Friday, May 29, 2009

Vacation has been great...

But I am sad that it is almost over. I do have three more days off in the next two weeks though (outside of Sundays) so at least it won't be so terrible. And next week I don't have to close any days next week! Yay! So here is my timeline of what our vacation has looked like. We have been busy so you might need to sit down while you read it! :)

  • Swimming at my mom's
  • Went to dinner at Wendy's on our way too...
  • Wichita Wild Arena Football game (they won!)


  • We did nothing all day until
  • We rented a few movies
  • Watched Taken with Liam Neeson (it's pretty good)
  • Ate at new restaurant in town Smashburger. Also good but very expensive.


  • Went swimming at my mom's
  • Started our Scrubs Marathon


  • Took monkey to daycare
  • Tore up carpet in our living room/hallway
  • Ate dinner at my folks house


  • Took monkey to daycare
  • Finished pulling up carpet
  • Went to Wal-Mart to complete project
  • Made delicious Szchecuan (sp?) chicken waiting for Leo to get home from golfing
  • Continued Scrubs marathon


  • Went to the zoo
  • Met the hubsters sister for lunch at delicious La Chinitas
  • Went to the mall to use a gift card for the monkey from his birthday at the bookstore. Got 7 books for $4! We are excellent shoppers!
  • Came home, waited for the monkey to take a nap, which never happened so we did not get to go swimming.
  • Continued our Scrubs Marathon (Best. Show. Ever.)
  • Went to Dog and Shake for dinner (pure deliciousness)
  • Watched the Cavs beat the Magic (Which I actually didn't see happen because I fell asleep!)


  • Got up and ate doughnuts
  • Did some laundry
  • Swept our new, glorious hardwood floors!
  • Gave the monkey a bath
  • Fixed lunch

Now he is napping and this afternoon we are going to see Pixar's UP and then go to the Derby Days Parade. It should be a blast! Then tomorrow we don't really have a lot of plans other than Leo's sister who just semi-moved to Wichita from Western Kansas wants us to come over to where she is staying so she can hang out with the monkey. We may end up eating dinner with her. Depends on when we head over there. And then Sunday (Our last day of vacation) I have a baby shower to attend. That is why I have been cleaning today so my last two days I don't really have to mess with much. I really need to clean the bathroom and I got some new cleaner so hopefully that will help. Sorry I haven't posted much this week. As you can read, we have been busy and the computer wasn't even plugged in until yesterday, so there wasn't much time! Hope everyone's week has been as fantastic as mine. I will post pictures probably this weekend or early next week! Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spin Cycle: Freckles Rock

This is my spin about my beloved Freckles. If you want to see other spins about their wonderful pets check out Sprites Keeper at

I got Freckles 12 years ago tomorrow. What a fitting post about animals. She was my early 13th birthday from my parents. We were moving into our new house and the puppies were ready to go home. I chose the smallest one. I'm not for sure why, she just stuck out to me. She was a little black and white spotted shih tzu. (bless you!) I named her Freckles so aptly! I was a real smart 12 year old! :) Anyways...her first days at the new house were traumatic for her. She just kind of hunkered down and didn't really move. This was foreshadowing for the future of my dog who likes to act like a cat.

As the years passed she was "my" dog. Not really anyone elses. My brother's dog was our family lab Sunny. The two dogs got along really well. Sunny would put Freckles in her mouth like the little furball that she is and Freckles would jump all over Sunny like a trained circus dog. The years passed some more and I went to college. It was just in another town about 10 minutes away but I was getting settled into my new apartment. I finally brought Freckles with me after a few months missing her. Everyone loved my dog. She was the crazy looking dog with the messed up teeth (She has a profuse underbite). And Freckles got along with eveyrone. I think it is because she really is a laid back dog.

Then came the next phase of my life. The boyfriend moved in. She was kicked off the bed and onto a pillow. He isn't much of a dog person but understands that she is a major part of my life. And then the biggest new phase of all. The new baby. This one was the one that probably hurt her the most. Not as much playing with her. More telling her to get out of the way. But now that the baby is over 2 she has a new playmate. He will chase her but in a playful way. And she is played with more by me. And anytime we are able to go outside she comes right along with us. SHe loves being outside.

She will just lay anywhere for hours at a time. She really isn't a lap dog unless she needs some love. It is funny because we won't be able to find her so we look around everywhere and find that she has burrowed into a clothes basket (regardless if they are clean or dirty!). She is a good dog and even though I don't always show her how much I care about her, I'm sure she knows. She is a good dog.

Friday, May 15, 2009

7 days

No, I am not some creepy chick going to kill you like in the Ring. It is 7 days until my vacation! I am so excited! And we don't really even have that many plans. We want to do a few things around the house like paint the bathroom and pull up our beautiful mauve carpet in our living room and clean up the outrageous amount of branches in our backyard. I'm pretty excited. I'm sure we will grill out a lot, maybe hit up the local zoo and water park. It should be a pretty fan-freaking-tastic 9 days of non-work!

On the other hand, I will be dreading the next 7 days. I have to work 6 of the next 7 and my days are not short. I even work one 8-8:15. Oh joy! So I probably won't be on to much in the next week but the week after will be a week filled with what I hope are amazing posts and pictures depicting my awesome vacation!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am not a maid

No matter what my last name is I am not a maid (Oh, you know it's funny...). Anyways...I think one of the most hated things about being a mom for me is picking up the monkeys toys. Every day he drags out every single toy and book he owns and then when it is time for me to put him to bed I just take him. And then all of his toys are left out. I don't fight with him about it then because then he will want to stay out and then he won't go to bed. Anyways, so then me and the hubby just pick it up. I know it is not a good habit to be forming to pick his toys up but any other time of the day he will pick them up fine. I just don't have the patience to deal with it/him at the end of the day. So now I know why my mother was such a grouch and always made us pick up our toys. Love you mom!

This was a pretty lame post but I was just looking around our messy living room and felt I needed to vent!

Oh and by the spin from last week...the title totally came from Real Genius. Just FYI!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day you muthas

Just kidding. I'm sure not all of you are muthas, but some of you are. It's cool. I know who you are. I sometimes qualify for that role. I'm sure my hubby would say I sometimes more than qualify! :) was a great day. I woke up around 8:10 to a little monkey that has (knock on wood) slept in his own bed for 8 days in a row. That is amazing! And only twice has he woken up in the middle of the night and my tired behind went and got him to finish the night. It has been so magical! And not in the perverted sense, in the way that I have actually had more than half a bed to wiggle around in. That's right, I'm a wiggler and a bed hog. Where do you think my kid got it? I'll take the blame!

Ok, where was I before I drifted off? Oh yes, mother's day. Woke up, Leo had run to the store to get donuts and brought home flowers...awww. And I got Clue the movie. YES! And then I got 2 funny cards. One from little man talking about how he won't cuss anymore (you know because he's thrown out the occasional dammit. Kids say the darndest things!!!!) and then one from the hubby that says that it's been a little crowded in the bed and he's ok with it with a picture of 3 sets of feet sticking out of the covers. I swear Hallmark has cameras in our house! Then we went to lunch at my parent's house then headed up to the Riverfest to watch a play for little kids and then the monkey got to ride a few rides before coming home. It was a very uneventful day and now he is napping (hopefully he will still go to sleep tonight) and Leonard is on his way to the Slipknot concert. All is quiet in the Fernandez household!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone...and even all you non-mother's out there deserve it because you are a mother to someone!

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's finally Friday

So today is Friday. Woo Hoo! I have to work tomorrow but that is no big deal. At least I am working with my work bestie! I am so ready for the weekend. I am picking up my mom and my monkey around 4:45 and we are hitting River Fest for the parade tonight. For those of you non-ICT folks River Fest is a city festival that has a whole lot of stuff to do. I have not been in a few years but I am taking my little boy to the parade because I think he will enjoy it. Then on Sunday we are going back to watch a Children's Theater group perform for the kids. And all it costs is a button which is $5. That is a week's worth of free stuff for $5. Pretty awesome! And next Friday you can get into our local "professional" baseball teams game just with your button! SUper sweet! And then on Saturday night I am going bowling with a group of couples. This is similar to the event that I went to solo last month at another couples bbq. This month, thankfully, my spouse is participating! Yay!

Anyways...hope everyone else has a great weekend planned. And if you are a mother or even just a mutha I hope you all have a great Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jen Lancaster rocks

So, over at Oh! How Lovely! *I'm not sure that I know anything about computers but this is the direct link to the giveaway* they are giving away a copy of Jen Lancaster's new book Pretty In Plaid. I started reading her books when I couldn't afford to buy new books and got a killer library card from the ICT public library and I checked her out. I'm like 99% sure I have blogged about her books that I have read but she is a killer (figuratively, not literally) author who lives in Chicago. She fell on some hard times after the boom and her tales of hilarity ensue. Anyways...I hope I win the giveaway because who knows when the library will get a copy and you know with the crazies in the library I don't know when I would get around to checking it out!

And 2 posts in one day...God I love days off!

I guess you'll hammer later

So as I was laying in bed trying to figure out what to write about in conjunction with this weeks spin from Jen over at Sprites Keeper when I heard a knocking sound and my dog growling. So my heart started to race a little bit. And the sound just kept happening. Then I heard the wind rustling the trees. And then my mind started to wander.

It went to the place where I rolled over in bed and saw an intruder standing in my living room. I scrambled to get out of bed and push my dresser and bed against the door happy that I had my cell phone so I could call 911. The intruder goes into the kitchen and grabs a knife and is trying to open the door with the knife. Why? Who knows! But then reality sets in and I realize my imagination is a funny thing. I go let my dog out and what a shock...there are people hammering on my neighbors shed. Maybe I should be a fiction writer! Except the only material I would get would be about 5 pages. Not much more.

It's funny how your mind can turn a mole hill into a mountain. Working at a bank, we are supposed to "practice" what we would do in case of a robbery. I don't think the bank would appreciate me wetting my pants once a month just to practice what I would do. We all have scenarios in our mind what we would do in case of a fire, or in case our kids or family members are in serious trouble but my mind always takes me to a place where they are always rescued but the scenarios are outrageous. Nothing like, oh Leo fell off his bike and broke his arm. They were when he was a baby and the house was on fire and I had to run through the burning hallway and then jump out of the window with him hoping he would safely make it from a 7ish foot drop. I guess maybe our minds are helping us because if we can survive that we can survive the little things.

Oh yeah...and I will give an over the internet high five to someone who can identify where my title came from. Awesomeness