Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lazy weekend

This has been an awesome weekend. First off FOOTBALL STARTED! Woo hoo! The NFL started on Thursday night and so since the Royals started doing crappy (oh, say in June!) I started preparing for football season! So yay! It's finally here. I had to work Saturday morning but was off by noon. It was really busy so the time went fast so that was nice. And then after coming home I took a nap and just lazed around.

My brother called asking for a last-minute babysitter so we agreed to watch Chloe overnight. Sometimes it's a little bit of a battle because Leo is not used to sharing his toys at home with anyone else so when she comes over they get into it a little. Or more he gets at her which she just kind of looks at him like what the heck are you doing! But last night they got along smashingly. Granted they each stayed up in separate rooms until almost midnight. They're 2 and 3! I couldn't even stay up that late. I fell asleep in the living room watching SNL! And then of course they were up at 7 like the heathens they are! I should have taken pictures but I have allergy brain so I just sat watching just breathing it in. It was pretty nice.

Today I have been pretty busy with running around and doing stuff. After Chloe left we went to breakfast at the church. Delicious biscuits and gravy. Yum! Then I dropped the monkey off at home and hit Dillons and then Wal-Mart. I of course spent way too much money but our cabinets are fully stocked and ready for us to be home part of the week for vacation! Then we watched football and now my boys are out golfing with my dad and I am about to start making enchiladas to get ready for the REDSKINS game tonight! They are starting their season off versus their main rivals...the Dallas Cowboys! It will be a good game and a great way to end my weekend. Especially if they win!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. My vacation will start on Wednesday and the hubby's started his yesterday. He is heading up to Kansas City to watch the Royals in the afternoon and then the Chiefs game tomorrow night. Then he will head home Tuesday to spend the rest of his vacation with me and the monkey! I am so excited. We don't have major plans other than I am taking my mom to the local melodrama for dinner and a show for her last year's Christmas present! So maybe we can be repaid next weekend and have my brother watch Leo while the hubby and I go to a movie or something! I'm not sure but I'm glad I will be off work for 5 days!

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