Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can you be one way without the other

So, lately the hubby has been on a cleaning tear. And not like, oh hon, we need to clean out the garage, or pick up our mess. He just decides he wants to clean and then gets pissy because I'm sitting on my lazy behind watching tv. Well I understand why he gets mad but I am not always in a cleaning mood. On the other hand, I like a clean kitchen. I'm not talking Stepford, with counters clean and shiny trash always empty, etc. I'm talking no dirty dishes left out, etc. I'm trying really hard to keep it clean. So tonight I told hubby, 2 choices: Give the monster a bath or clean up the kitchen. We both got off early so dinner was done and finished eating by 6:30. He chose neither. I got to give the bath and cook and clean up the kitchen. Very frustrating. Especially when I worked just as long today and have to work just as long tomorrow. Just help out a little even when you're not in the mood. We all do a little give and take! :)


Ben said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I clean, I'm cleaning by myself. When the newf cleans, he's all 'why aren't you helping??!'.


Captain Dumbass said...

My wife does that sometimes. I don't really care when it's me because sometimes I go a little freakzoid and would just prefer to be left alone.

Brooke said...

No kidding! I am sure it goes both ways,but jeez. Today was a bad day for this at my house too. I got home from work early and thought I would get the bathrooms clean and the laundry done all while doing my homework for my master's program. The hubby comes home, complains about his chair not being right (what does that even mean?!) then demands that I help him mow and fix stuff in the garage!