Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day are for Mom's

A few weeks ago I get an email from my brother asking what our plans were for Mother’s day weekend. I told him that we didn’t have major plans for the weekend and that my mom is pretty easy-going if we don’t do something on the day since we all see each other so frequently. And that she also understands that myself and sister-in-law are also mothers and so that if we wanted to celebrate our day by ourselves she understood. He then said that him and his wife were wanting to go to Kansas City for the weekend for a friends graduation party but they didn’t want to ask either of our parents to watch their daughter because it was mother’s day weekend. So he left the gate open for me to volunteer myself. But I didn’t. I just tried to offer solutions of what they could do with their daughter while they were in KC. So weeks go by and I was talking to them on Tuesday and I asked what they were doing this weekend (not even realizing that this was the weekend we had talked about) and they said they were going to Kansas City. I asked if they had found something to do with their daughter and they said they were just taking her with them. And then looked at me. I don’t know if I just imagined this but I really think they gave me the stink eye. I’m sure they didn’t! But then I was thinking about it yesterday and this thought rolled through my mind…I don’t even want to watch my own kid on mother’s day let alone watch someone else’s. Haha. What a horrible thought but seriously. I’m pretty sure I just want to lay in bed all day on Sunday. Or maybe go shopping (with someone else’s money!) or go to the spa. None of which are going to happen but would all be a nice change of what goes on on a daily basis! So as the hubby says to his mother every Mother’s Day…Happy muthas day to you ya mutha!

**and if my brother or sister-in-law are reading this I hope you have a nice trip! Sorry I didn’t volunteer to watch Chloe! I should be a better sister!!!***

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MrsDudemeister said...

I can't speak for Brock but there is no way I would have asked you to watch her on Mother's Day! We were considering different options for a sitter but when it comes down to it I would have felt weird not being with Chloe on Mother's Day. After all, she is the entire reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day. She was so much fun to have on the trip with us and did great, we got to see both of our moms on Sunday and everything worked out perfect. :) Hope you had a GREAT Mother's Day and thanks for swinging by our house! I was super surprised :)