Friday, August 6, 2010

In the Middle of the Night

I spoke too soon. I was talking to my mom and dad last night about how well Leo had been doing potty training wise. I told them he was completely potty trained. That we hadn’t had any accidents overnight or during the day. The last time there were accidents was when we were in Dodge City for vacation and he just didn’t go to the bathroom because he was too busy playing. I was bragging on him. Comparing him to others. I should have known better. Last night we put him to bed in his new to him bed. He’s been in it for about a week and a half and we don’t have a mattress cover or anything. Just his brand spanking new sheets. This is nothing new. He also took a drink to bed. Also, nothing to think twice about. About 4am I am awoken by the pitter patter of feet on the hardwood coming into our room. He just stands there. I kinda look at him and he whispers that he peed the bed. I just lay back down and sigh. The hubby asks me what is going on and I tell him. We both get up to inspect the damage. I get the sheets off the bed and into the wash. Then I help Leo get out of his wet jammies. Nobody really makes much mention of it other than he needs to just lay in mom and dad’s bed because his is wet. When he complains I just tell him that it’s not our fault that his bed is wet and he needs to make sure if he needs to go to the bathroom he makes it to the bathroom. Nobody yells. Nobody cries. He’s pretty upset because he knows he shouldn’t go in the bed, but really, as a parent you can’t scream at a kid who accidentally wet the bed. There have been many a night that I would have rather just let it flow then get up. Just in case you were wondering! :) So I will eat my words. And Leo will not be getting any drinks before bed tonight!

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Heather said...

Poor baby! Well at least he is trying. Believe it or not, when I was nine I was still having problems with accidents and had to have surgery to fix it.

I think the bed wetting is the hardest to control.