Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RTT: Another Tuesday but one more closer to Christmas

Today is Tuesday. Even though I was tricked when I saw a post on Twitter this morning (1 am) and it said that today was the new Wednesday. So my tired, over-worked mind thought that it was actually Wednesday. So until about 10 this morning I kept reverting to the mindframe that today was Wednesday!
Anywho...Tuesday. So that means RaNdOm.
We are 36 days from Christmas. Are you ready? I am getting closer inch by inch, day by day. I am into Christmas this year but not the over-doing it that sometimes I can fall trap to. I read a really good article in our local paper and the columnist did a simplified Christmas last year where each person got 4 gifts (want, need, wear and read) and I really liked the idea. So I am running with it. Of course the boys will get a few Santa presents but nothing like the opulence in the past. And, to be completely honest, I won a Kindle Fire HXD from my work and so that will be going to Leo. So he is still getting a pretty kick-ass present. It just so happened to be free! (well not technically because I won it by increasing my United Way donations, but free.) Anyways...I totally digressed. So, I have a lot of the presents bought and I have bought all of them online. I am using Ebates to get cash back on my purchases too. So I am trying to be as frugal and practical as possible.
Jacoby is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse. Leo never really sat that much and watched cartoons when he was little but Jacoby will just sit for (don't judge me) hours and watch Mickey. He loves his Mickey stuffed animal, his Mickey pajamas and of course his multiple Mickey shirts. We also moved the Mickey birthday wall decoration from the living room to his bedroom and he was SO excited. It's funny how different kids can be.
Sallie Mae sucks more than anything. Nothing more to say about that!
I bought a pair of red high heels to wear with a black and white striped dress with some red accents that I got from Express. I ordered them from Target and I am (in)patiently waiting for them. I have never owned a non-neutral pair of shoes and I'm excited. It's the little things!
Ok, that's all my random. Go rebel with the other randomers and Stacy.

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