Saturday, September 25, 2010

Would You Ever?

As a parent that sometimes uses the local recreation center I also use the daycare located in it. I have no idea what the requirements are for the people that work in the little daycare but it is always and adult and Leo has never had any problems and has never said anything about the teachers being mean. So last week I took Leo to the room and he was the only kid in there. He was wearing his swimsuit underneath his shorts because we were going to swim lessons directly after my exercise class. So I go to get him to take him to get ready for lessons and the teacher stopped me. And within a span of 2 minutes she hit me with a barrage of questions and they were...
  • I don't mean to sound creepy but is he wearing boxers?
  • He seems tall is your husband tall?
  • Is your husband Hispanic?
  • Does he look like your husband?
Ok, I guess it doesn't seem like much when I typed them out but seriously it was weird. I answered that no, he wasn't wearing boxers he was wearing his swimsuit and that normally he wears briefs. She went on to tell me that she had just bought her son some boxers. She then commented on how tall Leo was (he's not...his cousin who is 3 weeks older than him and a girl is substantially taller than him) and when I said, oh he's not that tall was when she asked about how tall the hubby was. When I said he was 5'8 (which when re-telling my hubby this story i was corrected in that he says he is 5'9) she also told me her hubby was 5'8. And then she asked if my hubby was Hispanic. I said yes and she said hers was too. But that her kids are both blond haired and blue eyed. Then she went on to tell me that her husband is adopted though so they don't know where the blond hair comes from. Seriously. That happened in about 5 minutes. It was so weird. So I told my mom and hubby about it and said something about how maybe she needed a friend because we didn't know each other AT ALL. So I didn't think much more about it but when I dropped Leo off on Wednesday it was the same lady. And I sent Leo in and I was signing him in when she whispered to me, "Does your son play with himself?" I said, "Excuse me? Like in everyday situations?!" Thinking maybe he did something strange last week and she didn't have the nerve to say anything. And she said, "Well my son is 3 and he will go into his room and take all his clothes off and start playing with himself." Again...I don't know her! So I tell her that the only time Leo has ever done anything like that would be in the bathroom. And that other than that he doesn't. She was like, I don't know what to do about it. I just told her that when Leo would do it we would just tell him that no one wants to see him do that and it was inappropriate. But nothing too crazy because I didn't want to throw like crazy Catholic guilt on him. But seriously. I'm not upset my spin class on Wednesday's got canceled because now I won't have to deal with her anymore. And the thing is she seems really nice but it was just really awkward because I'm not comfortable discussing things like that with random strangers. Maybe I'm overreacting but seriously...stop creeping on my son and me!


Heather said...

Those are very odd questions, I would have been creeped out too. Either she really does need a friend or she seriously has some mental issues.

kendrasue said...

Yeah, it was very odd. I wasn't disappointed that my other class was cancelled on the nights that she's in the daycare room.