Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've got baby fever

But I can definitely hold out on my baby-making mindset. My boss just had a baby and we are friends in real life so I actually get to see him and play with him. Well, at least when she lets me! And I just found out today great news that one of my dear cousins is going to have a baby. So that will give me a good year with boss baby and then another year with new family baby! You know since I like to steal babies it's all good! :) Well only for a few hours because then my two year old gets all jealous and decides to dogpile his cousin to get all the attention. Probably wouldn't work for a small child. That will set me up perfectly for the great baby-making plan of 2011. No people...I'm not crazy. Just well organized. I have to be! I figured, if I get prego around February of 2011 I would have said baby around November. This works out perfectly because in my line of work as a banker we are considered "retail" even though we don't sell jack diddly. So, of course November and December are not times that we are really allowed to take vacation. So no holidays to play with family! SO, if I had baby in November then I could save my sick time, plus use 2 weeks of vacation from 2011 and stay on leave until the end of the year plus if I really wanted to I could use 2 weeks of vacation from the next year to extend my leave even further! That would be totally awesome! Ok, you can now call me a dork or even creepy and I don't care! I'm just hoping I can hold out that long! :)

On a side note...I did see my boss today and her cute, sweet baby boy. I held him and cuddled him. Then I smelled my hand (not on purpose...I'm not that creepy!) and the first thought that popped in my head was, oh my gosh, my son is going to be just like a pet, smell the new baby smell on me and think, where the hell has she been holding other kids. That is so not cool! Ok, yeah, now you can really call me a dork!

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