Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you serious

So, it turns out I have more to talk about because stupid crap always seems to happen. So my lovely mother got me a gift card to a childrens store because lil' man needed some new jeans. So after I get off work today I went to the mall to get some jeans. After I shopped around for about 30 minutes I get up to the register with my close to $100 in purchases. The lady was like oh by the way we can't accept your gift card because our machine is down. Then asks if I want to put this on a Children's Place card. I don't give her the pleasure and lie through my teeth saying the gift card would cover most of the transaction (it was worth $25!) and tell her I would order online. She then asks are you sure I can hold them for you. I'm like please girl I am not going to wait around to see if your gift card machine is going to magically start running again.

So then I go pick Leo up from daycare and go home to change. It was so amazingly beautiful outside so I was going to take Leo to the park. I get him in his little car and push him to the school that is right down the street from my house. We get there and they are having Latchkey and a guy is like "what's up?" I say this is a public park right? And he proceeds to tell me that it would be a liability if I let Leo play and they discourage people from playing when Latchkey is going on. He tells me that there is a school about 1 mile away. I look at him like he's an idiot because we obviously walked there. So we walk home.

Then I get on the internet to order the clothes from Children's Place online and I get all the way to the check out and they don't accept gift cards online. At this point I am beyond peeved that the dumb sales girl did not tell me that they didn't accept gift cards online. My evening was fantastic!

But other than the craziness that ruled my Monday evening, I look back at my weekend and I am thankful for my safety (no hurricanes in Kansas), for my family (the amazing time I had with my mom on Saturday, more about that another day) and with Leonard performing a ROCK STAR worthy performance on Rock Band and for all the love in my life! I guess one bad evening isn't enough to ruin me!

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CC said...

ugh annoying...i would've played at the park anyway. um..hello, it's a PUBLIC PARK. F-You Latchkey guy.

And Children's place, really?! You're not going to try and offer an alternate solution to your gift card machine problem? Also annoying.