Friday, February 8, 2013

Whining, complaining...Pet Peeves

Pet peeves.  Everyone has them.  Some have more than others.  I think I fall into that category.  But instead of listing all my pet peeves I’ll just give you a few to get a glance into my warped brain!


·         I do not like drivers that know there is construction coming up yet they stay in that lane until the very last possible second just to try to wedge themselves into the lane that is continuing.

·         I do not like when the workers at Subway give me a dirty look when I request that my chicken be warmed up AND my sub be toasted.  The toaster machine doesn’t heat the chicken all the way through but I like a crispy sandwich.

·         I do not like when groups (religions, politicians, companies, etc.) try to spew their beliefs on to you.  Recently, Leo’s school (Catholic) was going to do a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  There were going to be spirit days, hat days, etc. if you participated.  Well at the beginning of the week, the head of the fundraiser sent an email to the parents letting them know they would not be doing the fundraiser because the L&L society did stem cell research and that went against the Catholic faith and blah blah blah.  Then she apologized because she said she should have done more research.  I was heated. Because really?!  Ugh.  Well I get where they’re coming from but come on.  We were going to raise money for a worthwhile organization and now we can’t.  And it’s not just this, but multiple other organizations.

·         There is a commercial on the radio for State Farm (I think) that has a kid asking his dad if he’d be able to drive.  Then the kid asks if he could drive a space car.  And for some reason this commercial gets on my last nerve because the dad says that yes, he can drive a spaceship car.  And I don’t like the fact that his is just spouting fiction.  Because no kid…you won’t be able to drive a spaceship car because they don’t exist and we won’t be living in space in your lifetime.  Yes, I know I’m crazy and yes, my hubby has told me that but seriously.  I think you should not lie to your kids about stuff like this.  You can tell them there’s a Santa and an Easter Bunny or that they can be the president.  Because in some way there kind of is and they might be. Also, you could tell them that they might be able to fly a spaceship as an astronaut.  But driving a spaceship for a car? Not gonna happen.

·         I do not like when co-workers meddle in business that is not theirs. I  have a co-worker who feels the need to check up on me. And she is in a supervisor role (although she is not my supervisor) so she checks my timecard and talks to my direct supervisor about things that don’t concern her.  So technically I just don’t like how this one particular person is in  my business but I’ll just group it into meddling co-workers!

·         I don’t like that from my work computer I can’t post to Gretchen’s blogs! So from here I’ll just say that I finally did my spin and will have to email her my link!  But you can go visit her here:


Happy Friday!  And if you see me in traffic and there’s construction make sure you merge early or you might see a bird!


gretchen said...

Well, I don't like that you can't post to my blog from your work computer either! What a pain for you. So sorry. I get all of your peeves, especially the part about being meddled with. Ugh!

You are linked!!

VandyJ said...

Bad drivers drive me nuts. They can be rude, inconsiderate and just plain stupid.
My car tends to be invisible to other drivers, they just can't seem to be able to see my car. That annoys me too.

Christopher Johnson said...

I too do not like people that decide to go into the shoulder to try and get in front of you. I also hate people that wait for the light to change, then beep at you for not accelerating fast enough.

Thanks for your spin,