Friday, September 26, 2008

Scary Scenarios at Work

So I work at a bank and the company I work for is very saturated in the city I live in. Well today I received an email from an employee at a different location to a link to a local news site and apparently one of our branches was robbed. I don't have any particulars on the details but it just makes you think about the reality of working in a place that has money. Especially in the financial times that we are living in. Everyone needs money and apparently everyone is losing money. It really freaked me out and happened on the complete opposite side of town. I really wish people would take control of their own lives and not do so in a manner that so deeply will effect other people. People need to get a grip. I did work at a branch that got robbed (luckily I was not there) and apparently the dude just wanted to get more money to get another fix. Dude didn't even rob the bank for a legitimate (if there is ever a legitimate reason) reason. I hope this guy gets caught and put in jail for a very long time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm just not a party-person

So last night Leo and I went to a surprise birthday party for one of our really close friends. The problem was that it was a large-ish party and even though we knew most of the people we weren't real close to them. And so I felt really awkward. I don't remember being like this when I was younger, but I guess most of the parties I went to I was close to the people. So we only stayed for about 2 hours and believe me that was long enough.

I guess it also goes to a point that my mom and I have talked about recently about how we just are not good small-talk people. I really don't have a lot to say unless I am having a conversation with a friend. Because then I will talk until I am blue in the face. My friends probably would prefer I didn't sometimes! So I guess we will have to get together with our friends have a more low-key evening to celebrate her birthday because she was disappointed that we left, but I just felt really awkward. So if you have any suggestions on how to get over this craziness let me know!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To buy or not to buy

So, Leo and I have been thinking about purchasing a new vehicle. We both have cars that work (both with a few problems) but work none the less. And both cars are paid off. But we both want a new car. We have enough in our budget to get a modest used SUV but I don't know if I want to buy one. I really like having the extra money to be able to do pretty much whatever we want and a $200-$250 car payment could change that. I guess this post really is just about how I wish that I had a LOT of money! Maybe I am just being greedy because I have a lot of superficial things that if we hadn't bought this would not be an issue. And we also have a lot more than a lot of people. We have 2 vehicles and a home. That is more than some people can say. But I'm sure everyone feels that it would be nice to always have a little more. So what is it about money that makes you feel crappy when you know that you have enough. I guess just a thought to get you through the day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you serious

So, it turns out I have more to talk about because stupid crap always seems to happen. So my lovely mother got me a gift card to a childrens store because lil' man needed some new jeans. So after I get off work today I went to the mall to get some jeans. After I shopped around for about 30 minutes I get up to the register with my close to $100 in purchases. The lady was like oh by the way we can't accept your gift card because our machine is down. Then asks if I want to put this on a Children's Place card. I don't give her the pleasure and lie through my teeth saying the gift card would cover most of the transaction (it was worth $25!) and tell her I would order online. She then asks are you sure I can hold them for you. I'm like please girl I am not going to wait around to see if your gift card machine is going to magically start running again.

So then I go pick Leo up from daycare and go home to change. It was so amazingly beautiful outside so I was going to take Leo to the park. I get him in his little car and push him to the school that is right down the street from my house. We get there and they are having Latchkey and a guy is like "what's up?" I say this is a public park right? And he proceeds to tell me that it would be a liability if I let Leo play and they discourage people from playing when Latchkey is going on. He tells me that there is a school about 1 mile away. I look at him like he's an idiot because we obviously walked there. So we walk home.

Then I get on the internet to order the clothes from Children's Place online and I get all the way to the check out and they don't accept gift cards online. At this point I am beyond peeved that the dumb sales girl did not tell me that they didn't accept gift cards online. My evening was fantastic!

But other than the craziness that ruled my Monday evening, I look back at my weekend and I am thankful for my safety (no hurricanes in Kansas), for my family (the amazing time I had with my mom on Saturday, more about that another day) and with Leonard performing a ROCK STAR worthy performance on Rock Band and for all the love in my life! I guess one bad evening isn't enough to ruin me!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I absolutely don't care if it is raining or if it is sunny. The only difference it makes is if my hair will be frizzy because of the humidity or the rain. But the reason I want the rain to go away is so people will stop talking about it. I worked all day and every single person and their dog talked about the rain. And they all knew everything and were right about it. I'm sure...but anyways...hello people, we live in Kansas. Have we never seen a rain storm. And it wasn't even like thunder and lightning scary rain, it was just sprinkle/shower/pour all day long. Nothing exciting. And then they were closing roads and closing businesses early. And then people went home early. And that's when I got real annoyed! Because come's just a little water. If the roads are closed what good is it going to do to go home. You may or may not be able to get on the streets you need to to get home. So why not just stay at work or keep your business open to let the people who don't care about getting a little wet come on in. It just makes more sense to stay where you already are than to leave and venture out into the unkown. But what do I know? I'm just an ass. man. at a bank and no meteorologist! So the next time you see me you probably shouldn't ask me about the weather!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Summer Long

So the new-ish Kid Rock song "All Summer Long" and the really crisp evenings we have been having in the Derb take my mind back to the days of the summer after my senior year and my first year in college. Just going to the lake over the long weekends and going on a vacation to Florida and basically doing whatever I wanted to do for the first time was amazing! I love being married and having a baby and being responsible and all that jazz but it was really nice to be carefree and pretty much on my own. I had a great group of friends that I hung out with all the time. Heck we all lived in the same apartment building. Built in best friends! So like I said I like to ramble. Back to my original thought!

The summer was amazing and even though it was amazing it was nice to get that out of my system and move forward with my life. I think about all my friends who still go out all the time and sometimes I have that inkling of man I wish I could do that. But then I remember that little angel face that wakes me up every morning with a smile on his face (unless I am the one that wakes him up, then oh boy!). And having a built in best friend again with Leo. Being able to have conversations about whatever whenever I want to with the person that I have the most in common with. That shares a lot of the same interests I do. I guess what I am yearning for is really just being able to do those things again but now I would just do those things with the Leo's. So here's to spending time with the ones I love and doing the things we love.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome Aboard

So, I am finally starting a blog outside of Myspace. I am not very good at updating what is going on in my life and I have a very dear friend that I want to stay connected with so here is my blog!

I am going to jump right in and ask a random question. Is it weird to have a clear shower curtain? I bought one thinking that it was NOT see through because the color was called Frost. Now to me, frost is what you have on your windows in the winter that you have to scrape off because you can't see through it. When I got home, unwrapped it and sure enough it is see through. Now, I'm not going to take it back because it was $5 and I don't care that much. But I think it is a little strange because even though my husband and I have seen each other in the buff before (obviously!) but it's not like we watch each other shower but we do get ready in the same bathroom at the same time. I just think it is kinda weird. Maybe it is just me! Who knows. This is what goes on in my mind! Get used to it! :) Well so much for this random post, but leave me comments if you think I'm right or wrong. I don't care, I know I'm werid!