Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another weekend is gone like a blur. But at least this one had the weather of our dreams! Just a few showers but I was at work so they didn't ruin any of my plans! I had to work all day Saturday and by the time I got off work I was pooped. I stopped and got dinner on the way home and once I got home I just kicked back and watched the KU football game. They won so that was a plus! I really wanted to stay up for the SNL premiere because Amy Poehler was the host but alas I could not keep my eyes open. I even turned down a ticket to a local event in the city with my lovely aunt/godmother because I was so tired! I went to bed by 9. I am so awesome! And then this morning I slept in until 9:30! It was awesome! I'm realizing that my hubby doesn't sleep in and so when Leo gets up in the morning he lets me sleep in and he takes care of the little one. I don't think he used to do this when the little one couldn't take care of himself as well but I'm not looking a gifthorse in the mouth! I will take what I can get! Then all day we just watched football. Of course while the adults were watching football Leo was outside ALL DAY playing. He just has energy for days. It is so crazy. He played outside from probably 10:30-12:30 and then again when he woke up from his nap around 2:30 until almost 6:30. He of course came in and out but WOW. If I had been outside that long I would definitely be sleeping right now instead of blogging! I did make a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs and then for dinner tonight I made spare ribs, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and biscuits. I just gained 10 more pounds reading what I ate! But it was so good. And I already have my lunch packed for tomorrow. So all in all a good weekend. I didn't get a lot accomplished around the house but I did clean the kitchen and sweep the floors.

Oh yeah...and the best thing this weekend. I found out I was the winner of a family fun prize pack that I had registered for through our city's community coalition group and they dropped it off today. It was a laundry basket full of outdoor activity stuff. Such as: a football, basketball, soccer ball, tennis balls, frisbee and cones that you can kick the soccer ball around. Leo was in hog heaven! It was pretty exciting! When I told the hubby that I am pretty lucky when it comes to contests like that he told me I needed to use my luck in the lottery! I hope your weekend was awesome!

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Heather said...

Oh to have the energy of a three year old! What I wouldn't give..if I had anything! Just watching them run in circles wears me out!

Glad you had a great weekend and gotta love the sleeping in part. Woohoo!