Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RTT: It's almost the 4th of July

Holy crap. I don't know if you've looked at a calendar lately but it's almost July. How/when did that happen? I have no idea where summer has gone! It's been going so quickly. On the upside...that means there are only 5 more weeks of making Leo go to the dreaded Summer Latchkey that he for some reason hates. They go on "small" field trips every day (pool, kids movie, skating, bowling, etc.) and then every Friday they get to go on a "big" field trip (zoo, a different STATE to go to a children's museum, etc.) I'm sure because he doesn't know anyone that that is why he's having a hard time but we're in week 4. You would think he would have made some friends by now. Also, it's just very strange that he is having a hard time adjusting because he usually makes friends very easily. Oh well. Only 5 more weeks!

I started tanning at a tanning salon and I went last night. It took almost 5 minutes for someone to even help me and then the phone kept ringing and people kept coming in that she had to greet so it literally took me more time to wait to be helped than it did for me to tan. She also talked me in to buying lotion because I just wanted her to shut up. So for all you in sales...if you want me to buy something just annoy me to no end where I just end up buying your crap. This lotion better work!

Last week while in Dodge (at the in-laws) our family was struck by a stomach virus. I feel like I lost a week of my life. It started with Leo in the car on the in-laws street when we were trying to leave. We turned around and decided to stay an extra night when he got sick again. That night I was hit HARD and was in bed the next day until 3:30pm when I crawled my way upstairs just so we could drive the 4 hours home. 4 HOURS. It should have taken 3 but we stopped 4 times. Not even once for me. And the stupid lovely boys even stopped at Sonic and got food. So I had to be in the car with food smells. It was horrid. I ended up staying home Tuesday as well and that was the day the hubby was hit with it. All in all I didn't fully recover until probably Friday and the hubby didn't until Sunday. It was crazy. Of course Leo was fine after he got the sickness out Sunday night. Jerk.

I'm real excited because Big Brother starts this week. For real though. Also, Franklin and Bash started last week. I love summer TV smut!

I really wish I had a friend that had a private pool. And that I didn't have to work so I could go lay out and get nice and bronze and get exercise from swimming. Alas, I don't and I do so no pretty summer tan (outside of the indoor tanning) for me!

The hubby applied for a new job last week and will probably get an interview. (My dad knows the hiring person and talked to him and said he would get him in). We're keeping our fingers crossed that this will get him out of a situation that is not ideal for him. The bummer part is we wouldn't be able to carpool and eat lunch together once a week but he needs this change badly so please pray, send good ju-ju, etc. for him please!

Ok...that is all the random I have today. Go see Stacy for all the other random floating around the inter-webs!


VandyJ said...

Keeping fingers crossed about the job. Toxic work situations affect everyone. Hope he can escape soon.
Yes, summer is going far too fast. July can not be just around the corner.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm soon going to be in panic mode about getting all packed and ready for the move if time keeps flying by as it seems to be doing lately. ;)

So sorry that Leo's not liking the Summer Latchkey program this year - sounds like they keep it interesting, at least. Just watch - he'll make friends then be all bummed when it's all over! At least that's how Princess Nagger is. ;)

UGH - so sorry about the stomach virus, that does not sound like fun!!

WooHoo Franklin and Bash started last week!! I'm excited about Rizolli & Isles and Perception starting tonight! :)

A private pool would be cool!

Keeping my fingers crossed for your hubby's job prospect!!

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