Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RTT: Bacon, cartoons and bad Christmas movies I can't quit watching


I made bacon this morning and it was freaking delicious! I love bacon. I'm pretty sure that my house should always have bacon available for me to eat. I'm just saying.

I also made ham the other night. That was also delicious. And then I had a BBQ pork sandwich Sunday night. I'm glad my religion doesn't say I shouldn't eat pork because seriously?! I love me some pig! Although not in pig form. I've been to a pig roast. Not ideal for me to see and then know I'm going to eat that.

I am soooo tired of the morning cartoons on Disney and Nickelodeon. And I don't even sit and watch them. But just listening to them has just been getting on my last nerve!

I hate to admit it but I LOVE the Christmas movies on Lifetime and ABC Family. Last night I watched the last hour of Christmas in Handcuffs with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez and couldn't turn it off. It was cute. But in the sense of it was super cheesy cute. And there was another one with Christina Milian that I wanted to watch. So embarrassed. But not enough to not blog about it!

I am so excited that Christmas is 10 days away! (I don't count today or Christmas!) SO EXCITED. Almost all of my presents are bought and I am waiting on a few to come in so I can pick up. And then we will be heading out of town next Thursday if everything goes according to plan. Woo hoo! Christmas is almost here!

That's my random and I'm sticking to it. To see more head over the Keely's to check it out!


Anonymous said...

I am really glad that my son has decided only to watch some Spiderman stuff on Netflix lately. I was getting so sick of those NickJr and Disney cartoons too!

Wild Child said...

I got a re-do on the morning nick cartoons the other day. The 11 year old was watching Dora! Augh! I am so glad we left that behind. I don't mind dora perse, but the songs can get to you, you know?

Hilary said...

is there anything better than bacon?

VandyJ said...

I'm off the hook as far as Nickelodeon right now. I work. And Bruiser has not really caught on to those shows yet. But I do remember days when my oldest was that age and really wanting to shoot Dora. There is something about children's TV that makes you want to stab your ears until your brains leak out.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I still hold the opinion that children make you repeat yourself endlessly because Dora makes THEM repeat themselves endlessly.

cbs111 said...

The Christina Milian movie was super cute. I like it a lot!