Thursday, September 30, 2010


Our back fence is not made of the best quality. We had an ice storm about 6 years ago and our fence took some ice and was damaged. We got some insurance money but with our deductible and everything we didn't really have enough to get everything we needed fixed so the fence was still standing so that was the thing that was put on the backburner. Well my dog is slowly (like 6 years slow) finding some of the weaknesses of the fence and becoming a modern day Houdini. In the last few weeks she has gotten out some 3 or 4 times. Every time she doesn't stray far because she knows where her bread is buttered but it's getting really annoying. So we have decided to keep her on her leash while she is in the backyard. It's one of those retractable leashes so she can still roam the yard but she is ticked! She just sits facing the door and barks at me. I think it's pretty funny. We are planning on going to Lowes sometime in the near future to get a fence installed but until then I guess we are going to have to take the necessary precaution to keep Freckles in the yard!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The gauntlet has been thrown

So I know I've said how much I hate doing dishes. And it feels like I am always doing them and the hubby doesn't really participate in the doing of the dishes. He participates in other cleaning but never the dishes. The reason he says he doesn't do the dishes is because they're not his dishes and that he didn't ask for me to cook certain things and so those dishes are mine. Not a good excuse to me but I don't want dishes to pile up so I always clean them. Well I finally decided to throw down the gauntlet. Last week he cooked a frozen pizza for Leo and he used a cookie sheet. I told him that I was leaving it for him to clean because it wasn't my dish. Since then I have done multiple settings of dishes and none of the times have I washed the pan. It's not covered in any dirtiness really so I'm not worried about bugs or other things getting in it but I refuse to wash it. Last night after I cleaned up the other dishes I told him that that pan wasn't going to clean itself. I don't think he got the memo. But we are going on day 7 now. Come on man!

**This post was written in pure jest. I am not mad at all about the hubby not washing it but I am trying to prove a point to him. I just wanted to put that because in my crazy world it's kind of funny to me!**

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grilled Cheese, Butter and Girly Girls-Nothing Better than that

I was making grilled cheese sandwiches the other day and I had to sneeze. And I thought to myself...I wonder if it would be bad to sneeze on your own food. The only reason I thought this was because you would be spreading your germs to yourself. I'm just saying. I of course turned my head and did not sneeze on my food. It was just a thought.

Also, I was opening a new thing of butter and I love opening new butter. My favorite part is the little dollop on top of a brand new carton. So I was like, woo hoo! I get to be the one to open it. Then I opened it and there was no dollop. Like whoever put the butter in the carton had not given me the little curly-q. So disappointed!

I have had several dreams lately where my hubby is my hubby or my boyfriend in them. I think it's cute! I guess it means I really like him!

I love music videos. We were watching FUSE (the music video channel) and Shakira's Hips Don't Lie came on and started shaking my booty. And the hubby just started laughing at me. So my hopes are that since he's older than me he will come down with Alzheimers before he gets too sick of me and forget about my craziness and stick around. Haha.

I also love dancing to any music. And I kinda wish I was a backup dancer. I watched the performances of Katy Perry's from SNL and I thought I could do that. The dances didn't look too hard but still very fun.

Finally...I get to go to Kansas City this weekend with my little monkey for my cousin's 5th birthday party! Yes, my cousin. My aunt is only 14 years older than me and she had her 2nd kid just a year and half before Leo! It's really nice because I have someone closer in age than my mom to talk to about kiddos. And Leo and Grace like each other so that's a plus too! What I'm really excited about though is that I get to pick out an extremely girly present! None of my nieces are really that girly except the one that is younger than Leo and we haven't really gotten her too girly of things but Grace is into all things girly and princesses. I was instructed that anything with glitter or sparkles on it is a plus! And since Leo is ALL BOY I don't get to get cool girl stuff that I always pass wistfully in Wal-Mart and Target! It will be a quick trip, going up on Saturday and coming back Sunday early afternoon but I gotta make it back in time for the Redskins/Eagles matchup at 3! I'm such a dork!

That's my random and I'm sticking to it. To see random at its finest go visit Keely. She'll have something for everything. Kind of like a circus.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another weekend is gone like a blur. But at least this one had the weather of our dreams! Just a few showers but I was at work so they didn't ruin any of my plans! I had to work all day Saturday and by the time I got off work I was pooped. I stopped and got dinner on the way home and once I got home I just kicked back and watched the KU football game. They won so that was a plus! I really wanted to stay up for the SNL premiere because Amy Poehler was the host but alas I could not keep my eyes open. I even turned down a ticket to a local event in the city with my lovely aunt/godmother because I was so tired! I went to bed by 9. I am so awesome! And then this morning I slept in until 9:30! It was awesome! I'm realizing that my hubby doesn't sleep in and so when Leo gets up in the morning he lets me sleep in and he takes care of the little one. I don't think he used to do this when the little one couldn't take care of himself as well but I'm not looking a gifthorse in the mouth! I will take what I can get! Then all day we just watched football. Of course while the adults were watching football Leo was outside ALL DAY playing. He just has energy for days. It is so crazy. He played outside from probably 10:30-12:30 and then again when he woke up from his nap around 2:30 until almost 6:30. He of course came in and out but WOW. If I had been outside that long I would definitely be sleeping right now instead of blogging! I did make a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs and then for dinner tonight I made spare ribs, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and biscuits. I just gained 10 more pounds reading what I ate! But it was so good. And I already have my lunch packed for tomorrow. So all in all a good weekend. I didn't get a lot accomplished around the house but I did clean the kitchen and sweep the floors.

Oh yeah...and the best thing this weekend. I found out I was the winner of a family fun prize pack that I had registered for through our city's community coalition group and they dropped it off today. It was a laundry basket full of outdoor activity stuff. Such as: a football, basketball, soccer ball, tennis balls, frisbee and cones that you can kick the soccer ball around. Leo was in hog heaven! It was pretty exciting! When I told the hubby that I am pretty lucky when it comes to contests like that he told me I needed to use my luck in the lottery! I hope your weekend was awesome!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Would You Ever?

As a parent that sometimes uses the local recreation center I also use the daycare located in it. I have no idea what the requirements are for the people that work in the little daycare but it is always and adult and Leo has never had any problems and has never said anything about the teachers being mean. So last week I took Leo to the room and he was the only kid in there. He was wearing his swimsuit underneath his shorts because we were going to swim lessons directly after my exercise class. So I go to get him to take him to get ready for lessons and the teacher stopped me. And within a span of 2 minutes she hit me with a barrage of questions and they were...
  • I don't mean to sound creepy but is he wearing boxers?
  • He seems tall is your husband tall?
  • Is your husband Hispanic?
  • Does he look like your husband?
Ok, I guess it doesn't seem like much when I typed them out but seriously it was weird. I answered that no, he wasn't wearing boxers he was wearing his swimsuit and that normally he wears briefs. She went on to tell me that she had just bought her son some boxers. She then commented on how tall Leo was (he's not...his cousin who is 3 weeks older than him and a girl is substantially taller than him) and when I said, oh he's not that tall was when she asked about how tall the hubby was. When I said he was 5'8 (which when re-telling my hubby this story i was corrected in that he says he is 5'9) she also told me her hubby was 5'8. And then she asked if my hubby was Hispanic. I said yes and she said hers was too. But that her kids are both blond haired and blue eyed. Then she went on to tell me that her husband is adopted though so they don't know where the blond hair comes from. Seriously. That happened in about 5 minutes. It was so weird. So I told my mom and hubby about it and said something about how maybe she needed a friend because we didn't know each other AT ALL. So I didn't think much more about it but when I dropped Leo off on Wednesday it was the same lady. And I sent Leo in and I was signing him in when she whispered to me, "Does your son play with himself?" I said, "Excuse me? Like in everyday situations?!" Thinking maybe he did something strange last week and she didn't have the nerve to say anything. And she said, "Well my son is 3 and he will go into his room and take all his clothes off and start playing with himself." Again...I don't know her! So I tell her that the only time Leo has ever done anything like that would be in the bathroom. And that other than that he doesn't. She was like, I don't know what to do about it. I just told her that when Leo would do it we would just tell him that no one wants to see him do that and it was inappropriate. But nothing too crazy because I didn't want to throw like crazy Catholic guilt on him. But seriously. I'm not upset my spin class on Wednesday's got canceled because now I won't have to deal with her anymore. And the thing is she seems really nice but it was just really awkward because I'm not comfortable discussing things like that with random strangers. Maybe I'm overreacting but seriously...stop creeping on my son and me!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bathroom Confessionals

Note to readers: This post may not be suitable for people who are embarassed about the bathroom...

I was in the bathroom (a public bathroom no less) getting ready to go to spin class and I had a thought. But that thought was interrupted by the flatulence of a woman. Not me, but a woman who was not in a stall. And it bothered me. So then I started thinking about how people act in the bathroom and how I feel about the bathroom. I was in a public restroom and while I am not a person that has problems going in public (if I did I would have major issues since my bank branch is situated in a grocery store) but I think that there should be rules about public restroom usage. One of those rules should be if you are going to fart at least do it in a stall. I don't want to hear you doing it while washing your hands. Apparently you're not finished. You shouldn't be washing your hands. I also think there should be a rule about talking on the cell phone while in the stall. That is the most uncomfortable situation to be in. For the person on the other end of the phone and for the other people in the bathroom. If I ever go into the restroom at work and someone is on the phone I want to try my hardest to fart and be as loud as possible. I of course don't but shouldn't bring the phone in the restroom. Another one is that you should always wash your hands. It's just for the public really because I've helped a customer and then one of my co-workers sends me an email and tells me I need to go wash my hands because dude left the stall without washing his. I don't care if you don't wash your hands for your benefit but do it for mine. Seriously...if my 3 year old can do it so can you! And my final public restroom rule would be NEVER. EVER. sit on the floor. It's a freaking public restroom. Think about the worst teenage boy you have ever known and then think that he is the one cleaning the toilets and floors. Because he is. I know because I've seen them walk in there and write down that they cleaned. But they don't.

Now on to my home bathroom. I'm just kidding. You do NOT want me to go there! I just wanted to write this little diddy for a Friday Funday! Have a happy weekend everyone...and remember, if you are out in public follow these rules!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Funday

I can't believe the weekend is over. Which means that my 5 days of vacation is over as well! Boo! But I had a good time and this weekend was pretty good. My mom's work had a friends and family day for their 5 year local anniversary and so for the first time ever we got to go see where she works. She works for Spirit Aerosystems which is a company that builds parts of planes for Boeing and other companies. She isn't in the building part but the plant is all very secretive for obvious reasons so we've never got to see it. And I was so excited! I'm such a dork but I know about her work friends and I hear some of the things she talks about (like what types of planes they are building and what not) and I just really wanted to see it. So we went. And it was pretty cool. But I'm not very plane savvy so it was kind of a letdown in the sense that really most of what I saw I had no idea what it was or what it was for. But then we got free lunch. So that was cool! But Leo really liked it because he got to see the plane parts up close.

Then we came home and it was pretty much football the rest of the day. I had a disappointing football day in terms of my Redskins were winning 27-10 in the 3rd quarter and lost in overtime 30-10. And they should have won in overtime but the stupid Texans coach called a timeout right when our kicker made a 52-ish yard field goal. Thus making the play null and void. That is called icing the kicker. But then when he went to do it again he missed wide right. So lame. Then the Texans came back on won. Even lamer. And it caused me to be a nervous eater and eat like 10 cookies. I'm not even kidding. The most lame.

I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend! It's back to work for me tomorrow. Then tomorrow night we have swim lessons and spin class. I will have a very busy night tomorrow!

2 years later and 300 posts

So I missed my anniversary's in the last few weeks. I started my blog September 10, 2008 so I missed my 2 year blogoversary and this is like my 304th post so I missed my 300th post by a few as well! So yippee for me! I can definitely say this is the longest I've stuck with anything. Well at least something constructive anyways!

So now that I've gotten that out of the way let me give you some thoughts I've had the past few days when I've been on vacation. I'm going bullet point because it's late but I need to blog to keep myself awake...more on that in a minute!

  • I haven't really done much on vacation. And we kept the little one out with us Wednesday-Friday from school. He is a little terror when he is without structure. It's so crazy the lack of discipline he has even when we are doing fun stuff with him but not in a structured way at all. I tried every day to feed him lunch around the same time and lay him down for a nap but that was not enough. One day he got to play outside for probably 2 hours and he still was acting like nothing we did was ok with him.
  • And he's loud. Like his mama! I use a normal voice (I think anyways) but when I get frustrated the noise level escalates. I'm not even trying to yell but it comes out that way. And then he starts yelling back and tells me not to yell at him. Crazy kid.
  • TV has been pretty scarce and so we've been watching movies we already own. The whole family has watched Back To The Future 2 and 3 and now that the new Resident Evil movie is coming out (or has come out...I'm not sure. We never see movies in the theater. Even though this one I would like to since it's in 3-D. But back to my original thought!) so I figured I would re-watch the original ones. We don't have the 3rd one but I have the first 2. So while Leo has napped and now since I'm up I have watched the 1st and 2nd ones. I even checked out the 3rd one that came out. I didn't think it was that old but when I went to Blockbuster it was only $1. And I get it until next Saturday. So when I came home I was looking at the box and it came out in 2007! That was almost 4 years ago. So crazy! But they're really good. I'm not sure how the 3rd one will be but I'm looking forward to watching it!
  • And now the reason you've all been waiting for. What's a girl like me, who hasn't taken a nap today, doing up so late? And yes, 12:30 is really late for me! I'm a girl that likes to be in bed by 10! brother and his lady love had another weekend rendezvous for a going away party. This time I was not summoned to be the babysitter but I was asked to be the designated driver. I was told I would be paid and I of course said safety for them was my payment but hot cheese! I thought I was finished doing this for my brother years ago. I really don't mind doing it but I think it's funny. I remember when I was 18 and barely out of high school picking up my brother from the bars. I also remember being newly married and getting a phone call at 2am asking for a pickup. Or a phone call to let him in our house! Haha! So now I'm just finishing up a few loads of laundry that I don't have to save until tomorrow now until I get the phone call to pick them up. I just hope they remembered their house key! We don't have a spare bed anymore! It's now occupied by a little monkey!
So there you have it. My late night ramblings! Now you know why I post earlier in the day huh?! A little more coherent. But not by much!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

So it's September. And you know what that means in my world? Christmas shopping! Well technically it has already started (like in January when I saw some little soap sets for little girls on clearance!) I have grabbed a few things in the last few weeks and today when I was at Target I saw some girls clothes on clearance (my favorite word!) and picked up a few things. I know all of my nieces have more than enough toys so in the last few years I have just grabbed 1 toy and usually 1 book and then a little outfit. And I usually keep my cost per kid to $20 or under. So at Target I picked up a really cute dress for one of my nieces and for another I picked up a Beatles shirt and a pair of jean shorts. All for under $10! At the Dollar Tree I also had picked up a Disney Princess puzzle for $1! I also made a book order from Leo's school and he is ending up with close to 11 books. I figured I could give him a few now and save the rest for Christmas. And I got all of those for $25! I thought that was a pretty awesome price. So I have a pretty good chunk of my shopping done for now! Awesome! So Merry Christmas in September!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I love watching HGTV. My favorite shows are House Hunters and Property Virgins. I saw a commercial for it and they said that those types of shows worked because people are voyeurs and want to see inside other people's homes and I agree. But it's so crazy to see how some people react to some houses and then fall in love with others. I guess that's the good thing about homes is that there are so many different things for so many different people. It also makes me want to get a Lowe's and/or Home Depot card, max them out and keep them in business! We of course aren't doing that but it makes me want to! The funniest thing I've noticed in the last few days of watching copious amounts of House Hunters is that there is a ridiculous amount of pink in bathrooms! I remember when we were looking for homes a few years ago and there was one house that we looked at and the countertops were bubble gum pink! It was so crazy. I thought it was a fluke but apparently pink was a favorite of designers and builders in the 50s and 60s in bathrooms! I'm just glad our bathroom was semi-updated and we just have off-white tile from the floor up to 3 feet-ish high! I can rip those suckers out and put up beat board (I think that's what it's called) if I want!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sports Themed RTT

I've been absent for a few weeks for my random thoughts (ok, you don't have to say it but all my posts are pretty random!). But this week I'm going to need a cheerleading section because we're going all sports all the way today!

NFL started this weekend and while I was real excited about it, it turned into a new thought for me. I was watching the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers game and in the 1st half alone 5 people left the game due to injury. Not all of them were out very long but it seemed like a lot of people were getting hurt. 2 knees, an ankle and 2 head injuries. A menagerie of injuries. It was pretty crazy though. I know I'm not the toughest person on the planet and I know most of the players have finely-tuned bodies but I just kind of want to feel what it's like to get tackled. I'm so weird, but it seems like it would be a rush just to be running to throw or catch the ball and have someone slam into me. Now I'm sure the better idea would to be the tackler and that's what I want my little monkey to be doing if he decides to play football but I'm just curious. I also think sometimes the players are cry-babies. Turf toe? Is that really a real thing? I've broke my toe and I still had to go to work.

Also, while watching the game I saw some dude with long, flowing hair. And I thought it was ridiculous. I have shoulder-length hair and any time I do any workout related activities the first thing I do is put my hair up in a ponytail. I couldn't imagine playing football, where the temperatures on the field are a good 10-15 degrees hotter than the actual temperature, with hair on my neck. Then there is Troy Polamalu..
Dude has some crazy hair. Again, not really wanting hair like this running around sweating like a crazy man.

And the same thing goes with jewelry. Some guy (don't remember who) lost a diamond stud during practice this year. Really? I remember being a cheerleader and we weren't even allowed to wear glitter due to if it came off on the basketball court it could cause a player to slip. I'm sure that was a little over-protective, but as a professional athlete do you really need to be donning your most fancy jewelry while you are playing the one of the most manly sports on the planet? Plus...I have a 3-year-old and have felt earrings being ripped out of my ear. It's not pleasant. And your ears are not immune to injury even though you're wearing a helmet. What if your ear gets caught when you're taking off the helmet? Ouch! And when they wear necklaces I'm always afraid it's going to come out from underneath their shirt and smack them in the face. Causing bloody face. Yuck.

And finally for sports for my own family. Swimming lessons start on Wednesday for my little monkey. I had to go to an informative meeting on Monday night and it was a little ridiculous. How hard is it for parents to understand what their 3yo is going to be doing? It's not rocket science. Pretty sure we didn't need one of our 8 classes to be spent in a classroom. I also started my spin class Monday night. It's been a little over a year since I took my last spin class and oh. my. goodness. That was rough. I'm glad it's only a 30 minute class!

Oh...and by the way...the REDSKINS beat the Cowboys! Woot woot! We're starting the season 1-0! Oh yeah. We did it!

To see more random go check out Keely. It's worth it.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Whoo boy. Fall allergies this year have been terrible and it's not even fall yet! The monkey and I have been fighting the past 2 weeks with the sniffles, eye itches and sneezes. I have sent him to school everyday and just hope they realize that it's just allergies! He hasn't been running a fever and has been running around like a crazy man so I know he's not sick! And even my dog Freckles has been feeling the pain. She is outside a lot but every time she comes in she is scratching. I just hope that we get an early freeze and not a mild winter like the weather people have been calling for. Because if we don''s going to be a long, annoying fall/winter with allergies!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lazy weekend

This has been an awesome weekend. First off FOOTBALL STARTED! Woo hoo! The NFL started on Thursday night and so since the Royals started doing crappy (oh, say in June!) I started preparing for football season! So yay! It's finally here. I had to work Saturday morning but was off by noon. It was really busy so the time went fast so that was nice. And then after coming home I took a nap and just lazed around.

My brother called asking for a last-minute babysitter so we agreed to watch Chloe overnight. Sometimes it's a little bit of a battle because Leo is not used to sharing his toys at home with anyone else so when she comes over they get into it a little. Or more he gets at her which she just kind of looks at him like what the heck are you doing! But last night they got along smashingly. Granted they each stayed up in separate rooms until almost midnight. They're 2 and 3! I couldn't even stay up that late. I fell asleep in the living room watching SNL! And then of course they were up at 7 like the heathens they are! I should have taken pictures but I have allergy brain so I just sat watching just breathing it in. It was pretty nice.

Today I have been pretty busy with running around and doing stuff. After Chloe left we went to breakfast at the church. Delicious biscuits and gravy. Yum! Then I dropped the monkey off at home and hit Dillons and then Wal-Mart. I of course spent way too much money but our cabinets are fully stocked and ready for us to be home part of the week for vacation! Then we watched football and now my boys are out golfing with my dad and I am about to start making enchiladas to get ready for the REDSKINS game tonight! They are starting their season off versus their main rivals...the Dallas Cowboys! It will be a good game and a great way to end my weekend. Especially if they win!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. My vacation will start on Wednesday and the hubby's started his yesterday. He is heading up to Kansas City to watch the Royals in the afternoon and then the Chiefs game tomorrow night. Then he will head home Tuesday to spend the rest of his vacation with me and the monkey! I am so excited. We don't have major plans other than I am taking my mom to the local melodrama for dinner and a show for her last year's Christmas present! So maybe we can be repaid next weekend and have my brother watch Leo while the hubby and I go to a movie or something! I'm not sure but I'm glad I will be off work for 5 days!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting My Education

This week’s spin cycle is about education. And while I have no children in school I know several teachers and people that are attending college for higher education. And the thing about education I find the most interesting is how different everyone is about their ideas of education. I went from school from 1989 until 2006. That was 17 years of my life being educated. I finished college in 4 years and while I definitely did not attend all my classes I graduated on time and with a pretty good GPA. I felt that I needed to finish school as quickly as possible for my sanity and for my budget. I am indebted to Sallie Mae a cool 25k so I can only imagine the kids that took their sweet time. Or maybe those were the kids that had their parents paying so they didn’t mind! Hmmmm…maybe that was their way of staying out of the real world for a bit longer. But that’s neither here nor there. So that was how I felt about college. My hubby went back to college because I was a good influence on him and told him he needed a degree. So he went back and finished. He ended up with a criminal justice degree and while he does not use that degree at all in any way, shape or form he has a degree. Woo hoo! He’s a college educated man! I got me a good one! But he took his classes pretty seriously. And his sister and her husband are both back in school and they take their classes extra seriously. And I don’t know if it is just because they didn’t finish before and now they want to make sure they finish with perfection or what but we never see them. They are busy during the week and then on the weekends they are bogged down with homework. And while this annoys me because I went to school full time *18 hours* and worked 2 jobs I always was doing stuff on the weekends, I understand that they want to get the most out of their education while I was only there to please my parents! (sorry mom!) Not that I don’t think college is/was important, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do and so I just closed my eyes and blindly picked a major. Ok, well maybe not quite, but the advisors were terrible and I just took the classes that I thought I would enjoy. And while I did enjoy the classes our area of the state is not extremely conducive to the types of jobs that my major creates (that don’t need years of experience—that comes from unpaid internships that I couldn’t afford) so that kind of left me out of the loop. And now the job I am at is looking to be my career which is fine, but a college degree is not a requirement so I could be in debt quite a bit less. Hindsight’s 20/20.

But on to school that I liked! I really enjoyed elementary school and my favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lyons. She was a little old lady and she was so nice. My favorite parts about her class was there was a table that was filled with sand and then in all the sand there were “dinosaur bones” that we had to dig for. It was so awesome! Then in 1st or 2nd grade my teacher had a bathtub filled with pillows and that was where we got to sit and read if we were good. My friend who teaches kindergarten told me now that she had wanted to do that but pillows carry lice so if a kid gets lice then she would have to clean all the lice-covered pillows. So thanks Lindsay..for ruining my perfect image! And I can’t wait to send Leo to school. He already loves going to daycare to see his friends every day and he seems to be interested in the learning parts of his day (his favorite is math and science, well other than going outside for recess) so I think that he would enjoy the structure of an actual school. And I am really excited about being the mom of a school kid. At his current daycare they don’t really have class parties that parent’s come to and they don’t go on field trips. And those are the parts I’m really excited to be a part of. I want to be the mom that goes on the field trip to the zoo and to the children’s museum. I kind of feel like I already do that but it would be even more fun when it’s part of Leo’s school and I can meet his little friends. Oh lord. Just writing that I realized I’m going to be the creepy mom that Leo’s going to have to tell me to stop being a creeper. But I don’t care! Haha!

And so how I got so far off-thought that this came out to be such a random post I don’t know and bless you those who finished it! BUT it is about education and that was the original topic so I stayed on point a little bit! So happy Friday and I hope I didn’t dumb you down by having you read this! And check out the spin cycle to see other posts that I am sure are much better articulated about education!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I like being outside and I figured that I could tell you the things I don't like about the outdoors quicker than I could the things I do like about the outdoors: Yardwork and cleaning outside! So because the Spin Cycle was about the great outdoors here are some of the reasons I love being outside (when the weather does not threaten death by melting!)
We can golf .

Wave to our adoring fans

Ride the wild animals that populate suburbia

Get rides in the summertime

Visit awesome trains with dad

And of course play baseball!

Check out the spin cycle to see other thoughts on the great outdoors. And thanks to Heather for my idea for the pictures!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In addition

In addition to my post yesterday about being sick I have one little thing to add...And I'm sorry men if this offends you in any way but....

Why is it when men are sick they get to lay on their rear ends and act like this is the first time anyone in the history of the world has had this illness and they are probably going to die from their perceived illnesses while women still have to do things to keep the house from falling apart?

The hubs and I have had the same sickness for the past 2 days. Both of us stayed home from work on Tuesday. During that day I stayed in our bedroom all day and he stayed out on the couch. BUT I took the little one to school because the worst had passed him and he was cleared to go. I also went to the store to pick up some 7-UP, chicken noodle soup and saltines because we didn't have much left. (we crave sustenance) Then my dear mother said she would pick up the munchkin and keep him until later in the evening but I still had to pick up the living room so it would be presentable. Then today the hubs stayed home from work in the morning and hit up the dr. because he was told not to come in until he knew what he had (which was a joke, because DUH it was a stomach virus and even if he goes to the dr. he will still be contagious) but then went in after his appointment to close the branch and I went in to work this morning because I was an opener but then came home around 9:30. During his time this morning that he was home he go the boy ready for school and then that was it. During my time home I did 2 loads of laundry (only because we are going back to western Kansas this weekend to visit the inlaws) and the dishes. In addition to making the monkey clean his bedroom and giving him a bath after I fed him (even though it was a Happy Meal!) But still. That is a lot to get accomplished.

I'm just saying...I think it's silly that men and women behave so much differently when it comes to the same thing. I guess that is the same for a lot of different situations. Just rambling thoughts I guess! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm not really sure that this is karma but I kept seeing signs at the store where I work that they offer flu shots. And I'm all, flu shots in September? Ridiculous! The flu season sure starts early around here. And while I never get a flu shot anyways (I'm allergic to chicken feathers, and since there are feathers in part of the vaccine I am unable to get it) I still thought it was weird that they were advertising it already. But what should happen in the Fernandez household? That's right. We get the flu. Not the real flu, but the stomach flu. I have been home for the past 2 days heaving into the toilet, and then laying in bed writhing in pain because it felt like my spry 26-year-old body had turned into that of an old, old man. I was in pain from my shoulders to my ankles. It was the worst feeling ever. I (don't think) I have ever had the stomach flu. I'm more of a sinus infection with a side of bronchitis type of girl so this has been pure hell for me. I hate throwing up. It is probably the worst thing ever. And maybe it's because I never throw up. I think it is a sign of weakness. Ok, that's a stretch, but seriously I never throw up. It's pretty gross. And toilets are just never as clean as they need to be when you're leaning over staring at the water on the inside. But that's neither here nor there. Oh yeah, and the worst part about this whole ordeal. My sweet baby boy who is 99.9% potty trained was seen dashing through the hallway trying to make it to the bathroom and a few minutes later I hear a call for help. I go in there, sweating and nauseous, only to find that he couldn't make it and I had to clean him up. It was a perfect time because it was 4 in the morning. Pretty amazing. So bathtime at 4. Woo hoo. So yeah, probably not karma that I was making fun of the signs at work but still annoying none the less. And if I came to any of your blogs you might want to grab the disinfectant because don't want any of what we have here!