Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small child...might harm

Anyone that has ever been not living under a rock has heard the phrase terrible twos. You always think that this will be something that you can handle. And I'm sure people do. Obviously that is how little kids grow up. My child has now entered the phase of his terrible twos. But they aren't every day all day things. And I think that is what is killing me. If I had a child that was terrible all the time then I would not find it so alarming when he just comes up and kicks me in the spine while I am watching TV. Or when I try to punish him by sitting him in the corner and whatever is closest to his grubby little paws comes dangerously close to giving me a black eye, broken nose, broken face, etc. And I definitely wouldn't mind if I had a small child that would just sit quietly and play with his toys, or color or watch a movie for longer than ten minutes. Right now I am listening to peace and quiet and I am more than a little worried because he is not sleeping so I am wondering what he is doing. (Obviously not too worried if I am still blogging! )

The thing that kills me though is that he is the perfect angel 70% of the time and the other 30% is what drives me bonkers and makes me want to drop-kick the little runt! He tells me when he is getting in trouble...I be nice...only to not be nice in the upcoming 5 minutes. I know he is just trying to get out of trouble for the time being, but that cute little, innocent face just stares at me and I can't keep him in trouble for too long. Also, as a 2-year-old there is only so much discipline or bargaining you can do. I can tell him he won't get to go to storytime if he misbehaves, but if he is misbehaving the only thing I want to do is get him out of the house because he almost always behaves in public. I know that is not the right way to look at things but if he's out of the house he will behave and he won't be grating on my last nerve.

What do you people think? Are 2-year-olds honestly responsible for their behavior? Do you think you can reason with them? If so, does anyone have any extra room for a little munchkin for the rest of the summer? :)

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