Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day you muthas

Just kidding. I'm sure not all of you are muthas, but some of you are. It's cool. I know who you are. I sometimes qualify for that role. I'm sure my hubby would say I sometimes more than qualify! :) was a great day. I woke up around 8:10 to a little monkey that has (knock on wood) slept in his own bed for 8 days in a row. That is amazing! And only twice has he woken up in the middle of the night and my tired behind went and got him to finish the night. It has been so magical! And not in the perverted sense, in the way that I have actually had more than half a bed to wiggle around in. That's right, I'm a wiggler and a bed hog. Where do you think my kid got it? I'll take the blame!

Ok, where was I before I drifted off? Oh yes, mother's day. Woke up, Leo had run to the store to get donuts and brought home flowers...awww. And I got Clue the movie. YES! And then I got 2 funny cards. One from little man talking about how he won't cuss anymore (you know because he's thrown out the occasional dammit. Kids say the darndest things!!!!) and then one from the hubby that says that it's been a little crowded in the bed and he's ok with it with a picture of 3 sets of feet sticking out of the covers. I swear Hallmark has cameras in our house! Then we went to lunch at my parent's house then headed up to the Riverfest to watch a play for little kids and then the monkey got to ride a few rides before coming home. It was a very uneventful day and now he is napping (hopefully he will still go to sleep tonight) and Leonard is on his way to the Slipknot concert. All is quiet in the Fernandez household!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone...and even all you non-mother's out there deserve it because you are a mother to someone!

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