Tuesday, December 21, 2010



It's Tuesday again. And that means random. So these are the thoughts of my brain...

When I was trying to get ready for work I had this thought go through my head: I wish I was ambidextrous so I could put on makeup with one hand and brush my teeth with the other.

Someone brought a Caboodle in to work today filled with coin to be counted. I didn't even know people still used Caboodles. Obviously this person wasn't using it for the purpose intended. But seriously do the still sell them because I want one!

I have been losing a ridiculous amount of hair lately. And I was slightly concerned because I talked to a hair dresser and they said if you don't see new hair coming in then I could be balding. While I wasn't too concerned I kept watching for the baby hairs to sprout. Well they have come out in full force. It looks funny because I have random hairs sprouting from the top of my hair. But at least I'm not going bald!

I was the only parent out of 11 at Leo's daycare class that signed up to bring anything for the Christmas party. His school is so good and do so much for the kids that I don't see how these parents can't shell out $5 to buy a pack of cookies or some fruit or something to share with the other kids. Rude!

We were watching the Raiders play on Sunday and my hubby jokingly asked why all the Mexicans like the Raiders and I said that that was all that was in LA. Mexicans and movie stars. I crack myself up!

Only 3 days until Christmas! Woo hoo! We are leaving for Dodge on Thursday and won't come back until Saturday afternoon. So excited to see family!

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cbs111 said...

Walmart still carrieds Caboodles and you can also buy them on line. Hubby mistakenly got me one when I asked for a makeup bag one year.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Caboodles! I haven't seen those in forever! My friend used to have 4 Caboodles full of make-up and then transitioned to an actual tackle box. :-)

Julie from Momspective said...

I lost a bunch of hair because my old stylist fried mine and now I have new growth and it won't stay down. I have crazy hair and miss Aqua Net

Hilary said...

oh, to be ambidextrous... that would be wonderful. I could think of so many things to do at the same time! I lose a lot of hair all the time too, but I must grow it just as quickly. I am like a shedding dog.