Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I Did on my One Week Summer Vacation

We went to the park with my bestie who was in town from Chicago!

We saw the dinosaurs at Exploration Place (the local science museum)
Jacoby loved the Dino's!
Leo got to build a super-cool building. 
I won free tickets to the circus. The boys on the motorcycle.
Mom and I clowning around
Jacoby couldn't get enough of the elephants. He cried hysterically when they left the ring.
Leo and I at the local town festival. One silly and one for real. Real life is more like the first one though!

And finally a family picture at my niece's baptism this weekend. I may be biased but I sure do have a good looking family! :)

I hope everyone had as awesome of a week as I did!

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