Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The gauntlet has been thrown

So I know I've said how much I hate doing dishes. And it feels like I am always doing them and the hubby doesn't really participate in the doing of the dishes. He participates in other cleaning but never the dishes. The reason he says he doesn't do the dishes is because they're not his dishes and that he didn't ask for me to cook certain things and so those dishes are mine. Not a good excuse to me but I don't want dishes to pile up so I always clean them. Well I finally decided to throw down the gauntlet. Last week he cooked a frozen pizza for Leo and he used a cookie sheet. I told him that I was leaving it for him to clean because it wasn't my dish. Since then I have done multiple settings of dishes and none of the times have I washed the pan. It's not covered in any dirtiness really so I'm not worried about bugs or other things getting in it but I refuse to wash it. Last night after I cleaned up the other dishes I told him that that pan wasn't going to clean itself. I don't think he got the memo. But we are going on day 7 now. Come on man!

**This post was written in pure jest. I am not mad at all about the hubby not washing it but I am trying to prove a point to him. I just wanted to put that because in my crazy world it's kind of funny to me!**


Sprite's Keeper said...

I kinda got that feeling. :-) John and I have these play fights/ challenges sometimes too. It makes others shake their heads, but it keeps us laughing.

cbs111 said...

It's not a fight it's principle. I get it. Hold out!