Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RTT: Another Tuesday but one more closer to Christmas

Today is Tuesday. Even though I was tricked when I saw a post on Twitter this morning (1 am) and it said that today was the new Wednesday. So my tired, over-worked mind thought that it was actually Wednesday. So until about 10 this morning I kept reverting to the mindframe that today was Wednesday!
Anywho...Tuesday. So that means RaNdOm.
We are 36 days from Christmas. Are you ready? I am getting closer inch by inch, day by day. I am into Christmas this year but not the over-doing it that sometimes I can fall trap to. I read a really good article in our local paper and the columnist did a simplified Christmas last year where each person got 4 gifts (want, need, wear and read) and I really liked the idea. So I am running with it. Of course the boys will get a few Santa presents but nothing like the opulence in the past. And, to be completely honest, I won a Kindle Fire HXD from my work and so that will be going to Leo. So he is still getting a pretty kick-ass present. It just so happened to be free! (well not technically because I won it by increasing my United Way donations, but free.) Anyways...I totally digressed. So, I have a lot of the presents bought and I have bought all of them online. I am using Ebates to get cash back on my purchases too. So I am trying to be as frugal and practical as possible.
Jacoby is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse. Leo never really sat that much and watched cartoons when he was little but Jacoby will just sit for (don't judge me) hours and watch Mickey. He loves his Mickey stuffed animal, his Mickey pajamas and of course his multiple Mickey shirts. We also moved the Mickey birthday wall decoration from the living room to his bedroom and he was SO excited. It's funny how different kids can be.
Sallie Mae sucks more than anything. Nothing more to say about that!
I bought a pair of red high heels to wear with a black and white striped dress with some red accents that I got from Express. I ordered them from Target and I am (in)patiently waiting for them. I have never owned a non-neutral pair of shoes and I'm excited. It's the little things!
Ok, that's all my random. Go rebel with the other randomers and Stacy.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RTT: Random For Awhile


Yeah, yeah. It's been awhile. I know. But that means there is a lot of random to go around!

Some random on the forefront right now...

We have a mouse. In the house. And it is a sneaky, sneaky mouse. I'm pretty sure we have no less than 10 traps set around our house and that darn mouse will not be caught. It's been 2+ years since we have had a mouse so I thought we were in the clear of never having a mouse again. But alas, I was wrong. Think happy thoughts that said mouse will be dead and gone very soon.

Jacoby is turning into a little boy before our very eyes. I remember when he was just a teeny, tiny little baby. Now he speaks in sentences and understands what we are speaking to him. Granted, not everything he says is comprehendable, but we get the gist most of the time. And I was a proud mama when I picked him up from daycare today and they told me (in a surprised tone) that he knew all of his shapes. We're doing something right! :)

I am playing my first year of fantasy football in a family league we have going. I was a last minute addition to the male-dominated league because someone had dropped out. I drafted my main squeeze Peyton Manning and we have created fireworks all season. I am currently at the top of the league by a little under 200 points. If I keep it up I will make a pretty penny by the end of the season. At this point of the season (the half-way point) I have made my money back. Woot woot! The icing on the cake was when I beat my brother on Peyton's bye week. It. Was. Awesome!

Yesterday was a bank holiday so the hubs and I both had the day off. And we had no plans which was a nice change of pace. So after getting the boys to daycare and school we went back home and hung out. We also had lunch with Leo and then we did a little shopping. And we ended up buying a new bed. Because isn't that what normal people do? We've had our current bed for just under 10 years and it was time for a new one. And after some back and forth (he likes soft, I like firm) we came to an agreement and got a memory foam mattress with some cool gel inserts or some mumbo jumbo like that. My main excitement comes from the fact that we are upgrading from a queen size to a KING size. I am so stinking excited! Seriously. So within the next three weeks I will be sleeping in style!

Ok, so that is enough random for today. It feels good to be back!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Look Who's Back!!

Wow! It's only been three and a half months. No big deal! I just reaaallllyy needed a break from all things not related to my sanity. And while blogging really does help me with that, sometimes when I write it all down it makes me feel worse. But things are FINALLY starting to feel normal-ish again and so here I am!

So, let's recap a bit (Sorry for the post overload + pictures!)

Leo started school again and started to calm down. This summer was terrible in terms of his behavior enough that we took him to a therapist because we didn't know what was going on. We basically learned what we already knew, he's really smart and charming and manipulative, and he just needs to mature and learn to handle himself and his emotions a bit better. We got some tips on how to handle him and ourselves when it comes to those situations and things are starting to get better. That was the main part of August.



We also had a week sans Leo when he went to spend a week with his grandparents and aunt that live in a city about 3 hours away from ours. It was the longest he'd been away and it was nice but also really strange. That was at a time when behavior had been really bad so it gave all of us a needed break. I definitely missed him but he had so much fun with his cousins and family that we don't get to see often enough. It also gave us a reason to go down there twice in one month and spend the whole time just with family.

Not a lot happened in September. A pretty slow month overall but that was much needed after the hustle and bustle of school starting. The weekend after Labor Day the little family took a quick trip to Kansas City to go to a Royals game and spend time with my aunt and uncle and their kids. It was so fun, other than Jacoby would NOT sleep in his pack and play and on the first morning we were there I drove him and Leo around at 6 in the morning because he just wanted to cry in the hotel room. So. Much. Fun. :)

We also had my cousin's wedding. My family is really big and really close so it was a PAR-TAY. Unfortunately the hubs had already told a friend that he would be in their wedding and of course they happened to be on the same day. So I had both boys and thankfully my parents are rock stars and help out as much as they can.

October was balls to the wall crazy. We had the boys' pictures taken and they turned out AMAZING. I'm not even kidding. My boys are super photogenic and even though Jacoby would NOT smile I think they were awesome. But they're my kids so of course I do!

We also went to the pumpkin patch with my mom, sister in law and niece and had so much fun. The weather was a little chilly at first but then got really nice.

The next weekend I went to Chicago to visit my long-lost bestie from the beginning of time and I have been a terrible friend and only saw her when she came home to visit her family. So I made the trip and we had so much fun!

The next weekend was Jacoby's birthday party

and then it was Halloween. Jacoby went as Mickey Mouse (shocker) and Leo went as a Storm Trooper from the Clone Wars.

Squished in between those last two, Leo had conferences and was out of school so my mom and I took him and my niece Chloe to Oklahoma to a children's museum. It was about an hour and 45 minutes away but it was nice to do something new.

Now it's November and we've continued to stay busy. We had Turkey Bingo at church (a favorite of mine since I was little), Leo got to go with my brother to a local college team's basketball home opener and today the hubs gets to go with my brother to the midnight madness game where they will drop the Final Four banner from last year. Go Shox! Then this upcoming weekend I am going to a Premier jewelry party at my sister in laws, the hubs is going to a KU football game and then comes Thanksgiving. Holy moley!

So I hope you understand why I've been absent in posting. I am going to try to stay more involved and believe me when I say even if I don't always blog or comment on your blog, I am reading and staying connected.