Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RTT: It's almost the 4th of July

Holy crap. I don't know if you've looked at a calendar lately but it's almost July. How/when did that happen? I have no idea where summer has gone! It's been going so quickly. On the upside...that means there are only 5 more weeks of making Leo go to the dreaded Summer Latchkey that he for some reason hates. They go on "small" field trips every day (pool, kids movie, skating, bowling, etc.) and then every Friday they get to go on a "big" field trip (zoo, a different STATE to go to a children's museum, etc.) I'm sure because he doesn't know anyone that that is why he's having a hard time but we're in week 4. You would think he would have made some friends by now. Also, it's just very strange that he is having a hard time adjusting because he usually makes friends very easily. Oh well. Only 5 more weeks!

I started tanning at a tanning salon and I went last night. It took almost 5 minutes for someone to even help me and then the phone kept ringing and people kept coming in that she had to greet so it literally took me more time to wait to be helped than it did for me to tan. She also talked me in to buying lotion because I just wanted her to shut up. So for all you in sales...if you want me to buy something just annoy me to no end where I just end up buying your crap. This lotion better work!

Last week while in Dodge (at the in-laws) our family was struck by a stomach virus. I feel like I lost a week of my life. It started with Leo in the car on the in-laws street when we were trying to leave. We turned around and decided to stay an extra night when he got sick again. That night I was hit HARD and was in bed the next day until 3:30pm when I crawled my way upstairs just so we could drive the 4 hours home. 4 HOURS. It should have taken 3 but we stopped 4 times. Not even once for me. And the stupid lovely boys even stopped at Sonic and got food. So I had to be in the car with food smells. It was horrid. I ended up staying home Tuesday as well and that was the day the hubby was hit with it. All in all I didn't fully recover until probably Friday and the hubby didn't until Sunday. It was crazy. Of course Leo was fine after he got the sickness out Sunday night. Jerk.

I'm real excited because Big Brother starts this week. For real though. Also, Franklin and Bash started last week. I love summer TV smut!

I really wish I had a friend that had a private pool. And that I didn't have to work so I could go lay out and get nice and bronze and get exercise from swimming. Alas, I don't and I do so no pretty summer tan (outside of the indoor tanning) for me!

The hubby applied for a new job last week and will probably get an interview. (My dad knows the hiring person and talked to him and said he would get him in). We're keeping our fingers crossed that this will get him out of a situation that is not ideal for him. The bummer part is we wouldn't be able to carpool and eat lunch together once a week but he needs this change badly so please pray, send good ju-ju, etc. for him please!

Ok...that is all the random I have today. Go see Stacy for all the other random floating around the inter-webs!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy (Early) Father's Day

Tonight we had my dad over for dinner for an early Father's Day dinner. He went to Leo's t-ball game and then after that he came over. I skipped out on the game so I could get everything ready and it was a success!

It was my first grill of the season and I made steak, chicken and mushrooms. They all turned out so flipping good! I also made baked potatoes, corn on the cob, baked beans and biscuits. Let me tell you...it was way too much food for a Thursday night. But, I'm thankful that my dad lives in town and was able to have an evening off of work so he could come over. We're supposed to be going out of town this weekend so I wanted to make sure he got his gift before we left.

It's so nice that the boys were able to play with their "papa" for a bit before he had to go and they had to go to bed. Now I'm sitting here EXHAUSTED because it was another busy day for me. Hopefully all will go well this weekend and we will have safe travels. I hope you all have a nice Father's Day weekend and that you are all lucky enough to spend it with a father of some sort that you love!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A (not normal) day in the life

Today was a strange day. Stranger than normal even which is saying a lot! But I've seen some day in the life posts and thought this would be fun. Understand that this is not completely normal and that my day will start last night and end now while I'm blogging so here goes...

8:45 PM: Finally get Leo to bed (even though it was supposed to be an early bedtime of 8). Apparently fall immediately to sleep.

9:40 PM: Hear Leo frantically yelling for me from somewhere. I assume he has fallen out of bed so wait haphazardly for him to come in crying to us. (Welcome mother of the year award)

9:41 PM: Hear the hubby telling me to get up and that can't I hear Leo hollering for me. Finally get up and find him heaving in the bathroom. He's crying and doesn't feel well (Obviously)

9:45 PM: Find the mess of vomit in his room on his bedspread. Take said bedspread off to realize the puke has transferred to the sheets and the mattress. Hooray! Time for laundry.

9:48 PM: Text my dad and let him know Leo probably won't be going to Latchkey in the morning and discuss whether or not he can/wants to watch Leo at all (his idea, not mine).

9:50 PM: Put the laundry in the washing machine, realize that a trail was dripped from the bedroom to the bathroom to the washer. Get out the mop and clean the trail.

9:51 PM: Get Leo back to bed (in clean sheets!) with a bucket by his side.

10:00 PM: Get back in my own bed.

5:45 AM: Alarm goes off. Snooze for another 10 minutes.

5:55 AM: Get up and go snuggle with Leo for a few minutes and see if he feels any better. Decide to let him stay home and get some rest and not have to be in the heat today. Let him stay in bed and in his jammies. Pack a bag with "quiet time" activities and clean clothes and socks and shoes.

6:10 AM: Head in to Jacoby's room because I hear him talking to himself. Get his diaper changed and get him dressed. Take him to the living room so he can snack on some cereal and drink some milk before daycare. Turn on the cartoons.

6:20 AM: Get in the shower. Get ready for work.

6:55 AM: (Yes I can get myself ready in about 30 minutes...I pretty much rock) Walk out the door.

7:00 AM: Drop Leo off at my dad's. Make plans to pick him up around 2 so he can get to work but still letting me go to work for a bit to get stuff taken care of.

7:20 AM: Drop Jacoby off at daycare.

7:43 AM: Clock in to work (Supposed to be there by 7:45...2 minutes to spare!)

7:43 AM-1:30 PM: Boring work stuff. Just take care of some business and skip lunch to head out the door.

1:55 PM: Get to dad's and pick up Leo. Also, pick up the tornado of toys that was strewn about the house.

2:05 PM: Get Leo situated with the Xbox remote and some 7-UP. Head outside to mow the grass so the hubby doesn't have to. A FREE Father's Day present! :)

2:45 PM: Head inside drenched in sweat. It was at least 97 degrees outside. Most of our front yard is shaded by big, old trees but the time in the sun was killer. The car temperature said 100 still at 8 tonight.

2:47 PM: Drink big glass of water and hit the shower.

3:00 PM: Read 2 chapters in Captain Underpants with Leo.

3:10 PM: Get Leo in the bath so we don't have to do it that night.

3:30 PM: Sit down to watch 'Walking with Beasts' with Leo on Netflix. Dose off for about 15 minutes.

3:45 PM: Get up to start prepping for dinner. Tonight is taco night so I cooked the ground beef.

4:05 PM: Walk out the door to get Mr. Jacoby. We only have 1 car right now (mine is not working and we are needing to get it fixed but...excuses, excuses, excuses)

4:20 PM: Get Jacoby from daycare

4:45 PM: Get the hubby from work

5:00 PM: Start working on a puzzle with Leo

5:45 PM: Got distracted by Leo so the rest of dinner didn't happen until now. Chop lettuce, grate cheese, slice tomato, finish dinner.

6:30 PM: Get Jacoby in the bath while the hubby cleans up the kitchen and starts laundry.

7:00 PM: Get phone call from grandma. Chat for a bit

7:15 PM: Get Jacoby in bed, get Leo settled in to our room to watch some TV with his dad while I run to the grocery store.

7:55 PM: Get home, tell Leo lights out when his show is over and get on computer.

8:32 PM: Now. Finishing up blog post. Going to read a couple chapters in my book (Angels and Demons by Dan Brown)

Between 9:30 and 10 PM: Get to bed. I try to be asleep by 10 since I have to get up so early. While to some this seems ridiculous but my body literally needs at least 8 hours of sleep. My doctor has even told me there are people like this so I'll trust him on it.

So yeah, a completely un-normal day in my life. I feel like all I accomplished I could do pretty well as a stay-at-home mom/wife. I'm not saying this would happen every day but if it happened 3 days a week I would be happy! I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spin Cycle: Relaxation

Oh hello Spin Cycle. I've missed you. Sometimes I just don't have the right words to make a spin complete. But this week? This week I do because it's about relaxing. And I love to relax! Gretchen wants to know what we do to relax. Hmmm...let me think about this. I was going to write a post about my whirlwind weekend to Kansas City to visit my aunt for my birthday and it made me think that would be perfect about relaxing.
So...Friday afternoon I left work at 2 to hit the road. It's about a 2 1/2 hour trip from home to KC. Not too long but when I'm by myself it sucks pretty royally. This is me, road tripping by myself.
 I got up to Kansas City about 4:45, changed and headed out the door with my aunt to go to Girls Night Out at the K for the Royals game. It was so much fun and they won! We also got a helmet full of nachos. It was brisket, nacho chips, corn, and nacho cheese sauce. Let me tell ya. It was amazing. And we also got to see fireworks a the end of the game. Woo hoo!
Helmet nachos
My aunt and I
Saturday morning I slept in (8:45!!) and we got up and went to get pedicures. I picked a fancy blue which is unusual for me but I really like it. Then we ran a few errands (she still had mommy duties to fulfill) and went back home for lunch. Then we headed to the Overland Park Convention Center for a Women's Fair. I wasn't sure exactly what it would be like but it was a giant center full of craft fair booths, clothing, make up, etc. I even got my eye brows waxed (professionally) for $5! Score! I picked up a few gifts for things coming up and got a really awesome picture for me. (And the hubby has already hung it up so he apparently likes it too!) We spent all afternoon there and ended the day back at my aunts for a delicious home-grilled dinner of steak and mushrooms, corn on the cob and backed potaotes. We finished off the evening watching the Royals win again on TV and enjoying ice cream sundaes with their kids.
Sunday morning I got up around 8:30, we ate breakfast and I headed home so I could spend a little time with my boys before the weekend was over. We also have a work picnic at the zoo tonight that we are heading to. It was a busy weekend but totally relaxing for me! I'm so thankful I have family who loves me and wants to spend time with me. And a hubby who will take the reigns of our animals so I can make a trip like that!

Birthday picture I picked for myself!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Boys

Things have been pretty cray-cray in the Fernandez household lately. Some good, some bad but definitely very busy. I've been trying to find ways to slow down and just live with the boys in my life without feeling totally overwhelmed on an everyday basis. I obviously do not always succeed but tonight was a good night and I wanted to share it.

I am heading to Kansas City tomorrow for a girl's weekend with my aunt and I am pretty stoked. BUT that means that I leave the boys with the hubby for the whole weekend. I've never done that. If I've been gone, he's been gone. Or it's only been for the day but not a weekend. So I kind of felt bad about that. Not bad enough to not go but I felt like I needed to do something. So I cleaned up the house for him. I'm not talking spick and span but definitely clean enough to notice. I won't lie, a little of it was for selfish reasons, such as the fact that I knew towels wouldn't get washed while I was gone and I like clean towels. So while it helps him it benefits me. Same with clean floors. We have wood floors so they get dusty pretty quickly. Had I not swept it wouldn't have been the end of the world but at least when I get home Sunday afternoon the floors will be cleaner than they would have been!
So, I needed to clean. But the boys needed dinner and I needed to pack and, and and. But Leo wanted to play with his new bouncy ball. And he really wanted to play with me. So I stopped what I was doing and played. And it felt good. It put him in a good mood because we were doing what he wanted and we were spending time together. After that he played Reading Eggs on the computer for a little bit and he wanted me to watch and so I did. And it felt good. Later, while Leo and the hubby were playing Lego Batman on the Xbox I was putting away laundry. The hubby had stepped away to do something and Leo wanted me to play with him. So I did. And it felt good.

So, really what it all boils down to is that I need to stop more and smell the roses so to say. Life is always going to be busy but I am not always going to be able to play with my babies. And they are not always going to want to play with me. I need to understand that on a regular basis. I need to make sure that I am taking time every day to spend that good, unplugged quality time with my boys.

Insomnia Blogging

As I'm laying here awake for the second night in a row (in a string of many) in the 2am hour I had a thought. Which turned into a blogpost. Which I may or may not actually compose. But then that made me think about all the blogs I've read about unfinished posts in people's blog decks. I don't have that on my computer. I have that filed away in my brain! Maybe I need to start typing them out so I can sleep at night. It's like Dumbledore and the thing where he can take memories out of his brain to store them because too many make him tired. Haha.(nerd alert!)
And now my semi-coherent, middle of the night blog post is complete!

What I Did on my One Week Summer Vacation

We went to the park with my bestie who was in town from Chicago!

We saw the dinosaurs at Exploration Place (the local science museum)
Jacoby loved the Dino's!
Leo got to build a super-cool building. 
I won free tickets to the circus. The boys on the motorcycle.
Mom and I clowning around
Jacoby couldn't get enough of the elephants. He cried hysterically when they left the ring.
Leo and I at the local town festival. One silly and one for real. Real life is more like the first one though!

And finally a family picture at my niece's baptism this weekend. I may be biased but I sure do have a good looking family! :)

I hope everyone had as awesome of a week as I did!