Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RTT: When ish hits the fan and other fun facts

I know, I've been MIA for awhile again. Summer just takes my bloggy spirit away from me. Maybe it's the heat. I'm not sure but dang it's been hot! And I've been using every ounce of motivation I have to do things that need to get done around the house. And there hasn't been much done on that front either!

Anyways...it's Tuesday so that means Random. Keely sets it up and we link in and it's like magic. You know what else is magic? The fact that I figured out how to make text into a link. I'm a genius!

First order of random. My child says the most ridiculous things! He was getting out of his bath last night and was playing with his, ahem, sack and said, "These gumballs are getting to big for in here." I could not hold back the laughter. And so of course he knew what he said was funny so he desperately wanted to tell dad who did not think it was funny. Or was capable of holding back the laughter. One way or another he was a better man/woman than I was! He also has been talking like a grown-up and saying things that I wouldn't even imagine him knowing or knowing the correct context to use the words. We said something about him being so smart and he said, "I'm not smart, I'm great!"

Next order of random. I need to do like a summer cleaning sweep. I'm not big on cleaning. I know I've talked about it before but I need to get things in order so I feel more confident about my parenting/wifing skills. I know this sounds ridiculous but it's for my own self so I'm ok with it. My question is though...what are things that need to be done on a deep cleaning time? I clean the bathrooms and kitchens and floors and what not, but what are things that should be done once a month or once a year? I just need to know because I have some vacation time coming up so I will have time to do and spend on deep cleaning. So any help will be appreciated!

Third order. My little baby is growing up. See first order but also see actions. He is able to bathe himself and it kills me. He's only 3! He also will stay outside by himself (in our fenced backyard) and play for close to an hour! And even though it is almost the end of summer he has gotten so much better about being in the pool. He stayed in the pool for 2 hours on Sunday. And he even jumped in off the side with just a little help from me and my mom!

Fourth Order: Fall is coming up quick which means I am taking health/exercise more seriously again since summer was an epic fail in that department! I am signing up for 2 spin classes, one on Monday and one and Wednesday and then I am enrolling Leo in a swim class. It's also on Mondays and Wednesdays and I'm really excited. Since in the above mentioned he has been doing much better water-wise I feel that a swim lesson would be beneficial to him. Not like last winter/spring when I was thinking about putting him in a class and I think he would have freaked out.

And the Final Order: We have 2 people leaving our branch in 2 weeks. That is not cool. The 2 weeks following them leaving we have a full-time person on vacation. That is losing 120 hours those 2 weeks and then still being short 80 hours when the vacations are over. And we aren't on a hiring freeze anymore but we won't have anyone hired and trained and near ready to work for at least a month. And that's IF the position gets approved for what we're looking for. It's gonna be a killer next month and a half. And yes, I am one of the people that will be gone one of the two weeks for vacation but I've given up 2 of my days to be used later because I knew we would be hurting if I took the full week. And my little one will be in daycare anyways and the hubby will be out of town for opening day football so no loss for that. I would have been sitting at home by myself! So instead of doing it in September I'll just do it in October, November or December!

Well that's all I got. Probably more than you wanted to know! But it's so much easier to get back into the groove of blogging when I don't have to form a completely coherent post! Happy Tuesday!


Christina said...

The gumball statement made me lol. Kids are always good for a laugh. As far as the cleaning goes, I find that ceiling fans, blinds, baseboards and ceiling/floor corners often get overlooked. Need more tips, just ask... I'm full of OCD tips.

gretchen said...

LOVE the gumball line! As for spring cleaning...I must say that it feels good to do a closet purge once or twice a year. And the pantry. Yikes, my pantry ends up with some pretty scary stuff in it.