Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RTT: We're not gonna take it!

Keely’s taking a hiatus from Random Thoughts Tuesday but I’m not! Take that! Because this is the day that gives me the chance to get rid of the random that is floating around in my brain. We have found that Leo is a dreamer. The hubby and I are dreamers and so it should come as no surprise. He is also a sleep talker like I am so it makes for funny moments. Leo had one of his night fits where his leg is hurting him so he came into our room. I gave him some Tylenol and he was dosing off. The hubby and I were falling back asleep as well when we were both awakened to Leo yelling…”You can’t call me a craphead.” It freaked us out but then we both started cracking up. Apparently someone was being mean to him in his dream! Another funny thing Leo said was when we went to Five Guys for dinner on Saturday. When we got there and after we had gotten our food Leo was looking around I and I told him that he needed to pay attention to his food (which seems to be something I’ve been saying A LOT lately). He looked at me and said, “But I thought we were meeting five guys here.” We had to explain that the restaurant was called Five Guys. Another laugh was had by the hubby and I! I am on Facebook and now that I get it on my phone I seem to look at it a lot more. But one thing I am TIRED of is people who use Facebook to complain. All. The. Time. About everything. I just get annoyed. I have a few friends who are pregnant and all they do is complain. Suck it up. You chose to be pregnant, or if you didn’t choose, then you made the choice to become pregnant. If you don’t like what is going on please step away from your computer or phone and quit putting your business out there. And the others who just seem to have nothing go right in their life. I get it. Your life sucks. But obviously it’s not bad enough that you are able to access a computer and tell us all about it. How about you do something to change your attitude. Once you do that then come back and let us know. Am I being crabby about this or does this bother you to? It has been super-crazy windy lately. The weather this weekend was perfect but the wind was killer. But I’ll take wind over rain/snow any day! But let’s calm it down before this weekend because it will wreak havoc on our gas mileage when we are driving out of town! I was on Groupon the other day and there was a groupon for the wildlife park here in town. I am SO excited. My mom and I took Leo 2 summers ago and it had just opened so all the exhibits weren’t open. I would assume they should all be open now and my mom and I are going to go back and take Leo. Woo hoo! I also used a coupon to get my mom’s Christmas present to go to the melodrama. Yes…I am a coupon using fool but they are really helpful! I need to make our reservations but we went last year to the Melodrama and it was such a good time! The one this time is Glee the Melodrama. My mom is a gleek and so it should be good. And they serve dinner before and it was sooooo good last year. Hopefully it is just as good this time! One thing that I am very much looking forward to this summer is grilling out. I miss doing it in the winter and so now that the weather is warming I am ready to grill. I just need the wind to cooperate! My mouth is watering just thinking about grilling! Haha! And my final thought of the day is how do you people respond to comments? My comment form does not have where people leave their email addresses so if I wanted to reply would you suggest replying back on my post? Do people go back and see if the writer commented back? I don’t. I just leave my peace and then move along. But sometimes I want to comment back to the people who leave me some comment love and I never know how to do it. Ok so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I hope you all have an AWESOME Tuesday and don’t let the wind blow you away!


VandyJ said...

I try to comment back to the commenter on their blog--if I can. You can also make it so you get all the comments sent to your email and then you can reply to the ones you want to.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I have one particular Facebook friend who complains about everything and how terrible her life is. I feel bad to unfriend her so I've taken to hiding her statuses so I don't have to read it!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

You're a random rebel.

We had the strong winds yesterday. I believe I had more tree branches in the yard then on the tree this morning.