Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friend or Foe

Isn't life funny? I think it is. Just thinking about growing up with an extremely annoying older brother who was 3 years older than me. I couldn't stand him and him me. We fought constantly and our parents yelled at us to stop yelling at each other constantly! I think the funniest (and moment I will never forget) moment was when my brother and I were arguing with each other in the backseat. I'm sure the argument went something like this...

Me: He's touching me

Brock: I'm not touching her, I just have my finger right by her face.

Me: Mom, tell him to quit...he's touching me...wah wah wah.

And then the most ridiculous thing happened that shut us the heck up. My mom slammed on the breaks and dropped the F-bomb. Now, my mother is a woman of peace. She does not cuss, and is usually the pretty calm one. When this happened we just shut right up because the ish was about to hit the fan. I don't really remember what happened after that. If we got in trouble when we got home or if we just quietly skirted to our rooms to make sure that D-Day wouldn't happen that day.

But this is where it gets brother and I are very close now. Not close where we talk to each other daily or anything like that but the big stuff that matters we actually talk about. Have normal conversations. I watch his kid and he can watch mine. I'm going to be in his wedding next summer as a bridesmaid (obviously for his fiancee and not him) but still. He has respect enough in me that he wants me in it. And he of course was in my wedding. Funny how a few (10-15) years ago we hated each others guts but when something goes down he will be one of the first I call or email. It's nice to have him and his family close by so if I want to see him I can. Or if I have something to give him I can swing by. It's just nice that we don't have to have our mom screaming at us to get along. Maybe we should be thanking her for not pushing us together but letting us come together. Whatever way...he is definitely my friend!

My family (Brock, dad, mom, me and little man Mothers Day 2007)

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Sprite's Keeper said...

My sister and I are definitely closer now than we were in our childhood when it comes to listening to each other. We used to be at each other's necks in the same way. Good times! You're linked!

Mama Badger said...

It's good that you guys came together. My brother and I are actually much farther apart than we ever were. We just grew into very different thinking people, and since we don't see eye to eye, I don't try to keep the relationship up. My bad, I know...

kendrasue said...

Yeah, but if you don't see eye to eye you would probably have more arguments than actual conversations which would probably push you further apart. You do what you have to do.