Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So, I'm a nerd

I have been reading like a fiend. I have read 5 books in 9 days. And it has been pretty relaxing! I read the first two books in the Kay Hooper trilogy about pyschic "cops". And then I read a trilogy that I had read before by Nora Roberts. Those were about women having to come together to find keys to unlock the souls of demigoddesses. Again, great books (I would hope so since this would be my 3rd time to read them!). And finally, I am keeping with the theme and started to read (again) the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice. It's of an erotic nature and I've found that it might not be the best to read them on my lunch break because, well you know! :) So, after probably a good 6 months without reading a book I have read a bunch in a short amount of time. If anyone has any suggestions of good books to read let me know! I think I would like to re-read the Harry Potter books, but if someone has a better suggestion then I will take that!

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CC said...

during the unemployment days, I re-read the entire harry potter series in 9 days. what can i say? i was bored. and those are some good readin'