Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RTT: Too much Easter candy has made me random

Happy rainy Tuesday! We have had rain since yesterday morning and I am thankful the rain held out so we could enjoy all of our Easter festivities in the rain-free weather!

Speaking of rain-free I can't wait for it to grill! I know I say this every week but I'm still waiting for it. And do you know what makes me want to grill even more (and buy a Weber grill...)? This commercial.

Such awesome marketing! And I should know...because I totaLinklly majored in marketing. Or so says the $25k in student loans I'm repaying!

I have officially watched too many Law and Order episodes. I was at the gym on Friday and I had seen the episode they were playing. And there was nothing else to watch at 3pm on a Friday. Luckily I had not seen the episode that was playing today. And good news is that I should get to work out at least 2 more days this week. Woo hoo!

Thanks for all the well wishes about the baby! We're super excited and we'll take all the, well this time it's definitely a girl talk. Well at least I will. The hubby keeps saying he doesn't care either way. Because he's a saint!

I hate when a friend is upset with you for a silly reason. Here's the scenario...there is a candle party that another friend has invited us to. The one friend (who is mad at me) just threw a baby shower for one of her friends and hardly anyone came. It was a 2nd shower so that may have been a factor in why people didn't come. So...she was upset that people didn't come and thought they weren't very good friends. So I played devil's advocate and basically used her reason for maybe not going as to why the people didn't come to the shower she threw. Then she got mad and said I was attacking her. Even though I told her I didn't care one way or the other if she went and I had forgotten about the party until she reminded me. I also had told her last week that she over-extends herself by trying to help people anyways. But now I feel bad. I apologized via text (because I was working out) and haven't gotten a response back. So I feel bad and won't see her until Thursday. So hot cheese...I think it's ridiculous that she's mad but I also feel bad. And so are the days of my life.

The Easter Bunny brought me the new Harry Potter and I am so excited! After I make a delicious dinner of spaghetti maybe we can watch it. So excited!

And because Keely is still out (as of last week since I'm setting this to post on Monday night) we are still riding on the back of Stacy and you should too! Happy Random Tuesday!


Sprite's Keeper said...

I don't get the entire second shower thing either. Unless the baby is a different sex then it's understandable.

Kristine said...

I agree about the second shower too.
I have discovered the some people take their showers WAY too seriously...

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is a great commercial. Totally made me want to buy one! Happy RTT.

VandyJ said...

That commercial make me want to get out and grill too. I love to grill, and not just because there are less dishes to do.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That weber commercial is hilarious! Makes me want to go out and buy one...or at least cook out on our existing grill. ;)

If you guys are in the same circle of friends, it makes sense that not many people showed up for the second one - too bad the friend is mad over something so silly. Hopefully she'll come around soon.

Thanks for rockin' the random rebellion with me! :)

Easter, Angry Birds - RTT Rebel

About JollyJilly said...

Hi Im a new follower from the Uk just popping in from the blog hop
Love your blog
please come visit me anytime

Heather said...

Hope you get to grill soon and while your at it send some of that rain my way, I haven't seen a good rain since September.

It's really silly to get so mad about something so trivial. Hope she comes around and makes up.