Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WILW: A few of my favorite things

Hooray! It's Wednesday. And while it is halfway through the week for you people I still have to work 4 more days this week. Yuck! Oh well. At least I have a job so I shouldn't complain! Go check out Jamie and see what everyone else is loving this week.

Since I was off yesterday I got to catch up on my tv shows that I missed the last few weeks. I have a confession to make. I follow Khloe Kardashian on Twitter and for the past 2 months she's been telling me to watch her and Lamar's show on E. And gosh darnit I just couldn't help but DVR it and I watched it. And I liked it. I cringe just a little bit typing it. But's a cute show. So I had to set up the DVR to tape the whole season.

I also had time to watch Maverick on AMC. I love that movie. Any time it is on I always watch it. And I know I know...Mel Gibson is crazy. I know it. But he is good looking and a fine actor. And the movie is just so darn good! I also love James Garner. I love him in Maverick and the hubby and I love My Fellow Americans. I am hooked on movies from the 90s!

I love that I swept my floors and I don't have to wear shoes when I'm walking in my own house. I know that sounds disgusting but wood floors are so hard to keep clean. Especially with a grimy 4 year old and a dog with longish hair.

I love that I was off on Tuesday and I got to go to our regularly scheduled Tuesday night dinners at my parents house. I haven't been since last semester and once May rolls around I will get to go again but it is a nice change that I was off and could go!

I'm loving this guy even though he's not a big fan of getting his picture taken!

And I'm definitely loving this cheese-ball! He's so funny! He's been saying so many funny things lately that I can't begin to remember them all but love, love LOVE him!

Happy Wednesday! What are you loving?

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Megan said...

I have to work all weekend. BOO! We can be sad together. Haha. I am totally with you on the wood floor thing. I have two dogs with long hair and it's ridiculous the amount that they can shed.