Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer TV Lovin'

Since I’ve been in the blogging mood lately I’ll keep it going and give you an update on the summer TV shows the Fernandez family has been enjoying this summer!

Phineas and Ferb is by far our favorite show as a family to watch together. We just watched The Summer Belongs to You and I laughed out loud throughout the whole show. My favorite part of the show was when *Spoiler Alert* Buford is giving their bikes back to everyone and when he asks Baljeet which one is his he says that his is the incumbent bike because it’s better for your back. And Buford says, “Why don’t I have to stand in line to bully you?” Best. Quote. Ever. Leo’s favorite part was when Isabella’s head explodes (imaginarily) because Phineas keeps talking about the city of love and he completely ignores her.

Leonard and I have also been watching the TO Show. It is the second season and we watched last season also. It’s just about the life of Terrell Owens who plays in the NFL. He’s kinda crazy and is a little bit dramatic but it’s a pretty good show. My favorite part of the season so far has been when he was talking to his on again/off again girlfriend about how lonely and quiet his house is. When she responds…And? He tells her he wants to get a dog. That was just harsh! I’m sure the show is semi-scripted and we don’t know what is edited out but still. That would be hard to hear. It’s like that beer commercial where the guy asks his girlfriend to go for a walk and he takes her by the jewelry store and the bridal shop and they get to where they are going and he wants to drink beer!

Another show on MTV we watch is Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Dude is CRAZY! He’s a professional skateboarder and has his hands in many different enterprises so he can do all different crazy things. The latest adventure was wearing a gorilla costume to skateboard and promote board tape. He also gets to meet really famous people and bring them back to his “fantasy factory” and they do crazy stuff.

We watch Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. He is a comedian that riffs on web videos. He finds the craziest videos and just talks trash on them. He also does stand-up and is coming to Wichita and the hubby and I are going to see it! I’m pretty excited about it!

Of course we have been watching baseball. Unfortunately the Royals have not been handling their season very well but we still watch. And hope. And sometimes, when we’ve been really good they will pull out a win for us!

And finally I am obsessed with Big Brother. I got into it a few summers ago when there were a few girls on it from this area and ever since I’ve been watching it. But this season has been pretty bland. Not much going on and the people on it are pretty boring. But in the last week or so the drama level has picked up and it’s gotten a little crazier! It’s always crazy to see how people behave when they are stuck in a house with the same people with not many consequences. I always wonder how I would behave in that situation and how far I would make it. I’m not much of a friend-maker so I would probably be one of the floaters who just goes from person to person to make random conversation.

So there you have it. Our evening viewing pleasures! And I will say that I LOVE DVRs. We watch TV mostly after the munchkin has gone to bed and we can get through 2 or 3 30-minute shows in an hour because we fast forward through all of the commercials! The only time we watch live TV is when we are watching a sporting event. So what are your summer TV guilty pleasures?


Heather said...

We have no shows in common. I am soo bummed! LOL!

Sounds like yall really like to watch tv as a family, that is great!

kendrasue said...

Oh believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg! I'm sure if you told me some of the shows you watched I either still watch them or have watched them. I am a TV junkie! These are just my "summer shows" while I wait for the good ones to start again in the fall! :)