Thursday, February 28, 2013


Gretchen got the idea for the spin cycle this week from Arnebya. I've also seen a meme from Megan who has a similar thing of Sometimes/Always. And I love the idea.  It's so fun and there are so many different ways you could go with this. So without further ado here are my sometimes...

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I had two girls instead of two boys.  Probably my house would be a lot more pink and clean rather than browns, blues and dirty. 

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we had another baby. Would it really change that much. I'm already extremely tired so what's one more?

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they get dressed in the morning. Do they really think those things match. Or they fit into them. Hot cheese, we've all seen the People of Wal-Mart...and I'm pretty sure some of those pictures were taken at my local Wal-Mart.  It is ridiculous!
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if there were 26 hours in the day.  Or even 30. I'm sure work would decide we would need to be there 10-12 hours if they added extra hours. But really I would hope I could still only work 8 hours and then the rest of the time would be spent with my family and/or sleeping.  Seriously...have I mentioned I'm tired a lot?!

Sometimes I wish I could win the lottery. I am 95% sure I would spend it wisely and be a philanthropist.  That other 5% wants to spend it foolishly. Like on a house with an indoor pool and movie theatre.  Because honestly...that would be pretty amazing.

Sometimes I think about what my life would be like if I were single. Or if I didn't have kids. I know I am extremely happy with my kids and my hubby but seriously...I would have a lot extra money that I could spend when I want on what I want. Also, I want to travel and I don't think that I will get to do much of that for at least the next 15 years since my kids will need most of my time/money.

Sometimes I wish I had more to blog about. Some weeks are a gold mine, but others are not.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Big Reveal

So.  You know how all the cool kids were commissioning Michele to paint a picture of theirs and turn it in to a masterpiece? Well I totally wanted to be one of those cool kids.  Actually, that's not totally true.  I will never be one of the cool kids.  But...I did know my hubby would think it was really rad to have a picture of him and Leo.  And I really wanted to do something speical for him because life has not gone exactly as planned recently. is the picture I used.  It is of him and Leo at Union Station in Kansas City.  I took it from behind (obviously) and I just thought it was so sweet.  Plus it captured just a really cool image of them. 
I sent Michele the picture in September.  The turn-around ended up being a little longer than expected due to her moving and we ran into the snag of a missing check but alls well that ends well!  We got the painting on Wednesday.  When it snowed over a foot!  But thankfully UPS didn't deliver it until we were home from work so it didn't have to sit outside in the elements.  And I was seriously giddy as a school girl when I gave the box to the hubby to open up.  He wasn't nearly as excited as I thought he might be.  But then again, he never really shows an extreme amount of emotion.  But I was STOKED!  I think it turned out amazing and am so happy that I decided to fork out the money for it. Also, my wheels are now turning to try to find a picture of Jacoby to have her do.  But he is still so young so we don't have a lot of candid shots of him. is the final product.  Amazing right?  Yay!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh The Places I'll Go

Gretchen gave us a really easy topic for this weeks Spin Cycle. A dream vacation.  Why is it easy you ask?  Because currently my back yard looks like this...
We got over a foot of snow.  And I didn't even get to get out and enjoy any of it because I had got to go to stupid work. Lucky me!  So here is just a quick peak at some of the places I would rather be than smack in the middle of Kansas layered in sweats and literally digging my car out of the driveway so I can go to work.
Ahhh sunny California.  This is apparently Hermosa Beach in LA.  But honestly I don't care what it is.  I just want to go to LA.  To see the sights and hit the beach.  The hubby used to go to LA every year as a kid and he would love to go back.  And we will some day!
Disneyland--the place where all your dreams can come true.  I never got to go as a kid but I would love to take the boys.  I figure once Jacoby is around 5 we might be able to go without feeling like he is going to have a massive meltdown.  So 4 years to start saving!

Jamaica--I went to Jamaica on a cruise with my family and had so much fun.  I actually don't specifically need Jamaica but I would either like to go to an all-inclusive resort or on a cruise.  I had so much fun.  I am actually trying to plan a 30th birthday bonanza cruise with my bestie from high school.  The cruise is really's the plane ticket to get us to the port.  We will be watching the sales!

Seattle--The hubby and I are planning on going there next summer for our 10 year anniversary.  And seriously every time I look online about Seattle I find something else I want to do while I'm there.  I can't wait!

Washington DC--I've always wanted to go to Washington DC.  I really haven't travelled much and this is definitely one of the places I would like to go.  I'm very interested in history (who woulda thunk it) and so just all of the different historical parts of the city is so appealing to me.

But honestly...sometimes just a vacation to my bedroom would be nice.  Hey you--get your mind out of the gutter!  I'm talking about a vacation away from work, away from my kids.  Just me and the TV remote.  Ah the sweet relief of an uninterrupted night of sleep!  Pure bliss!
So there you have it.  The places I would rather be (and will hopefully get to go soon) than my house.  Go spin up your dream vacation and stop by to see everyone elses.  I can't wait to see where other people want to go.  I might have to add them to my bucket list!
To see where I got all my really cool images from click here...1 2 3 456

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sleepless Night in Pictures

Remember when I talked about Jacoby's breathless temper-tantrums? Well since he had more than one and they had come after he had taken a tumble the doctor suggested that we do an EEG to make sure that nothing more serious was causing these episodes.  All of us agreed that he was more than likely just being a stubborn male (ok, I added the male part) but just to be on the safe side we wanted to get this done.  So we set it up and got a list of rules we had to follow. 
They were:
No eating or drinking after 3am
He had to have a clean, oil-free scalp
No stimulants
No alcohol or cigarettes (haha)
Oh and he had to be sleep deprived...meaning he could only sleep between the hours of midnight and 3am. (record scratching).  Say what?? We had to keep him up until midnight (his normal bedtime is between 7 and 7:30) and then wake him back up at 3 and keep him up until his check-in at 7:30.  From there he would be sedated so they could put the tentacles on his scalp without him throwing a hissy.  You know, since he would be sleep-deprived.

So to give you an idea of what our Valentines consisted of, here is a post in pictures of what your child may look like if you have to have them be sleep-deprived.

8 PM: Oh this one isn't too bad.  Some nights I stay up this late because my mom hopes I will sleep in the next morning!

9PM: I'm still in a pretty playful mood.  Dad and I are having a ball!

10PM: I'm starting to get tired but dad is being a good sport by watching Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins with me. Thank goodness for OnDemand!

11PM: Guys...I'm tired.  Please just let me go to bed.  I will even sleep on the floor.  I DON'T CARE!

12 AM: Aw sweet relief.  (Little does he is short lived)

3AM: Are you freaking kidding me?  You wake me up and then take my picture?  You suck. (I don't know where he learned his saucy language)

4am-go time (7am): I HATE YOU! This is pretty much what those hours looked like.  No fun.

7:30AM: I'm pretending that I'm having fun but really I just want to get out of here.  Please let me out!

8:30 AM: What did this lady just do to my head.  I'm pretty sure I would get yelled at if I drew on my head.

8:45AM: They let me have a bottle and I was lights out.  Sounds like my mom on a Saturday night (ba da bah...that was my best drum-roll) 

9:30 AM: I am outta here!  After a quick 30 minute nap they let me out of here. I'm not sure what they did but my hair is

He was so well behaved that they didn't even have to sedate him so hopefully that means we saved some money. He sat quietly on his dad's lap while the EEG technician put all the wires on him and then I was able to take him and give him a bottle to put him to sleep so the EEG would get the best results. We will hopefully get the results this week from our primary doctor. I'm sure all is well but I definitely will feel better knowing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7 Days of Valentine's: Day 7

Whew! What a whirlwind week! I am a little sad that it is over but I saved the best gifts for last!
Things have been pretty crazy in our life right now so I figured this would be a fitting end to Valentine's week.  I'm glad that after almost 9 years of being married the hubs and I have made it through thick and thin.  It may not always feel that way but I feel like it's worth it to make it work.  So I'm glad we have so far! (remind me of this when I'm pulling my hair out because of some crazy shenanigans he's pulled!)


For Leo I figured he would like to get a little something special.  And while I couldn't find an actual treasure chest I found this cute pink takeout box in the V-Day section.  I filled it up with some candy and on top he got 5 gold dollars.  He's rich!  But even though he makes me want to scream he really is one of my greatest treasures!

This little gift giving thing has been really fun!  And I'm so glad my friend told me about it and I looked further into it on Pinterest.  It really made me think about all the good things my boys do for my heart and made me feel good when I saw the looks of happiness when they saw their gifts (moreso Leo than the hubs but that is fine!). 
Gretchen wanted a post about love for the spin cycle this week but I'm giving you 7.  Here are the 6 previous links to my 7 Days of Valentines. So check out my previous days of love and then go link up with Gretchen and all the other cool kids with your spin on Love!  Also...Happy Valentine's Day!!
Day 6

7 days of Valentines: Day 6

Today was pretty easy to choose which ones to put out since there were only two choices. But I am having so much fun with this!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 Days of Valentine's: Day 5

I almost forgot to put these out. Thankfully Jacoby remembered and woke me up at 1 so I could put them out! ;)

I'm pretty sure Leo is going to be excited about his bubbles but then ask me what they are. And unfortunately I didn't think the hubs gift through because originally I was going to take them. Sadly, my final weight watchers weigh-in is Wednesday so I can't chow down on them!

Monday, February 11, 2013

7 Days of Valentines: Day 4

Gummi Bears and peanuts...that's what Valentine's day is all about! I will say that I got good feedback from the hubs on his gift today. He told me that as he was eating his peanuts today he just kept laughing at my note. So I say that's a win!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 Days of Valentines: Day 3

So far my two days have been a hit. It was even just barely warm enough for Leo to go outside and play with his soccer ball!

Today both my boys were up late and intruding on my space that I use for display so I had to be sneaky. Aw will be worth it in the morning!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

7 Days of Valentine's: Day 2

So after posting yesterday I realized that the pictures were pretty visible so I don't have to write verbatim what I wrote. So Leo got a mini soccer ball and the hubby got a bag of goldfish crackers. Which really means the little boys got a bag of goldfish crackers!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Whining, complaining...Pet Peeves

Pet peeves.  Everyone has them.  Some have more than others.  I think I fall into that category.  But instead of listing all my pet peeves I’ll just give you a few to get a glance into my warped brain!


·         I do not like drivers that know there is construction coming up yet they stay in that lane until the very last possible second just to try to wedge themselves into the lane that is continuing.

·         I do not like when the workers at Subway give me a dirty look when I request that my chicken be warmed up AND my sub be toasted.  The toaster machine doesn’t heat the chicken all the way through but I like a crispy sandwich.

·         I do not like when groups (religions, politicians, companies, etc.) try to spew their beliefs on to you.  Recently, Leo’s school (Catholic) was going to do a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  There were going to be spirit days, hat days, etc. if you participated.  Well at the beginning of the week, the head of the fundraiser sent an email to the parents letting them know they would not be doing the fundraiser because the L&L society did stem cell research and that went against the Catholic faith and blah blah blah.  Then she apologized because she said she should have done more research.  I was heated. Because really?!  Ugh.  Well I get where they’re coming from but come on.  We were going to raise money for a worthwhile organization and now we can’t.  And it’s not just this, but multiple other organizations.

·         There is a commercial on the radio for State Farm (I think) that has a kid asking his dad if he’d be able to drive.  Then the kid asks if he could drive a space car.  And for some reason this commercial gets on my last nerve because the dad says that yes, he can drive a spaceship car.  And I don’t like the fact that his is just spouting fiction.  Because no kid…you won’t be able to drive a spaceship car because they don’t exist and we won’t be living in space in your lifetime.  Yes, I know I’m crazy and yes, my hubby has told me that but seriously.  I think you should not lie to your kids about stuff like this.  You can tell them there’s a Santa and an Easter Bunny or that they can be the president.  Because in some way there kind of is and they might be. Also, you could tell them that they might be able to fly a spaceship as an astronaut.  But driving a spaceship for a car? Not gonna happen.

·         I do not like when co-workers meddle in business that is not theirs. I  have a co-worker who feels the need to check up on me. And she is in a supervisor role (although she is not my supervisor) so she checks my timecard and talks to my direct supervisor about things that don’t concern her.  So technically I just don’t like how this one particular person is in  my business but I’ll just group it into meddling co-workers!

·         I don’t like that from my work computer I can’t post to Gretchen’s blogs! So from here I’ll just say that I finally did my spin and will have to email her my link!  But you can go visit her here:


Happy Friday!  And if you see me in traffic and there’s construction make sure you merge early or you might see a bird!

7 days of Valentines: day 1

So we've had quite the eventful last few weeks that have drawn my attention to them rather than blogging. BUT I wanted to document my crafty side by showing you all how well I can copy off Pinterest! I also wanted to show my hubby and Leo that even though I've been a bear lately that I still love them a lot! So here is day 1 of the 7 days of Valentines!

The hubby got a bag of powdered donuts with a heart that says: I 'donut' what is do without you. Cheesy (most of them are) but cute. Leo got some glitter crayons and a coloring book with a heart that says: you color my world.

I bought all my stuff Thursday night and made my little gifts so the next 6 nights all I have to do is lay them out. But I'll post a quick post each day to show my handy work!