Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RTT: A vacation in pictures

Hooray! It's Tuesday. We just got back from vacation so I only have to go to work for 4 days. But that's ok. It's gonna be a great week. I just have a good feeling! Stacy is still holding the random sign. So we are going to follow her and random. But because I'm lacking in sleep and patience then it will be mainly a picture random!

The hubby and Leo at Science City. They were having a great time in the "fire truck."

Leo digging up dinosaurs at Science City

The family at the Royals game. All the above 3 pictures are from the game.

My cousin Grace at her dance recital. She was so cute in her little costume! (she was a little sad the recital was over!)

Leo chilling in the hotel watching Scooby Doo!

On the way to Kansas City. Leo cheesing it up with his go-to road trip food (Twizzlers)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Update: 16 weeks (almost 17)

How far along: 16 weeks

Baby Size: a turnip…seriously? I’ve also heard the size of my hand.

Total Weight Gain: 8 pounds. Yikes…5 pounds in 2 weeks. Not ideal!

Maternity Clothes: Yep. And I’ve definitely been wearing them to work so I don’t have to wear work-branded clothes. Win! And I bought a few more tops this week. Shorts/capris will be what I need to get. My pregnancies are just in different enough seasons that my clothes from Leo are almost all long sleeves while I will not want to be wearing long sleeves in July or August!

Sleep: Nothing has changed yet.

Best moments: Just knowing that there is a little person inside of me. It’s crazy!

Movements: I haven’t felt much lately. Just a few flutters here and there. So I’m anxiously awaiting the big kicks and dance moves that the little one has in store for me!

Food cravings: Well there have been a few (like me wanting a Sonic ice cream cone at 9 this morning) but I have not indulged in any of them! I know better…I don’t want too many pounds creeping up on me!

Looking forward to: Still looking forward to my sono on June 7th. Also, this weekend we are taking a mini-vacation so that will be fun! Also, I think I’m going to rock a bikini this summer because the only pool I will venture to will be my parents. So I am looking forward to finding a cute suit and my parents opening their pool!

Symptoms: Luckily all symptoms have subsided. Just tired but I’m always tired regardless of being pregnant or not!

Stretch marks: Haven’t noticed anything. Hopefully with my belly popping it will reduce the look of some of the ones from before!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spin Cycle: Waiting, Waiting and more Waiting

Spin Cycle week 2. I ditched week 1 because I just haven’t had the time to blog that I used to. I would blog before the hubby got home from work. Now with his fancy-pants new job he beats me home. And I hate it. That he beats me home, not the new job. That…is amazing. But that’s neither here nor there. This is about the spin cycle which I thought was long gone but Jen decided to be super-awesome and bring it back. So it gives me a weekly forum to write a think-piece (a thank you Cameron Crowe). And this week’s topic is waiting. And oh there is so much that I am waiting for lately.

The past 2 weeks I have been waiting for my 4 day vacation. The only vacation I will get until my extended vacation come November when the bambino/a will be arriving. I have been waiting in anticipation to see how the weather was going to hold up. No tornadoes expected while we’re there. Woo hoo! And thankfully the people that we are visiting had no damage from the storms from earlier in the week. I have been waiting to see if the hubby was going to get a better attitude about our trip. Yes dear, I know we don’t have a ton of money but not everything is about the money… sometimes it’s about our sanity. And I have been waiting just because I need to get away. Work has been crazy hectic and just getting out of the city and ignoring any and all phone calls from work will be so nice.

I have also been waiting for the summer. Normally summer is just another season but this year, for some reason, I am so excited for summer. I can’t wait until my parents open their pool (I’m still waiting mom!). I am also just waiting to just have the warm weather for a nice change. There are things I want to get done outside so it will be nice to be able to do them.

I have also been waiting not-so-patiently for my upcoming sonogram. It feels like the wait is forever. But on June 7th at 10:30 we will be going in to find out if we will have a girl or a boy. And I can barely stand the wait. Especially when my doctor’s office tried to reschedule it. Sorry but no. We will be getting it done earlier now in the day instead of later. And after that I will know what to expect. At least as far as what I need to buy (or not buy seeing that I have 3 crates of boy clothes just chilling until June 7th!).

And of course the wait is on until the actual birth. 5 more months. So crazy! I can’t believe it is going by so slowly but quickly at the same time! And there is so much to do. We need to buy a new crib (Leo’s was recalled so we had to return it. But for a full retail refund! Score!), get the Raider room ready to be a baby room and so on.

So there is a lot of waiting going on in the Fernandez household. And I am not a patient person. So I am just ready for all these things that I’m waiting for to happen! To see what other people are waiting on go check it out!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Productive Sunday

Whew. It's only 1 on Sunday afternoon and I feel like I have accomplished so much already. And I even laid in bed and watched 2 episodes of Law and Order. (I can't help it...anytime it's on I watch it. But the original ones only. Not the SVU or Criminal Intent.) (Well sometimes the Criminal Intent...but I digress).

Anyways...I've been up since 7 because that's when my sweet boy decided he needed to tip-toe into our room. I was alone in bed anyways because the hubby was already up getting ready for a golf outing. So I woke up. And told him to go in the living room because I was not ready for the day. So he did like a good little boy. And so I watched some L&O . And then it was 10 and I was like, man I need to go workout today. So I looked online at the Y and saw the daycare opened at 11 and so I figured I needed to get up and get some stuff done before I went. So I cleaned the bathroom and made Leo pick up all his toys that were taking over the living room. And then we went to the gym. And got home around 12:15. And I still felt like I was lacking in my housekeeping skills. So then I put the towels and sheets in the laundry. And there they are. And now Leo is in bed (supposedly napping because he was sooooo tired) and I am blogging. Not quite the scene of domesticity but I am about to make some mac and cheese and then when that is finished tackle the kitchen. And once the hubby gets home from golf and Leo wakes up from his nap we are going to go get a new bed for him. Because his mattress sits on the floor. Because he won't sleep in a bed and I don't feel it necessary to have one. But at the same time I do. So off we go. I'll post pictures of that once we get it all put together. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RTT: Nails, Haircuts and Taco Bell

Would you look at that? It’s Tuesday again. Which means Stacy is still the queen of random while Keely is still on hiatus. I just hope she is having as much fun as Charlie Sheen did while on hiatus from Two and a Half Men. Without all the drugs though. And the crazy tour of crazy. Unless that’s how she’s rolling these days. To which I say go get it! Anyways…that intro was as random as the rest of this post is going to be so get used to it!

I have been wanting a frozen pizza for the past week but it just hasn’t fit into my eating plans. But last night I had to close so the boys ate leftovers from the weekend and so when I got off work I called the hubby and asked him to pop one in the oven. And when I got home I had a delicious pizza waiting for me. And I devoured it.

I have also been wanting Taco Bell. And while some of you may think that these are crazy pregnancy-related cravings but let me tell you…they’re not. These are things that I want all the time. I think I’m just feeling them more. There is a girl that is pregnant who works with my hubby. And he says that every day at the same time she has to have popcorn. I’m not like that. Just wanting some good food that no one in my family wants to eat with me. So I never get them when I want them.

I have always been a nail-biter. But within the last year I have forced myself not to bite them anymore. I’m not sure why but I was able to overcome the bad habit. And even though I regress sometimes I have had longer, nicer looking nails. But then came a real shock. I have to trim them. I have never in my life had to cut my finger nails. I never had enough nail to cut. So while I was trying to figure out how to do this without ruining my nail on Sunday my hubby just looked at me and laughed. And thought I was a moron. He didn’t say it but I could see it in his eyes. He also told me he wouldn’t do it for me. (Let me assure you I didn’t ask him to…he just said it)

And speaking of grooming ourselves I have a haircut tomorrow! I’m so excited. I was thinking that it had been since last October since I have had a haircut but I remember having to cancel that appointment and so really I haven’t had my haircut in almost a year. Not even a trim. Luckily I have nice hair that doesn’t get crazy split-ends but it is definitely in need of some TLC. So looking forward to it. Pictures will be coming!

We have to renew the tags for hubby’s vehicle. And we didn’t get a renewal notice. So instead of getting to just do it online I have to go to the tag office. And bring a ton of information. So obnoxious. That will be what I’m doing tomorrow around 8am when they first open. Because I don’t want to be there FOREVER.

It’s almost summer time here in Kansas (well at least summer break time) and you can definitely tell. Working in the public on the warm days we see some things that are not suitable for children. The things people wear are ridiculous. Let me just say this…ladies…it is not appropriate to wear just your bathing suit bikini top and shorts into a place of business. It is also not appropriate to be wearing tank tops without bras if you are large chested. I don’t want to see your maracas shaking. And booty shorts?! Just please don’t. If I can see your undies peeking out the bottom they are too short. Actually…if I can see dimples in your thighs you shouldn’t be wearing them. End of story.

But at least because it is summer schedule time I am back to only closing one night a week at work (which is until 8p). That is such a relief. Doing that twice a week was really getting to me. Not only did I have to work until 8 but that is when Leo is *supposed* to be going to bed and so if I saw him I was coming home and putting him directly to bed. And that sucks. So it will be nice to have to only do that once a week again. And since I’m not closing on Tuesdays anymore that means I get to go back to eating dinner at my parents house on Tuesdays with the family. So excited for that!

And finally...I can't stand Lady Gaga. Ok. I've said it. I don't know what it is about her but she gets on my last nerve. We get it...you're edgy. But really...you're not. You're just like all the other edgy artists out there. You need to put some pants on (along with Ke$ha, Beyonce, Rhianna, Madonna etc.). Thank you.

There’s more to say but I feel like you’ve had enough. So have an awesome random Tuesday and go see Stacy and all the other rebel randomers!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Silly Saturday

It seems like every week is a funny week with a 4 year old and this week has been no different. 2 things happened this morning that just struck me as funny.

This morning I was woke up by Leo in my bed tracing his fingers across my forehead. You know you have too much acne when your son is playing dot to dot on my face. So any suggestions would be helpful!

And then I was headed off to work this morning and Leo was playing a Diego game that he had gotten from a relative a few years ago but now he is finally old enough to play. He was playing it and he said he needed help so I was looking at it with him. I couldn’t figure it out without sitting there for a little bit and I had to leave for work. Right as I was walking away he figured it out. And I told the hubby…it makes me feel super awesome when my 4 year old can figure out how to play the game and I can’t.

So I guess both funny things happened at my expense but I laughed about them both. What a crazy kid!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 week update

**Baby bump on May 11th. Please excuse the messy end table! And those pale legs...woof!**

So I saw this on a few other blogs so I figured this would be like a virtual journal for future baby!

How far along: 14 weeks

Baby size: An orange

Total weight gain: 3 pounds (give or take a few depending on the day)

Maternity clothes: You know it. I’ve been so bloated I’ve been wearing maternity pants for probably 4+weeks.

Sleep: It hasn’t been interrupted

Best moments: I felt the baby move on Saturday. So exciting!

Movements: See above

Food Cravings: none

What I miss: A clear face and chest free from acne!

Looking forward to: June 7th…sonogram time! And the time I'll put the news on Facebook.

Symptoms: other than having a horrible stomach virus or food poisoning nothing this week. So exciting!

Stretch marks: Errr…you mean other than the ones I previously had?! I’ve actually noticed new ones on my chest. Already…seriously?!


Wednesday again?! Could it be? Why yes it is. So let’s get down to What I’m Loving Wednesday with the wonderful Jamie.

I am loving that it is Wednesday. And so that means only 3 more working days this week. Woo hoo!

I am loving cereal of all kind lately. And that’s actually a lie but I am loving very sugary cereals. Like Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch to name a few. And yes I do let my son eat sugary cereals. If he sees me eating it then I just wouldn’t feel right making him eat the healthy ones. And while this is a horrible argument at least I’m not saying well, he sees me smoking and drinking and I couldn’t possibly not let him do that if he sees me doing it. It’s cereal people!

I am loving that Leo has been bowling in a league. I think it’s really cute. And he’s actually a really good learner. I won’t say he’s an excellent bowler but with bumpers on the lanes he got a 74. With 2 spares. And with bumpers I got a 118. So yeah…he’s almost beating me. But he really does listen to his instructor when she asks him to do something he tries it and then remembers it for next time. And with him bowling that means I get to take him bowling. And I love bowling!

I am loving how cute Leo is with my baby belly. He will kiss my stomach and tell the baby he loves it. He will also tell me he will be a good big brother. The funniest thing he has said was when I asked if he would be a good big brother he said that he would teach her (at the time he said it was going to be a girl, now it’s a boy) numbers and how to write his (as in Leo’s) name. It was pretty hilarious.

I am loving that for Mother’s Day, even though it turned out sucky due to the stomach virus that decided to show up on my special day, my hubby got me the Bruno Mars CD and cards from him and Leo. So cute.

I am loving that the powers that be chose Elizabeth Banks to play Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games trilogy. I could definitely see them choosing Kristin Chenoweth but am so glad they chose Banks. I just think she is more tolerable. And hopefully she won’t choose a voice that is completely ridiculous. I re-read the books and they still tug at my heart strings.

I am loving that on June 7th I am going to (hopefully) find out if I’m having a boy or girl!!! Such exciting stuff!

That’s a lot of love! Go check out all the others to see all the wonderful things to be loving out there today!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RTT: Better late than never

I’ve been so bad about blogging lately but it always seems like I have a lot of random swimming around in my head so here goes with another edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts brought to you by our rebellious leader Stacy! Keely is still on hiatus but you can swing by and say congrats on the new job and take the reigns back over to give Stacy a break!

Now let’s get down to some random.

I am back to work after a surprise 3-day weekend. I was off Saturday and Sunday but then I got super-duper sick Sunday. So I got a free day. Which wasn’t really free because I definitely slept all day and did nothing but lay in bed and moan about how much I hate being sick. I don’t know if it was a stomach virus or food poisoning but let me tell you…I could have used another day off just to recuperate because honestly I’m not feeling 100% today. Luckily (or unluckily because I work Saturday) I am off tomorrow so I get another day to try to get it all back together. And I will NOT be using this day to get stuff done around the house or working out. Just to rest.

Saturday was very lovely even though my Sunday sucked. I got up early to get Leo out the door to go to breakfast with grandpa before they headed out to the annual fishing derby for the church. *Sidebar—for those of you that do not know what a fishing derby is (like my boss and my hubby) it is a competition for fishing.* So…I met up with them around 10 to see how the fishing was going and after my mom showed up Leo caught 3 fish. And by caught I mean he helped reel in 3 fish. He was so excited. He even won a prize. It was a fishing pole (which he already had) so my dad is rigging up a tackle box and putting 5 gold dollar coins inside. He’ll be so excited. After fishing I took Leo to his final day of bowling for the season and he did really well. And then I went to a baby shower for my cousin who is due in June. All in all it was a pretty nice day.

I bought a Groupon to Tanganyika Wildlife Park that is in a local town and I am pretty stoked to use it. We have to use it by May 22 and I’m going with my mom. We just have to wait for the weather to get nicer.

And by nicer I mean not 100 degrees in May. Seriously mother nature…what are you trying to pull?! I have already had to turn my air conditioner on! So stupid!

I am a horrible landscaper/gardner. Which is surprising since my dad worked for a lawncare company for 20+ years but I guess his expertise did not rub off on me. Sooo I’ve been looking at our yard a lot lately and wondering what to do. And I just think, there’s too much to do. So I let it sit in disarray for another year. Well I think this is the year that I am finally done just letting it be. I think I am going to do something about it. So happy thoughts of I think I can, I think I can.

Ok. That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow because I have more to blog about. I swear it. I won’t wait almost 2 weeks between posting again. Please come back. I’ll do better I promise! Ahem. I am off my knees now. Nothing to see here folks move along and have a good rest of your Tuesday!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day are for Mom's

A few weeks ago I get an email from my brother asking what our plans were for Mother’s day weekend. I told him that we didn’t have major plans for the weekend and that my mom is pretty easy-going if we don’t do something on the day since we all see each other so frequently. And that she also understands that myself and sister-in-law are also mothers and so that if we wanted to celebrate our day by ourselves she understood. He then said that him and his wife were wanting to go to Kansas City for the weekend for a friends graduation party but they didn’t want to ask either of our parents to watch their daughter because it was mother’s day weekend. So he left the gate open for me to volunteer myself. But I didn’t. I just tried to offer solutions of what they could do with their daughter while they were in KC. So weeks go by and I was talking to them on Tuesday and I asked what they were doing this weekend (not even realizing that this was the weekend we had talked about) and they said they were going to Kansas City. I asked if they had found something to do with their daughter and they said they were just taking her with them. And then looked at me. I don’t know if I just imagined this but I really think they gave me the stink eye. I’m sure they didn’t! But then I was thinking about it yesterday and this thought rolled through my mind…I don’t even want to watch my own kid on mother’s day let alone watch someone else’s. Haha. What a horrible thought but seriously. I’m pretty sure I just want to lay in bed all day on Sunday. Or maybe go shopping (with someone else’s money!) or go to the spa. None of which are going to happen but would all be a nice change of what goes on on a daily basis! So as the hubby says to his mother every Mother’s Day…Happy muthas day to you ya mutha!

**and if my brother or sister-in-law are reading this I hope you have a nice trip! Sorry I didn’t volunteer to watch Chloe! I should be a better sister!!!***