Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RTT: Too much Easter candy has made me random

Happy rainy Tuesday! We have had rain since yesterday morning and I am thankful the rain held out so we could enjoy all of our Easter festivities in the rain-free weather!

Speaking of rain-free I can't wait for it to grill! I know I say this every week but I'm still waiting for it. And do you know what makes me want to grill even more (and buy a Weber grill...)? This commercial.

Such awesome marketing! And I should know...because I totaLinklly majored in marketing. Or so says the $25k in student loans I'm repaying!

I have officially watched too many Law and Order episodes. I was at the gym on Friday and I had seen the episode they were playing. And there was nothing else to watch at 3pm on a Friday. Luckily I had not seen the episode that was playing today. And good news is that I should get to work out at least 2 more days this week. Woo hoo!

Thanks for all the well wishes about the baby! We're super excited and we'll take all the, well this time it's definitely a girl talk. Well at least I will. The hubby keeps saying he doesn't care either way. Because he's a saint!

I hate when a friend is upset with you for a silly reason. Here's the scenario...there is a candle party that another friend has invited us to. The one friend (who is mad at me) just threw a baby shower for one of her friends and hardly anyone came. It was a 2nd shower so that may have been a factor in why people didn't come. So...she was upset that people didn't come and thought they weren't very good friends. So I played devil's advocate and basically used her reason for maybe not going as to why the people didn't come to the shower she threw. Then she got mad and said I was attacking her. Even though I told her I didn't care one way or the other if she went and I had forgotten about the party until she reminded me. I also had told her last week that she over-extends herself by trying to help people anyways. But now I feel bad. I apologized via text (because I was working out) and haven't gotten a response back. So I feel bad and won't see her until Thursday. So hot cheese...I think it's ridiculous that she's mad but I also feel bad. And so are the days of my life.

The Easter Bunny brought me the new Harry Potter and I am so excited! After I make a delicious dinner of spaghetti maybe we can watch it. So excited!

And because Keely is still out (as of last week since I'm setting this to post on Monday night) we are still riding on the back of Stacy and you should too! Happy Random Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

HUGE Announcement

So cue the exciting music because something extraordinary is happening in the Fernandez household…


SO excited to put that out there for all my internet friends to see! I have been holding on to that information because I just wanted to wait until I was 12 weeks along. And I actually thought I was going to tell you all about 2 weeks ago but when I went in for my first doctor appointment she did an ultrasound and it showed that I was 2 weeks behind where I thought I was. Which makes sense because after I stopped taking the pill my cycles were super-screwy. But if you all remember my crazy plan that I’ve had in place for oh about 2 years I am pregnant at the perfect time! No having to work during the holidays this year! I am so excited. And no…that was not the only reason we have waited so long. It was just the icing on the cake. And just so you all feel all warm and fuzzy inside…I haven’t even put this out there on Facebook. Look how much I love you all!

The major changes that have been happening to me are stupid morning sickness in the form of nausea. Almost Every. Single. Day. All. Day. It is ridiculous. I have only thrown up twice but this is a far fling from where I was with Leo. I was never sick with him. I wouldn’t have even known I was pregnant had the doctor and all the appointments not said it. It was the easiest pregnancy ever and I just assumed it would be the same. Well it’s not! I have also had horrible complexion along with acne speckled all over my neck and back. It is filthy. And it won’t go away. I have also been plagued with (sorry TMI) constipation and major bloating. Which I think is what accounts for my baby belly. At 12 weeks. Yeah, you read that right. I have a freaking bump. And while in my mind I think…ahhhh that is so cute in my mirror I’m like…really?! So ridiculous. I have already been wearing maternity clothes because after my weight loss last year my new clothes have been snug. Well my pants anyways. And since this will be a summer pregnancy (According to the sonogram I am due November 7th) I have a feeling there will be a lot of dresses and skirts in my future. Which I am A-Ok with!

So hooray! A baby is on the way! And I think I am going to be posting pictures and posts on here as I go and then making those posts into a baby book. So if you are anti-baby (which I totally get!) or anti-baby-blog please feel free to skip them. I won’t be offended!

(Edited to add: So as I said...I haven't put this on facebook so if you know me on Facebook please don't post anything on that yet. Thanks!)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you and yours. And if you don't celebrate Easter happy Sunday! I hope you had as awesome (if maybe a bit less busy) weekend spending with family and friends as I did! And I'll leave you with a picture of a few of Leo's past Easters!Leo's First Easter (2007)

Leo last Easter 2010
(apparently I have no pictures in between!)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Soapbox for Friday

I have been reading the news online a lot lately and I just wanted to put something out there. This world is going to hell in a handbasket. I’m not sure if the warm(ish) weather has gotten everyone worked up but the amount of crime stories I’ve been reading has just been terrible. And I’m SICK of it. It is so hard knowing that my son is growing up in a world where (in just a few instances of the stories):

A) A 15 year old boy was lured to a house to be beaten and shot to death by his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend. Who was 18. The girl was 15 or 16. And people helped the 18 year old do it. Other adults. And they are all being charged thankfully.
B) A woman misled a pregnant woman telling her she was going to buy her baby clothes and instead she killed her and cut the baby from her. All because she wanted the baby. Thankfully the baby survived. Unfortunately the mother did not.
C) Bodies being found all over the country. Some being found in New York. One, of a teenager in Baltimore has recently been found. And many others are missing. Parents only hoping that they won’t get the phone call saying only a body has been found.

And of course the list goes on and on. But seriously…why are people doing these things? How do people get it into their heads that it is ok to harm another human being? Sometimes I just get so disheartened by the fact that there is no way that I will ever be able to explain why some things happen. And I especially don’t want to have to explain them to Leo. And I know that I can’t protect him forever and I will always try to teach him the right way to behave but I have a feeling there will be a lot more evil forces out there as he gets older and I just want to put him in my pocket and make sure that he is safe forever.

Ok…I will get off my soapbox now but I hope that things turn around. And we just think of all the good that was given to us on this Good Friday. And even if you don’t believe in whatever I believe in then just think of good things and pass the sunshine on to others!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Mojo

So I've never done this before but I have a friend who had a baby about 10 days ago. And now the little baby is having to go in for open heart surgery. So yeah...they are needing some good karma, happy mojo and definite prayers speeding their way. So that would be amazing!


RTT: More Rebel Randoming

Another random Tuesday without the queen of random but we will have to forge on without her. Because that’s all I got folks. Just some random to pass my time! And apparently so does Stacy because she has kept up the craziness while Keely has been playing in the snow (apparently no one told her it’s April!).

  • Prom has been happening around our town recently and I had the pleasure of seeing some of the young ladies (I’m using that term loosely and you might to if you had seen some of the dresses they were wearing!) in the grocery store where I work as a banker getting their boutonnieres for the big day. It makes me remember the whimsical feeling I never had when going to prom. Haha! I had fun at prom but it was definitely all unicorns and rainbows the movies make it out to be!
  • There have been some small children running by our bank branch and just demanding balloons. It is driving me crazy. And their parents don’t even say anything. Some today just ran by and were like can we have balloons? I made them say please and thank you because their mom wasn’t around. It just grated my nerves. I also saw a parent let their at least 4 year old cough in her face. If Leo does not cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs I tell him to. And I definitely don’t let him cough in my face. That is gross. And if the parents of children are not going to do it I can only imagine the treat I will be in when Leo starts kindergarten. I’m sure I will be disgusted by the little hoodlums running around. And it’s not surprising all the statistics of kids being out sick from school. It’s no wonder if parents aren’t teaching their children proper hygiene.
  • I saw one of my co-workers eating a Butterfinger today and I decided that it looked good enough to get one for myself. BIG MISTAKE. Apparently my brain forgets that I am not a big chocolate/candy person. And that even though it looked delicious I did not need it. It did not hit the spot. Ah well.
  • If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my tweet yesterday about my sweet hubby. He is now not working weekends (lucky ducky) and Leo got to go to a farm with grandpa on Saturday while I had to work so I walked out the door yesterday telling him he could clean the kitchen or the bathroom. I was chuckling at my own joke but when I got home the joke was on me. The house had been cleaned. Well everything but the bathroom but I can’t complain too much! And then on Sunday while Leo and I were at the Renaissance Fair he mowed the grass and picked up the yard. What a good hubby. But I’m just waiting to see what his ulterior motives are! Maybe he is just exponentially less stressed at his new job that this will become the new normal.
  • Monday was a super slow day at work (which is where I’m typing this…or am I?!) And I even volunteered to stay until 8 because the supervisor who was closing was sick. So I am working a 7:30a-8p shift on what I think is the slowest day EVER. But it gives me time to do this (or does it?!) and make my list of what I’m going to get to help the Easter Bunny prepare baskets Saturday night. My sweet Leo will get an Easter cartoon (probably Dora), and Easter book and then maybe a DS game. And then probably a few Easter eggs filled with some gum or jelly beans. But not much. Because that kid will devour candy if I let him. And I don’t want him to. The hubby’s basket will have some Starburst and then How I Met Your Mother season 5 because it’s on sale at Target and then my basket will be filled with the new Harry Potter movie. So excited! I don’t know if I can wait until Sunday to re-watch it!
  • I hate to admit it but I want to see Scream 4. And Fast Five. And the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And of course the final chapter in the Harry Potter book. Holy cow…not that I’ll see all these in theater (probably just Pirates and Harry Potter) but there are a lot of summer movies I am ready to spend my money on! Alright. It’s time for you to move along.
Don’t forget to go visit the other rebel randomers. We won’t stop until Keely comes back to play!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WILW: A few of my favorite things

Hooray! It's Wednesday. And while it is halfway through the week for you people I still have to work 4 more days this week. Yuck! Oh well. At least I have a job so I shouldn't complain! Go check out Jamie and see what everyone else is loving this week.

Since I was off yesterday I got to catch up on my tv shows that I missed the last few weeks. I have a confession to make. I follow Khloe Kardashian on Twitter and for the past 2 months she's been telling me to watch her and Lamar's show on E. And gosh darnit I just couldn't help but DVR it and I watched it. And I liked it. I cringe just a little bit typing it. But seriously...it's a cute show. So I had to set up the DVR to tape the whole season.

I also had time to watch Maverick on AMC. I love that movie. Any time it is on I always watch it. And I know I know...Mel Gibson is crazy. I know it. But he is good looking and a fine actor. And the movie is just so darn good! I also love James Garner. I love him in Maverick and the hubby and I love My Fellow Americans. I am hooked on movies from the 90s!

I love that I swept my floors and I don't have to wear shoes when I'm walking in my own house. I know that sounds disgusting but wood floors are so hard to keep clean. Especially with a grimy 4 year old and a dog with longish hair.

I love that I was off on Tuesday and I got to go to our regularly scheduled Tuesday night dinners at my parents house. I haven't been since last semester and once May rolls around I will get to go again but it is a nice change that I was off and could go!

I'm loving this guy even though he's not a big fan of getting his picture taken!

And I'm definitely loving this cheese-ball! He's so funny! He's been saying so many funny things lately that I can't begin to remember them all but love, love LOVE him!

Happy Wednesday! What are you loving?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yay! It's another Rebel Random Tuesday brought to us by the lovely Stacy since Keely is still on hiatus. I'm off today and have nothing better to do since I'm waiting for the Westar man to get here between noon and 4 and I figured I'd throw down some random for you all!

  • And yes...you did read that correctly. They are supposed to be here between noon and 4. So ridiculous. But I am having them install one of their fancy thermostats that they can hack into at any time but are supposedly only going to when the need for cold air is in the highest demand and give it to others and hopefully keep my electric bill down this summer. We'll see how it works.
  • And yes you also read that part correctly. I am off today. Woo hoo! I have even been very productive (but not productive enough!). I took Leo to school, went to the gym and cleaned up the kitchen, living room and dining room. Woot woot!
  • There are a lot of books that I would like to read. I am about to finish up the Bones series. I think I have 2 books left in that series. But I wasn't able to go to the library before we took our jaunt to western Kansas last weekend so I read a book that the hubby bought towards the end of the year last year. It's called I'm Not High by Jim Breur. The goatboy from Saturday Night Live. It was so funny and a very easy read so that was nice. I also want to read the books The Help and Water for Elephants. They are both books that are being made into movies and I saw that and was like, Oh yeah. I want to read those! So they are on my to-read list! And then of course because I finished the other book I was reading and still didn't have time to go to the library I started to re-read the Hunger Games. And I was barely into it and started crying. It is such an emotionally draining series. I cried the first time I read it and I will probably cry the 50th time I read it!
  • At the gym I have noticed a trend that I don't think should be happening. And if you are someone that does this I'm sorry I'm saying it but...people should not, I repeat NOT wear jeans to work out in. Ok, not that they shouldn't but I just think it would be so restrictive and uncomfortable. I don't even like to wear shirts with long sleeves because I feel like they get in my way so I don't even want to imagine what jeans would feel like. I just know that when I sweat in jeans they get really clingy and that is just not what I want to be feeling while working out.
  • And speaking of working out I have put some of my music onto my iphone and have been using that to workout by. And that brings me to my main problem. I don't have good workout music. So any suggestions on good tunes to work out to?
  • The weather has been so nice lately but the wind has been killer. And because of that last point we have not been able to grill yet. I am just looking forward to our first grill-out of the spring. Bring it on!
Ok. That's all I have now. I'm going to go eat my mac and cheese for lunch. And keep waiting for Westar. Keep your fingers crossed they get here closer to now (2pm) than 4.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Memoir Monday: Dodge City or Bust

This weekend we got to go to Dodge City to visit the in-laws and have my sister-in-laws baby shower. And we had been looking forward to it ALL week.

Friday we all went to work and school but hit the road by 4. We got to Dodge by around 7 and I was so ready to get out of the car. It seemed like the drive took FOREVER. I'm not sure if it was because I drove most of the way or what but I was done with the car! We got some good and then just hung out until we went to bed around 11.

Saturday was our busy day with the shower and everything. Leo was up at 7 (hooray!) and we ate doughnuts and got ready. The hubby and I ran some errands around town and got back in time to eat lunch and finish decorating for the par-tay. The shower was a little awkward (as most family functions are) because I don't know anyone but immediate family and they were busy talking to the other friends so I was just hanging out in the corner. The mama-to-be got lots of good stuff and we had awesome cake and punch. After the shower my friend who lives in the next town over came by and we went and got pedicures and ice cream. It was pretty amazing. We hung out for the longest time and then she had to head home.

This morning my boys let me sleep until almost 11. It was magical. I got up and went upstairs and breakfast (or brunch) was being made. That was also magical! After breakfast we just hung out until it was time to go. And now we are back home. It was a fun trip but now I have nothing to look forward to until Memorial Day weekend when we are planning on going to Kansas City to watch the Royals play some baseball.

So the monotony begins again tomorrow. At 7:30. Yikes!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RTT: We're not gonna take it!

Keely’s taking a hiatus from Random Thoughts Tuesday but I’m not! Take that! Because this is the day that gives me the chance to get rid of the random that is floating around in my brain. We have found that Leo is a dreamer. The hubby and I are dreamers and so it should come as no surprise. He is also a sleep talker like I am so it makes for funny moments. Leo had one of his night fits where his leg is hurting him so he came into our room. I gave him some Tylenol and he was dosing off. The hubby and I were falling back asleep as well when we were both awakened to Leo yelling…”You can’t call me a craphead.” It freaked us out but then we both started cracking up. Apparently someone was being mean to him in his dream! Another funny thing Leo said was when we went to Five Guys for dinner on Saturday. When we got there and after we had gotten our food Leo was looking around I and I told him that he needed to pay attention to his food (which seems to be something I’ve been saying A LOT lately). He looked at me and said, “But I thought we were meeting five guys here.” We had to explain that the restaurant was called Five Guys. Another laugh was had by the hubby and I! I am on Facebook and now that I get it on my phone I seem to look at it a lot more. But one thing I am TIRED of is people who use Facebook to complain. All. The. Time. About everything. I just get annoyed. I have a few friends who are pregnant and all they do is complain. Suck it up. You chose to be pregnant, or if you didn’t choose, then you made the choice to become pregnant. If you don’t like what is going on please step away from your computer or phone and quit putting your business out there. And the others who just seem to have nothing go right in their life. I get it. Your life sucks. But obviously it’s not bad enough that you are able to access a computer and tell us all about it. How about you do something to change your attitude. Once you do that then come back and let us know. Am I being crabby about this or does this bother you to? It has been super-crazy windy lately. The weather this weekend was perfect but the wind was killer. But I’ll take wind over rain/snow any day! But let’s calm it down before this weekend because it will wreak havoc on our gas mileage when we are driving out of town! I was on Groupon the other day and there was a groupon for the wildlife park here in town. I am SO excited. My mom and I took Leo 2 summers ago and it had just opened so all the exhibits weren’t open. I would assume they should all be open now and my mom and I are going to go back and take Leo. Woo hoo! I also used a coupon to get my mom’s Christmas present to go to the melodrama. Yes…I am a coupon using fool but they are really helpful! I need to make our reservations but we went last year to the Melodrama and it was such a good time! The one this time is Glee the Melodrama. My mom is a gleek and so it should be good. And they serve dinner before and it was sooooo good last year. Hopefully it is just as good this time! One thing that I am very much looking forward to this summer is grilling out. I miss doing it in the winter and so now that the weather is warming I am ready to grill. I just need the wind to cooperate! My mouth is watering just thinking about grilling! Haha! And my final thought of the day is how do you people respond to comments? My comment form does not have where people leave their email addresses so if I wanted to reply would you suggest replying back on my post? Do people go back and see if the writer commented back? I don’t. I just leave my peace and then move along. But sometimes I want to comment back to the people who leave me some comment love and I never know how to do it. Ok so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I hope you all have an AWESOME Tuesday and don’t let the wind blow you away!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Memoir Monday: Sesame Street Edition

Memoir Monday

My weekend was split up by a day of work on Saturday and of course all my plans for Friday fell through when I came down with a nasty sinus infection and junk in the lungs. I hit up the doctor on Friday morning after dropping one kid off for her haircut (Freckles) and the other kid of at school. I was home by 10 and slept until 2. It was definitely a much needed day of rest.

Saturday I spent the day working but Leo got to have a fun day with grandpa. They went to a family friends farm. He got to help burn a field, feed the cows and ride a 4-wheeler. I blocked out the last one because it just makes me so nervous. I picked Leo up grandma and grandpas and he was FILTHY. He is all boy and you can tell when he's been outside for any amount of time. We went home and I washed his face real good and the washcloth was disgusting. I couldn't believe how dirty just his face was. After a quick clean-up we headed out and used a gift certificate from Sports Authority and then went to eat at 5 Guys Burger and Fries. It was pretty good but expensive. We only got 3 cheeseburgers, 1 fry and 2 drinks and it cost over $20. Probably not going to be going there very frequently. But good for a treat!

And then today we just slept in a little bit. No alarms and Leo slept in until past 9. It was amazing. So we got up and the boys went and played outside for a little bit while I cooked some bacon for breakfast. And then we got to the fun part of the weekend. I won tickets to see Sesame Street Live through my work and the day had finally arrived to go.

We had a really good time but I think a 1 showtime is just too much for Leo because he was getting antsy and cranky before the end of the show and then came home and was a little hellion until he fell asleep for his nap. Since getting home we have just been watching the Royals play a little baseball and I was going to grill this evening for dinner because the weather has been so nice but the wind is a killer and with a charcoal grill it doesn't really mix well.

I hope you all had a great weekend!