my tiny, short neck. So off to pay for what else...a shirt for my monkey. Because seriously I can't go anywhere without picking an article of clothing for him. But then alas. At the front of the store was salvation. A shirt dress. That was belted. And in all its cute glory there were hardly any sizes left. So I got a green one in large and a black one in medium. Because I needed help as to which one fit better. I was going to use my mom as my sounding block but then I heard from my friend and she said she was headed to the mall. So I hit up the food court and got an Orange Julius and waited. And when she got there we went to Express. And I found an even cuter dress. Not a shirt dress but an extremely inappropriate dress for a work party but a totally appropriate dress for New Years. If I had anything planned. Which I don't. Plus it was $98. And even though it was 40% off the $60 dress that I probably shouldn't wear to a work party was not looking as good as my $13.50 dress from Old Navy. So I tried that one on for my friend and she said the medium looked better which was kind of a bummer since I liked the green one better but the black I can wear whenever. But I digress. We ended up finishing our shopping at Forever 21 which was a first for me. It just felt very crowded and I felt too big to be in there. Not too old...too big. And seriously...I'm close to being not double digits size wise. But the girls were TINY. She picked up a dress from there and I returned the green one to Old Navy and settled on the black one. So we finished shopping and walked out to our cars together. And I looked at the clock. And it was 4:45. I got off work at 2 and went straight to the mall. It was like in the Percy Jackson books...The mall was my Lotus Hotel. I could stay in there forever and not realize how much time was passing. Luckily I didn't miss anything crucial and Leo was still picked up from school with plenty of time to spare! So score one for Old Navy and their $13 dresses!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cracking Up

While I've been very lucky to always live in a place with a dishwasher tonight I was being extra lazy (but technically not...) and decided that instead of unloading the dishwasher I would just wash the few dishes we have by hand. So I started washing the dishes and remembered why I hate washing dishes by hand. If I was washing a bowl or a cup sometimes the water would splash up and attack my sweatshirt. So annoying!

But my favorite part of doing the dishes? Listening to Leo play in the living room with his toys and singing. He has been singing a lot lately and it is so freaking cute! On Sunday he was playing with Play-Doh and just started singing Jingle Bells. Just barely loud enough for us to hear where we were sitting on the couch. But so darn cute!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give me money or give me death

Ok, so here is a conversation I had with my insurance company...

After getting a voicemail from an employee at my local insurance company that said I needed to contact them I call them back.

Lady: Ma'am. Recently insurance company sent out a postcard regarding life insurance for your husband. I was running some numbers and we can get life insurance for you and your husband and children's policy all for around $38 a month.

Me: Well right now we aren't interested in getting life insurance through your company because we already have life insurance through our company.

Her: Our life insurance is owned by you and so if your husband were to die then the money would go directly to you.

Me: I understand. I have separate insurance also by what my parents had bought for me when I was younger.

Her: Yes, well this would be separate from what you already have and your children would be covered up to $5000.

Her: You do have just the 2 children?

Me: No, we only have one.

Her: I also have insurance like that but my husband didn't and (blah blah blah...I can't remember exactness by this point in the conversation.)

It was such a random conversation. And it seemed like she was really pushing me to buy more insurance. Especially on my husband. It all seemed very awkward and I didn't really like how it was headed. Like maybe she thought I was going to whack him to get the 100k that his insurance would cover? It was all very odd and I got off the phone feeling really weird. But not weird enough to buy some insurance!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Love!

Well I'll be...It's Wednesday again! Go visit Jamie to see what her and others are loving!

As we're getting closer to Christmas there are so many things to be loving! Here is what I'm loving today!

I'm loving that Santa called Leo last night. They had a thing through my mom's work where Santa would call little ones and talk to them and Leo was so EXCITED! And it was so cute to see the excitement that Leo had on his face when he was talking to him.

I'm loving Law and Order. The original ones are my favorite but I'll watch the Special Victims Unit. I haven't seen the Law and Order LA or UK version but I'm pretty sure I'd like them. I could sit all day and watch the re-runs! And that's what I've done a lot of during my few days of vacation!

I'm loving that I have a washing machine and dryer in my house. I would hate to have to drag all of our clothes to a laundromat. It is so convenient to just be able to pop it in and do something else while they're washing and drying!

I'm loving that my baby boy is growing. He's getting so big so while I'm loving it it also makes me so sad!

I'm loving that my little Freckles got a haircut today. She'll be all prettified for Christmas staying with Grandma and Grandpa while we go out of town!

I love going to the movies in the theater. We went to see Harry Potter last week and it was so awesome! Just seeing it in the theater makes such a difference than watching it at home.

And finally I am loving that our house got cleaned last week and it is still clean! Woo hoo! Gotta love a clean kitchen and bathroom!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RTT: Bacon, cartoons and bad Christmas movies I can't quit watching


I made bacon this morning and it was freaking delicious! I love bacon. I'm pretty sure that my house should always have bacon available for me to eat. I'm just saying.

I also made ham the other night. That was also delicious. And then I had a BBQ pork sandwich Sunday night. I'm glad my religion doesn't say I shouldn't eat pork because seriously?! I love me some pig! Although not in pig form. I've been to a pig roast. Not ideal for me to see and then know I'm going to eat that.

I am soooo tired of the morning cartoons on Disney and Nickelodeon. And I don't even sit and watch them. But just listening to them has just been getting on my last nerve!

I hate to admit it but I LOVE the Christmas movies on Lifetime and ABC Family. Last night I watched the last hour of Christmas in Handcuffs with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez and couldn't turn it off. It was cute. But in the sense of it was super cheesy cute. And there was another one with Christina Milian that I wanted to watch. So embarrassed. But not enough to not blog about it!

I am so excited that Christmas is 10 days away! (I don't count today or Christmas!) SO EXCITED. Almost all of my presents are bought and I am waiting on a few to come in so I can pick up. And then we will be heading out of town next Thursday if everything goes according to plan. Woo hoo! Christmas is almost here!

That's my random and I'm sticking to it. To see more head over the Keely's to check it out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Funday

Memoir Monday

Welp. Another weekend has come and gone and alas it is Monday again. Luckily I am on vacation until Wednesday so it's not like my weekend is technically over!

Saturday morning I got up and took Leo to Exploration Place for a zoo animals class. He had so much fun and was super excited to get to play with the Thomas the Train set that they had up that kids could play with. After we did that we came home and just hung out for the rest of the afternoon. After thinking about it it kind of turned into a weekend of mishaps. I woke up from my mid-afternoon nap to make dinner and went into the kitchen and found out that the people who came over to clean our house had broken a knob on our oven. Of course it was the one that told us the temperature so it was kind of a big deal. So now we have to go to get a replacement knob.

Then on Sunday I got up and got myself and Leo ready for church. We headed to church and then after mass hit up the breakfast. It was really good. Yummy french toast with scrambled eggs and sausage. Then we came home and watched football. It was the hubby's sisters graduation today so we were supposed to meet them for dinner at 4:30. So we got to the restaurant at 4:30 and waited. And we waited some more. And finally at about 5:15 we got a phone call saying that graduation took longer than expected, we missed our reservation at the restaurant (which we had been waiting for 45 minutes) and so we were going to have to eat somewhere else. Apparently the hubby's folks had tried calling us but couldn't get through for some reason. We made it over there and so we got home about 7:30. I started laundry for the monkey and about 10 minutes into it I thought something sounded funny so I asked the hubby to check on it and sure enough water was pouring into our kitchen. Fan-freaking-tastic! We have big A tree in our backyard and sometimes the roots grow into our pipeline and so we have to occasionally spend about $150-$200 to get the roots removed from our line. It's pretty awesome! So yay me! Tomorrow on my vacation day I get to call a plumber and have them come fix it. Woo hoo! Luckily we were able to get the laundry finished or else I would have been running to Wal-Mart to get a pair of Garanimals for Leo to wear tomorrow! (yes...all of his pants were in the washer. Love how that happens!)

So that was my weekend. Hopefully my week will work out much better than my weekend was! But one awesome thing about the weekend was KU won again! Another season starting out 9-0! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What time is it?

Apparently all I can muster these days are random thoughts but I rented Inception last night and decided to pop it in tonight so I could get it back without a late fee. And while that movie deserves its own post (even though I'm not sure I understood it enough to write something that people would be able to even closely comprehend) I did have a funny thought while returning the movie. I used to just be getting off work some days at 10 and then still going home to get ready to go out or at least head out to someones house to party it up. Especially on a Saturday night. But these days 10 means I'm up past my bedtime or at least I know that I should be on my way to bed. It's so funny how things change so quickly. So to sum things up: Me=nerd because I thought it was funny that I was out of my house past 10. I=lame! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Friday

2 quick things since I'm on vacation and I don't really want to be doing much of anything!

1) I'm super glad that my bathtub got cleaned by someone other than me. But the reason I love a clean bathtub more than anything else being extremely clean is that if I get to be the first person in it I will take a bath and it will feel amazing. Because nothing feels better than a clean bathtub!

2) I made a playlist on Vevo and have been jamming out thanks to my musical Thursday. But I had it on while trying to read blogs and had to stop reading because I can't sing and read at the same time. It's like my brain can't do those 2 things at once and I needed the music more than I needed to be reading. Music has been my therapy for the last few days. Why do I need the therapy you ask. I'm not sure...well not really, but I don't need it for anything specific but it has definitely mellowed my mood! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Music Thursday!

When I've been driving home from work lately I've been hearing amazing songs on the radio which is so not normal! I usually get in on the commercials on all channels so it's like I'm flipping from one station to the next and I hear all the same commercials. But not lately. And so here are a few of the songs I've heard lately that I've been digging on. All courtesy of You Tube!

Hold My Hand by Michael Jackson with Akon

Sara Barelles King of Anything

And then this one by Alexa Ray Joel is called Notice Me and I heard it on XM radio this summer and I was digging it but I guess it's not mainstream because I've never heard it on local radio. But good none the less!

Hope you enjoyed the little impromptu music party! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clean Freak

So I know I've blogged before about how if I had a lot of money I would have cleaning people come to the house. Well I was lucky enough to win a 1-hour cleaning from a local cleaning company. They are coming tomorrow morning between 9:30 and 11 and it is a crew of 3 people who will start with the kitchen and bathroom and work from there. I was informed when I called the company that because I only have 1 bathroom they should get to most of the house. While I am beyond thrilled that I was the lucky one that won in a random drawing from facebook I feel kind of like a freak because a) my house is not super clean and b) I don't like to be judged based on image. So I of course took point A into my own hands and cleaned up A LOT tonight. I know that a lot of people do this but I feel very weird. Like cleaning before the clean. And I know that what I did was pick up and then they will do the deep cleaning. And for that is what I am most thankful for because I am not a deep clean type of gal. I can spot clean like the best of them but I am looking forward to see the end results of really good deep clean! Maybe I'll post some after pictures of my super clean house! I definitely won't be posting before pictures though! :)

Christmas, vacation, shopping and other things I love!

It's Wednesday! Woo hoo! That means that I am on vacation starting tomorrow but it also means to play along with What I'm Loving Wednesday!

  • I'm loving that I am off from Thursday until next Tuesday. That means that for the next 3 weeks I will not have to close at all! And most days be off by 3! Woo hoo! It will be an awesome 2 1/2 weeks leading up to Christmas!
  • I'm loving that the weather has been awesome here. And by awesome I mean not really dropping below freezing except at night and we haven't had any snow or rain to muck up our work travels!
  • I'm loving that it is also not so crazy cold that I can still let Leo go outside and play.
  • I'm loving that while on vacation I have fun stuff thought out almost every day. Thursday my house is getting cleaned from my lucky win on Facebook. Friday I am going shopping with my mom and grandma for our annual Christmas shopping extravaganza! Saturday I am taking my monkey to Exploration Place to participate in a workshop. Sunday my sister-in-law is graduating from Wichita State, Monday I guess I don't have anything planned, but finally on Tuesday I am taking Freckles to get her haircut and then taking Leo to a reading club with Parents as Teachers and then on to daycare. I LOVE vacation!
  • I'm loving that I think me and the hubby are having date afternoon on Thursday. Hopefully going to see Harry Potter (yeah, I know I said that last week...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this week!) and then we're getting take-out pizza since that is the monkey's favorite. And we're pretty keen on pizza ourselves!
  • I'm loving Tuesday night dinners at my mom's! Delicious!
  • I'm loving the Wii Fit Nickelodeon. Leo gets to play the Wii and feel like a big kid and we get to let him do something that he really wants to without us hovering over him. (is it bad though that it drives me crazy when he does something wrong? I just want to grab the controller from him and do it myself!)
  • I'm loving that there are only 16 days until Christmas! Yay!
Ok, that's all I can think about loving today. I'm sure there are a lot of other things but I'm coming in on vacation brain! Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leo's Laughs

So here are a few of the things that my little hellion...aka Leo...has been saying lately.

Tonight after I let him play outside for almost an hour in freezing temperatures:
Me: You need to pick up your toys that you just threw inside/
Him: You're mean.
Me: I'm mean because I'm making you pick up your toys?
Him: {throwing his toys in the toy bucket} Damn.
Me: What did you just say?
Him: Damn.
Me: You need to go sit in the chair in time out
Him: I don't want to.

End of story. He went in timeout but I seriously doubt it matters. He has been pretty rambunctious lately hence me letting him play outside even though it was so cold. I was hoping that would curb his unruly behavior because I think he needs to be getting his excess energy out. Luckily that was the only outburst of the evening.

And then the really funny/cute thing he did at dinner:

Him: I want a chocolate cake roll (Swiss Cake Roll)
Me: You need to eat all of your green beans
Him: I will mommy. I'm going to eat so good.
Him: Can I have my chocolate cake roll?
Me: You need to finish your green beans.
Him: Can I get down and have a piece of candy instead?

He was trying to bargain like a mad man. Alas he did not finish the green beans so he did not get any snacks. Poor little guy. I guess I am a mean mom after all! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednedsay even though I have really creepy looking feet apparently I'm loving that my mom and I got pedicures before Thanksgiving. And they're still looking good!

Even though we have a baby tree (6 foot) we have it up and decorated with our ornaments from when we were kids and then one from every year we've been together from the hubby's grandma!
I'm loving the Harry Potter movies. I had a movie marathon on Monday and watched movies 1-5 and am finishing up with 6 tonight. Then hopefully sometime this weekend the hubby and I can swing time to go see it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I LOVE Pink's greatest hits. My friend burned me a copy (is that even legal?!) but he did. And it is awesome! I have been jamming out for the past 2 weeks and love it!

And of course I'm loving this little dude. Even though he's been pretty crazy lately and getting on my last nerve about every other day I'm loving on him every chance I get!

I am also loving that I participated in Pay It Forward Day. I bought one of my co-workers a drink before work this morning and then I bought the branch Little Debbie Christmas tree cupcakes. And you know what...when I got home and got on Facebook I had won a free house cleaning from a local cleaning company. See...seriously...everyone should pay it forward!

So that is what I'm loving today! Go check out what everyone else is loving! Happy Wednesday!

**Images of Pink album and Harry Potter are from google!**