Friday, September 26, 2008

Scary Scenarios at Work

So I work at a bank and the company I work for is very saturated in the city I live in. Well today I received an email from an employee at a different location to a link to a local news site and apparently one of our branches was robbed. I don't have any particulars on the details but it just makes you think about the reality of working in a place that has money. Especially in the financial times that we are living in. Everyone needs money and apparently everyone is losing money. It really freaked me out and happened on the complete opposite side of town. I really wish people would take control of their own lives and not do so in a manner that so deeply will effect other people. People need to get a grip. I did work at a branch that got robbed (luckily I was not there) and apparently the dude just wanted to get more money to get another fix. Dude didn't even rob the bank for a legitimate (if there is ever a legitimate reason) reason. I hope this guy gets caught and put in jail for a very long time.

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CC said...

Yep that's scary. Hope it doesn't ever happen to you guys!