Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Leaf

I've turned over a new leaf. Well an old new leaf. I am back on the work out/eating healthier bandwagon. I joined SparkPeople and it is a place where you can track calories, track exercise and has a lot of different forums and groups that can be very beneficial to helping keep people on track. Or so they say! :) But I have been on it for 4 days and of those 4 I have tracked my calories 3 of the 4 and I have exercised 3 of the 4. It is also helpful that the website is accessible through work. Most websites are blocked, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one was not. I of course am not being compensated by them because I'm so not the blog they want to be endorsing! But I'm hoping that this website will be my go-to site. And I'm on board with this site because it's free as opposed to the weight watchers one which is not. My new goal is to reach 130 pounds by the end of the year. So that gives me 4 months to lose about 15 pounds. That is definitely an achievable goal as long as I keep it up! They have a blog that I can access on that website but instead of keeping up with 2 blogs I think I will just be copying and pasting any and all health-related blogs that I write up to the blog on the site. And if anyone else is interested in joining Spark People let me know their username and I will be your buddy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Open Letter to the Customers of Wal-Mart

Dear Wal-Mart customers,

I just wanted to let you know how rude you were on Friday afternoon when I was shopping. Every aisle I went down it seemed you were on the wrong side with people coming down both ways so I was the one being polite and waiting ON EVERYONE. You also decided to take your sweet time when I was following behind you while looking for cereal. And then when I saw something I wanted, you of course were on one side of the aisle and your cart was on the other so I could not even get around you to get what I wanted. All I wanted were some Special K bars. I had to wait. Again. But the icing on the cake was when I went out to my car to load up my groceries the stupid person that parked next to me was right on their line. I could barely open my door far enough to get my groceries inside.

Kendra...the person that needs a good thwap on the head the next time I suggest going to Wal-Mart.

So to all of you reading this...the next time you see one of those emails about "The People of Wal-Mart" look for me...the girl giving the dirty looks to the people in my way!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Woo Hoo

Alright! Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday and that means I'm off! This week anyways! I have tomorrow off and I feel like I have quite a bit of stuff to do. And I definitely have a lot of stuff going on this weekend!

Tomorrow I will be doing laundry and cleaning up the house. My lovely aunt brought me over a book that talks about how to bring your house into order and out of chaos so I will be browsing through that to see what I can do to make me feel more order. And of course I will be spending plenty of time in bed catching up on some shows I missed this week!

Then this weekend I have to work all day Saturday but then Saturday evening I am taking Leo to Summerfest. It is a little gathering that is happening in our town where there will be booths for families to visit and lots of other things for kids to do. It is followed by an ice cream social, fireworks and then a movie under the stars. And finally on Sunday our church is having their annual picnic complete with horses to ride, a petting zoo, more ice cream :), face painting and many other things. So busy busy weekend planned but lots of fun things to be doing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RTT: When ish hits the fan and other fun facts

I know, I've been MIA for awhile again. Summer just takes my bloggy spirit away from me. Maybe it's the heat. I'm not sure but dang it's been hot! And I've been using every ounce of motivation I have to do things that need to get done around the house. And there hasn't been much done on that front either!'s Tuesday so that means Random. Keely sets it up and we link in and it's like magic. You know what else is magic? The fact that I figured out how to make text into a link. I'm a genius!

First order of random. My child says the most ridiculous things! He was getting out of his bath last night and was playing with his, ahem, sack and said, "These gumballs are getting to big for in here." I could not hold back the laughter. And so of course he knew what he said was funny so he desperately wanted to tell dad who did not think it was funny. Or was capable of holding back the laughter. One way or another he was a better man/woman than I was! He also has been talking like a grown-up and saying things that I wouldn't even imagine him knowing or knowing the correct context to use the words. We said something about him being so smart and he said, "I'm not smart, I'm great!"

Next order of random. I need to do like a summer cleaning sweep. I'm not big on cleaning. I know I've talked about it before but I need to get things in order so I feel more confident about my parenting/wifing skills. I know this sounds ridiculous but it's for my own self so I'm ok with it. My question is though...what are things that need to be done on a deep cleaning time? I clean the bathrooms and kitchens and floors and what not, but what are things that should be done once a month or once a year? I just need to know because I have some vacation time coming up so I will have time to do and spend on deep cleaning. So any help will be appreciated!

Third order. My little baby is growing up. See first order but also see actions. He is able to bathe himself and it kills me. He's only 3! He also will stay outside by himself (in our fenced backyard) and play for close to an hour! And even though it is almost the end of summer he has gotten so much better about being in the pool. He stayed in the pool for 2 hours on Sunday. And he even jumped in off the side with just a little help from me and my mom!

Fourth Order: Fall is coming up quick which means I am taking health/exercise more seriously again since summer was an epic fail in that department! I am signing up for 2 spin classes, one on Monday and one and Wednesday and then I am enrolling Leo in a swim class. It's also on Mondays and Wednesdays and I'm really excited. Since in the above mentioned he has been doing much better water-wise I feel that a swim lesson would be beneficial to him. Not like last winter/spring when I was thinking about putting him in a class and I think he would have freaked out.

And the Final Order: We have 2 people leaving our branch in 2 weeks. That is not cool. The 2 weeks following them leaving we have a full-time person on vacation. That is losing 120 hours those 2 weeks and then still being short 80 hours when the vacations are over. And we aren't on a hiring freeze anymore but we won't have anyone hired and trained and near ready to work for at least a month. And that's IF the position gets approved for what we're looking for. It's gonna be a killer next month and a half. And yes, I am one of the people that will be gone one of the two weeks for vacation but I've given up 2 of my days to be used later because I knew we would be hurting if I took the full week. And my little one will be in daycare anyways and the hubby will be out of town for opening day football so no loss for that. I would have been sitting at home by myself! So instead of doing it in September I'll just do it in October, November or December!

Well that's all I got. Probably more than you wanted to know! But it's so much easier to get back into the groove of blogging when I don't have to form a completely coherent post! Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary

6 years ago today I married my true love! We have had a very busy anniversary day first by the hubby going to work and me taking the monkey to the zoo. Then we went and looked at a house (it was sketchy!). We took naps and then ended the evening by heading to the movies as a family and watching Despicable Me. As I'm sitting here while my boys are finishing up dinner the hubby looked over at me and told me that this was our best anniversary yet! And I have to was so nice just spending the day together as a family! So happy anniversary to me and Leonard and cheers to many more to come!

***pictures from our wedding coming soon!***

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Happens in My Mind Doesn't Stay There

It always seems like I’m a day late and a dollar short but I’m going to go ahead and throw out some random thoughts!

My name’s Kendra and I’m a diet yo-yoer. I know the benefit of sticking with weight watchers and I had good results on it but now I’m just being lazy and I need to get back on the wagon and start doing it again. It’s just the effort needed and lately I just don’t have it. It’s also been ridiculously hot so I don’t feel like working out either. Blah.

I had the craziest dreams last night. My first one was about me wanting to go to Australia on vacation. I was looking up prices and trips online and I found a plane ticket but the trip would take 6 weeks. I rationalized in my head that that was probably correct because instead of going to Australia westward this trip was going eastward so I would have to cross the Atlantic then Europe then Asia to get to Australia so of course it would take longer! And then while I was in Australia I was in a swimming pool swimming with hippos. And then the hippos got mad that I was in their swimming pool on their lily pads so they started to come at me so I had to get out of the water! So ridiculous! My other dream was that I was in a local porn/lingerie store and I was looking around and I found that they had a whole section of KU related stuff. Like shoes, lingerie, etc. And I was so excited! I even bought my sister-in-law a KU nightie because she loves KU so much. A little creepy!

It must have been the night of dreams in our house because Leo woke up from a terrible dream. I woke up because hubby startled awake and I heard something but I didn’t know if it was just me coming out of my dream. So I stayed awake and all of a sudden I heard Leo screaming from his room like, “No NO NO.” It was so scary. But I had just read an article about night terrors vs. nightmares and if they don’t wake up then it is probably a night terror. But when he screamed again I was freaked out enough that I jumped up and ran into his room. He was just standing by the bed and he was crying. I felt so bad for him. He really didn’t know what was going on so I think it was a night terror but I let him come in our room and he cuddled up with me and fell back asleep. Poor little lamb.

So going to bed late + waking up in the middle of the night scared out of my mind + getting up early to go to work = Very tired, cranky mom and kid!

I made teriyaki marinade last night after I got home from the longest day ever at work. It was sad knowing that even though I was making delicious teriyaki marinade I wouldn’t be eating the deliciousness until the next day and all I was eating was a frozen pizza. Lame. What’s also lame? That my hands smell like the garlic that I chopped up to put in the marinade!

That’s what I’ve got for you today! Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer TV Lovin'

Since I’ve been in the blogging mood lately I’ll keep it going and give you an update on the summer TV shows the Fernandez family has been enjoying this summer!

Phineas and Ferb is by far our favorite show as a family to watch together. We just watched The Summer Belongs to You and I laughed out loud throughout the whole show. My favorite part of the show was when *Spoiler Alert* Buford is giving their bikes back to everyone and when he asks Baljeet which one is his he says that his is the incumbent bike because it’s better for your back. And Buford says, “Why don’t I have to stand in line to bully you?” Best. Quote. Ever. Leo’s favorite part was when Isabella’s head explodes (imaginarily) because Phineas keeps talking about the city of love and he completely ignores her.

Leonard and I have also been watching the TO Show. It is the second season and we watched last season also. It’s just about the life of Terrell Owens who plays in the NFL. He’s kinda crazy and is a little bit dramatic but it’s a pretty good show. My favorite part of the season so far has been when he was talking to his on again/off again girlfriend about how lonely and quiet his house is. When she responds…And? He tells her he wants to get a dog. That was just harsh! I’m sure the show is semi-scripted and we don’t know what is edited out but still. That would be hard to hear. It’s like that beer commercial where the guy asks his girlfriend to go for a walk and he takes her by the jewelry store and the bridal shop and they get to where they are going and he wants to drink beer!

Another show on MTV we watch is Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Dude is CRAZY! He’s a professional skateboarder and has his hands in many different enterprises so he can do all different crazy things. The latest adventure was wearing a gorilla costume to skateboard and promote board tape. He also gets to meet really famous people and bring them back to his “fantasy factory” and they do crazy stuff.

We watch Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. He is a comedian that riffs on web videos. He finds the craziest videos and just talks trash on them. He also does stand-up and is coming to Wichita and the hubby and I are going to see it! I’m pretty excited about it!

Of course we have been watching baseball. Unfortunately the Royals have not been handling their season very well but we still watch. And hope. And sometimes, when we’ve been really good they will pull out a win for us!

And finally I am obsessed with Big Brother. I got into it a few summers ago when there were a few girls on it from this area and ever since I’ve been watching it. But this season has been pretty bland. Not much going on and the people on it are pretty boring. But in the last week or so the drama level has picked up and it’s gotten a little crazier! It’s always crazy to see how people behave when they are stuck in a house with the same people with not many consequences. I always wonder how I would behave in that situation and how far I would make it. I’m not much of a friend-maker so I would probably be one of the floaters who just goes from person to person to make random conversation.

So there you have it. Our evening viewing pleasures! And I will say that I LOVE DVRs. We watch TV mostly after the munchkin has gone to bed and we can get through 2 or 3 30-minute shows in an hour because we fast forward through all of the commercials! The only time we watch live TV is when we are watching a sporting event. So what are your summer TV guilty pleasures?

Friday, August 6, 2010

In the Middle of the Night

I spoke too soon. I was talking to my mom and dad last night about how well Leo had been doing potty training wise. I told them he was completely potty trained. That we hadn’t had any accidents overnight or during the day. The last time there were accidents was when we were in Dodge City for vacation and he just didn’t go to the bathroom because he was too busy playing. I was bragging on him. Comparing him to others. I should have known better. Last night we put him to bed in his new to him bed. He’s been in it for about a week and a half and we don’t have a mattress cover or anything. Just his brand spanking new sheets. This is nothing new. He also took a drink to bed. Also, nothing to think twice about. About 4am I am awoken by the pitter patter of feet on the hardwood coming into our room. He just stands there. I kinda look at him and he whispers that he peed the bed. I just lay back down and sigh. The hubby asks me what is going on and I tell him. We both get up to inspect the damage. I get the sheets off the bed and into the wash. Then I help Leo get out of his wet jammies. Nobody really makes much mention of it other than he needs to just lay in mom and dad’s bed because his is wet. When he complains I just tell him that it’s not our fault that his bed is wet and he needs to make sure if he needs to go to the bathroom he makes it to the bathroom. Nobody yells. Nobody cries. He’s pretty upset because he knows he shouldn’t go in the bed, but really, as a parent you can’t scream at a kid who accidentally wet the bed. There have been many a night that I would have rather just let it flow then get up. Just in case you were wondering! :) So I will eat my words. And Leo will not be getting any drinks before bed tonight!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Do you ever feel like the butterfly flapped its wings in the wrong direction and turned a peaceful setting into a monstrous one? Well that happened to me Tuesday night and I just want to vent about it.

Men. Harumph. Both the hubby and I had to work late so my parents had watched Leo until we both got off. I went to pick him up knowing that he would be tired and cranky but not ready for bed. I also knew that we all had to be up early the next morning to get off to work and that if he didn’t go to bed when we got home he would be a bear the next morning. So I get him home and his dad is already home. We realize we are out of milk. Strike one. I get Leo situated with a snack and off to bed about 9. An hour later than normal but we were both still at work for bedtime. He comes out of his room wanting milk so I, being the nice mom that I am, offered to go get some. And because all of our leftovers did not sound appealing I told hubby that I would stop and get something. Hubby informs Leo that he can stay up until I get back from getting milk (snort. Worst idea ever, but I’ll be gone)

So I go get the milk. Run to McDonalds and get back home. While trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything inside one of the pops spill. All. Over. My. Car. I am now pissed. I grab a few items to go in the house and no one even helps me open the door. I get inside and Leo jumps up in my way and yells. I tell him no and to sit down. And by tell I mean yell. I also yell at hubby thanks for helping me. Grab the roll of paper towels and storm back out to my car. No can I help you? No what’s going on. He just sits there. I come back inside and we start to bicker back and forth. I get Leo back in bed after he whines for French fries saying he is hungry when I know he just wants McDonalds. Hubby snaps that he (Leo) can eat whatever he wants and so when I offer him carrots he doesn’t want them and I prove my point. I go back out to eat my food and the hubby and I continue to bicker. He tells me that I am overreacting and that I am only mad because the pop spilled. I tell him that that is one of the things that upset me, but also the other things I’ve stated above! I tell him I didn’t understand how he didn’t hear me struggling to get in and he tells me he’s sorry he doesn’t wait on me hand and foot and that I should have made more than one trip to bring stuff in. He also tells me that he didn’t need the food I got so I tell him fine, don’t eat it. I’ll just take it for lunch tomorrow. He ends up getting up and going to the other room. I finally am ready to go to bed and he has left his food and his pop on the floor in the living room. I go into the bedroom and he is laying on the bed watching TV. I ask him if he was going to eat his food or put it away and he told me it’s my food. That once I said I would take it for lunch it was no longer his. So he was just going to leave it out there! On the floor! So I storm back out there and while I’m putting it away Leo comes out of his room and wants something and on and on. So when I go back to bed I tell hubby that he just leaves whenever he gets mad and he tells me that since Leo was already in bed and asleep it shouldn’t matter. And I tell him that he was not in bed or asleep and he knew that. And then we went to bed.

This morning we woke up and we acted as if nothing had happened. Neither side apologized and I’m still a little mad. But I also know that it isn’t a big deal so I’m just dropping it. But what do you all think. Was I overreacting? If I am I’ll take it into consideration. But also, I think he was a little bit of a jerk for just leaving his food out.

**Edited to add…whilst typing this blog hubby emailed me an apology. So of course I apologized too. I told him that sometimes I just feel I’m carrying a burden and that I feel like I need a little help. But it was nice that he extended the olive branch. And we both said that it escalated to a point that it didn’t need to. And of course going to be angry is never good! I guess all’s well that ends well. **

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It Is What You Believe

My family was/is not a superstitious one. Or if they are they haven’t been bestowing their “wisdom” on to me during my lifetime. But when I was pregnant it seemed like people came out of the woodwork to give me their ideas on what was going on. I don’t remember everything but a few that I remember are:

If you are carrying high you are having a girl and if you are carrying low you are having a boy. The baby pretty much carried me because even though I only gained between 20-25 pounds I looked heavier everywhere. So that was really no indication of having a boy or a girl.

If you have heartburn you will have a hairy baby. I only had heartburn 1 time during my pregnancy that I remember and it was when we were traveling around Christmas. I remember it because I ate an entire roll of Tums in the 2 ½ hour drive from our house to the in-laws! But even though I rarely had heartburn I bore a child with a Mohawk! He had his first haircut when he was only 8 months old! And it was the cutest hair ever!

If your mom had stretch marks you would have stretch marks. I don’t remember asking my mom if she had any but I know I did. And still do. Lame.

And finally, the grossest one but the one that was true…a hairy belly = a boy. And of course this was the one that happened to me. Oh well. What can you do. Even on the worst of days Leo is definitely worth a hairy belly! That is what wax is for right?! And don't worry. I didn't turn in to Sasquatch. Just a few stray hairs that were never there before (and now refuse to go away!).

Do you believe in superstitions and old wives tales? Do you live your life to follow them? I’m not big on them but it’s always fun to hear/read about them. To read about other ones head over to

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Thoughts

Football training camps started this week. Well all except the Cowboys who started early because they think they're special. Anyways..the big drama in the Redskins training camp is our 100 million dollar man (literally) can't pass his stupid fitness thing. Seriously?! Albert Haynesworth has already caused problems in the offseason by being stupid and now he can't pass the test so he can't practice. Dude is being paid ridiculous amounts of money and he's had a whole off-season to get in shape and he can't do it. Stupid.

My sweet boy spent Friday night and all day Saturday at the lake with grandpa. While the evening was nice without him I will tell you how wild and crazy me and the hubby got. We ate leftovers and then ordered a movie on On Demand. We didn't even leave the house. And I was in bed by 10. It's like at the end of Shrek 3 when Shrek was like, the kids are asleep what do you want to do and the shot pans out and Shrek and Fiona are passed out on the bed. Yep, pretty much us!

We did go out to dinner the next night after we both got off work and I remember why we hardly ever go out to a nice(ish) restaurant. We went to Chili's and I even had $14 remaining on a gift card and we still spent $33! I got a (delicious) strawberry daquiri, we ordered an appetizer and then we both got meals and it was $40 before the tip and gift card. Holy crap. We will be going out for our anniversary in a few weeks so I need to prioritize the money I guess! Especially if we are going to pay for a sitter too. Wow! I'm glad I'm not single in this world. Well I guess it wouldn't be to bad since I'm the girl so hopefully the boy would be paying for me but wow.

I am so ready for the heat to be gone here. We are currently under a heat advisory for the state of Kansas until 1pm Tuesday. We have had 7 days over 100 degrees so far this summer and it is only the first week in August. We are still expecting August to be hard. I'm really nervous to see what my electric bill is going to be. Pretty sure it feels like it is running all day and all night. And it still always feels like it's hot in the house. It's summers like these I wish we had a basement!

Ok. That's all I got for today. To check out more random go see Keely over at

Monday, August 2, 2010

Need Sleepy

So this summer has been a shit-storm of crazy. We've had one thing or another it seems every. single. weekend. And I'm pretty much sick of it. And if we don't have something planned at least one, if not both of us, is working. It has really put a damper on my blogging this summer and I apologize. I also don't feel like there has been much I have wanted to share. But that's neither here nor there. But today I got off work at 1 and instead of working out and then going swimming like I thought I was going to do I have been sitting in front of my computer taking care of some business and then of course stalking old high school friends on Facebook and then catching up on blogs for the past hour and a half. So I figured I would throw out what I was thinking about last night as I was judging old friends on facebook...

I saw a picture of some boys I went to high school with. They were playing beer pong in a picture dated last year, so I will still refer to them as boys instead of men! ;) Anyways...they had put on quite a bit of weight and were not looking like the cute boys I remember from high school. And then a horrifying thought went through my mind. And it went a little something like this..."Hey jerk-face. Don't be judging those boys. It wasn't until a few months ago that you decided to take your image into consideration and try to drop some weight." And I was all like, "Yeah, well I've had a baby so there." And then in my more realistic voice I thought, I probably shouldn't be all judgmental becuase it's been 8 years since high school and people change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I just need to remember that we are not, I repeat NOT in high school and will never be again. And I'm pretty sure those days of trying to impress those people are also over. But it's whatever!