Friday, September 24, 2010

Bathroom Confessionals

Note to readers: This post may not be suitable for people who are embarassed about the bathroom...

I was in the bathroom (a public bathroom no less) getting ready to go to spin class and I had a thought. But that thought was interrupted by the flatulence of a woman. Not me, but a woman who was not in a stall. And it bothered me. So then I started thinking about how people act in the bathroom and how I feel about the bathroom. I was in a public restroom and while I am not a person that has problems going in public (if I did I would have major issues since my bank branch is situated in a grocery store) but I think that there should be rules about public restroom usage. One of those rules should be if you are going to fart at least do it in a stall. I don't want to hear you doing it while washing your hands. Apparently you're not finished. You shouldn't be washing your hands. I also think there should be a rule about talking on the cell phone while in the stall. That is the most uncomfortable situation to be in. For the person on the other end of the phone and for the other people in the bathroom. If I ever go into the restroom at work and someone is on the phone I want to try my hardest to fart and be as loud as possible. I of course don't but shouldn't bring the phone in the restroom. Another one is that you should always wash your hands. It's just for the public really because I've helped a customer and then one of my co-workers sends me an email and tells me I need to go wash my hands because dude left the stall without washing his. I don't care if you don't wash your hands for your benefit but do it for mine. Seriously...if my 3 year old can do it so can you! And my final public restroom rule would be NEVER. EVER. sit on the floor. It's a freaking public restroom. Think about the worst teenage boy you have ever known and then think that he is the one cleaning the toilets and floors. Because he is. I know because I've seen them walk in there and write down that they cleaned. But they don't.

Now on to my home bathroom. I'm just kidding. You do NOT want me to go there! I just wanted to write this little diddy for a Friday Funday! Have a happy weekend everyone...and remember, if you are out in public follow these rules!

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Heather said...

And to think about where all those dirty hands have been. They touch the door to the stalls, the countertop if they stop to admire themselves, the door to the bathroom, the shopping carts...Ewwwwww!! Wash them hands!

Great post!