Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 years later and 300 posts

So I missed my anniversary's in the last few weeks. I started my blog September 10, 2008 so I missed my 2 year blogoversary and this is like my 304th post so I missed my 300th post by a few as well! So yippee for me! I can definitely say this is the longest I've stuck with anything. Well at least something constructive anyways!

So now that I've gotten that out of the way let me give you some thoughts I've had the past few days when I've been on vacation. I'm going bullet point because it's late but I need to blog to keep myself awake...more on that in a minute!

  • I haven't really done much on vacation. And we kept the little one out with us Wednesday-Friday from school. He is a little terror when he is without structure. It's so crazy the lack of discipline he has even when we are doing fun stuff with him but not in a structured way at all. I tried every day to feed him lunch around the same time and lay him down for a nap but that was not enough. One day he got to play outside for probably 2 hours and he still was acting like nothing we did was ok with him.
  • And he's loud. Like his mama! I use a normal voice (I think anyways) but when I get frustrated the noise level escalates. I'm not even trying to yell but it comes out that way. And then he starts yelling back and tells me not to yell at him. Crazy kid.
  • TV has been pretty scarce and so we've been watching movies we already own. The whole family has watched Back To The Future 2 and 3 and now that the new Resident Evil movie is coming out (or has come out...I'm not sure. We never see movies in the theater. Even though this one I would like to since it's in 3-D. But back to my original thought!) so I figured I would re-watch the original ones. We don't have the 3rd one but I have the first 2. So while Leo has napped and now since I'm up I have watched the 1st and 2nd ones. I even checked out the 3rd one that came out. I didn't think it was that old but when I went to Blockbuster it was only $1. And I get it until next Saturday. So when I came home I was looking at the box and it came out in 2007! That was almost 4 years ago. So crazy! But they're really good. I'm not sure how the 3rd one will be but I'm looking forward to watching it!
  • And now the reason you've all been waiting for. What's a girl like me, who hasn't taken a nap today, doing up so late? And yes, 12:30 is really late for me! I'm a girl that likes to be in bed by 10! brother and his lady love had another weekend rendezvous for a going away party. This time I was not summoned to be the babysitter but I was asked to be the designated driver. I was told I would be paid and I of course said safety for them was my payment but hot cheese! I thought I was finished doing this for my brother years ago. I really don't mind doing it but I think it's funny. I remember when I was 18 and barely out of high school picking up my brother from the bars. I also remember being newly married and getting a phone call at 2am asking for a pickup. Or a phone call to let him in our house! Haha! So now I'm just finishing up a few loads of laundry that I don't have to save until tomorrow now until I get the phone call to pick them up. I just hope they remembered their house key! We don't have a spare bed anymore! It's now occupied by a little monkey!
So there you have it. My late night ramblings! Now you know why I post earlier in the day huh?! A little more coherent. But not by much!

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Heather said...

Well even though it is late..Congrats on achieving 2 years and 300 posts!!

My sister is always being told that she is yelling and she insists that she is not. Her voice rises a whole notch when shes excited or aggervated. AND of course now does my nieces too! Kinda funny.

You must be the best sister cause I would have told the boy to call a cab at that late of night!