Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes…I wonder how I get sucked in to the Olympics every 2 years.

Always…remember that I’m not just getting sucked in to watching really random sports but I’m supporting the United States as a whole.  Which is something I think everyone should do!


Sometimes…I think how did I get so lucky to have 2 beautiful baby boys.

Always…thank God that I was able to have them and count my blessings!


Sometimes…I wonder why my body hates me

Always…am thankful that nothing worse is happening to it.


Sometimes…I wonder how celebrities stay so thin

Always…remember they have the time to work out whenever they want and have nutritionists helping them make good choices.


Ok!  Enough from me.  Go visit www.mackeymadness.blogspot.com

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spin Cycle: Favorite Things (More of them!)


Gretchen has been so kind as to give us a very easy topic this week for the spin cycle.  Favorites.  So I’m going the easy route and going to give you a list of some of my favorite things that are happening!


·         Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi—straight deliciousness

·         Cheddars Chicken Fingers Basket—I went to dinner last night with some girlfriends and oh ma gah.  These were so good!

·         Getting an appraisal done our house to refinance (woo hoo saving 2.5% in interest and shaving 2 years off our mortgage!!) and learning you have over $20,000 in equity!  It makes me feel like the past 8 years paying mortgage were for nothing!

·         Only getting 1 migraine in the past 3 months since starting my new job.  Hmmmm…the stress factor obviously was getting to me at the old job!

·         Hugs and kisses from my boys.  All of my boys.

·         My Kindle.  It pretty much rocks now that I found the website www.pixelofink.com (thanks Toni!) and getting more free books than I need.  Also, I read the first book of Fifty Shades of Gray (what?!  I like my smut!) from the library downloaded to my Kindle.  Free books are definitely a favorite thing!

·         Knowing that 2 days of vacation are coming up next week!  Hooray!


There are of course so many more of my favorite things but I’ll stop here.  Go check out the other spins (http://secondblooming.typepad.com)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weight Watchers Update: Week 4

Current Weight: 144.0

Weight loss this week: 0.6 pounds

Total weight loss: 3.2 pounds


Woo hoo!  Down some more this week!  So excited!  And really it just keeps getting easier.  I am continuing to watch my portion sizes and trying to make the right choices when it comes to what I choose to eat.  The main struggle I am having is finding time to exercise.  I did so well the first few weeks and worked out 4 or 5 days a week.  And last week even though I mentally was prepared to work out I just never made the time to do it.  So no working out at all.  Again.  I am traveling to Kansas City next week for a few days so I am taking some clothes and going to work out in the gym they have at the hotel.  And that is one thing I for sure will do.  I love working out on treadmills and ellipticals.  I wish we had room for one and I would for sure use it all the time.  But alas we don’t!  So I just will have to make myself get off my rear and go out and get some exercise!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RTT: It's been awhile

Wha?! It’s Tuesday?!  Holy cow.  The days and weeks are running together.  Summer is coming and going.  But today you’re going to get some random!


Last night I was preparing a 4-layer pie for a co-workers birthday.  I had made one of the layers and had used my hand mixer.  I washed the beaters and were putting them back in the mixer when it turned on by itself.  My hand then got caught between the beaters and it beat me up.  Literally.  It skinned part of my finger and cut and smashed my right arm.  I of course screamed and it took forever for me to get it turned off.  I think the beater must have been a little damp still and it sparked the mixer on when I put it in.  So, ladies and gentlemen…unplug your appliances before trying to stick something in it.  OUCH!  My main thing about this is…how do these things happen to me.  I come up with the weirdest injuries.  In the past two years I’ve tripped into my trash can and bruised my jaw and face, fallen off my porch and tore the tendon in my ankle and now this.  I am so ridiculously clumsy.  And/or have really bad luck when it comes to random injuries!


Jacoby is 9 months old today!  Holy cow!  And last night I took him to the doctor and lo and behold the stinker has another ear infection.  The good news is the tubes are working and draining the gunk from his ears so not to cause permanent damage.  The bad news is I spent over $1,000 on tubes hoping they would prevent ear infections and it’s not.  Here’s hoping he’ll grow out of the sickies and we won’t have to deal with this much after next year!


We got the assignment for Leo’s teacher.  He will have Mrs. Fanning.  It is a teacher who had my cousin’s wife when she was in Kindergarten.  24 years ago! :)  I’ve only heard good things about her and she is an experienced teacher.  She also was the teacher who had Leo during the shadow day and Kindergarten Round-Up and when I asked her how Leo did she said that he was more than ready for Kindergarten.  So that’s nice to hear.  So I’m not surprised that he got her as a teacher.  The only thing I can say is that there are 17 kids in her class (the other K teacher has 14 kids but this is her first year teaching Kindergarten) and 11 of them are boys.  So pray for her! :)  Also, the little girl that went to Leo’s daycare that we always said would end up dating is going to the same school but she isn’t in his class.  We do know a few kids in his class though.  One was a little girl on his t-ball team.  So that will be nice.


This time next week I will be perfecting my trophy wife characteristics.  The hubby has training in Kansas City and gets a hotel and meals paid for.  So I took a few days of vacation and I am going with him and the boys are staying with my mom and dad.  So while he’s working hard  (yeah right!) I will be chilling by the pool and shopping.  Or maybe just hanging out in the hotel reading or catching up on my shows.  Or sleeping.  Mwahahaha.  I don’t have anything I have to do!  And it’s going to be AMAZING!  We do have plans to meet up with my aunt for dinner at the hubby’s favorite Mexican restaurant up there.  And so that will be nice.  I’m hoping to go see a movie since we have a babysitter!  But if we don’t that’s fine too.  Seriously.  I can’t wait!


Ok that’s all I have.  And since I’m emailing this one in I can’t link up properly but go visit Stacy and see all the other rebel randomers! (http://stacysrandomthoughts.com/2012/07/steamy-weather-nomination-honor-wonky-thermostat-and-asshat-parking/)


Friday, July 13, 2012

My Breaking Heart


In 5 weeks my baby will start Kindergarten.  That’s only 33 days.  I am not a helicopter mother.  I am also not a mother who is very emotional.  But lately I have been struggling with this.  And I’m not talking just having sad thoughts that my baby is growing up but close to full on panic attacks.  This seems ridiculous and I get that.  But I am worried.  I am worried that something bad is going to happen to him.  That he isn’t going to fit in.  That he is going to hate school.  That the other kids are going to be mean to him.  That he is going to get kicked out of school.  That he is not going to be able to control his rapidly growing temper/energy.  Maybe every parent goes through this.  I don’t know. I don’t have very many friends who have kids who have started school yet.  And those that do we haven’t had this conversation.  Because it’s hard for me.  I read a blog where the mom homeschools (http://closeenoughblog.com).  And while I have always had really misguided thoughts about homeschooling (the kids are weird and blah blah blah) from the looks of it her kids are downright awesome.  And it makes me want to do that.  But at the same time I know that that is not something that would work for our family.  But seriously…how amazing would it be to know that you are able to teach your children.  That you are the person that is forming their young mind.  That you are there to witness all the awe and wonder when they learn something. 


So in the next few weeks I’m going to try to get some posts out about my boy.  And how he’s grown into quite a special guy.  And how even at 5 he kills me with what he picks up on ((like last night when he asked me what sex was).  Yeah…that was awkward.  Maybe going through some pictures and remembering stories and special days will help my heart get ready for what I know will be a rough day.  August 16th…I’m looking at you.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012




Week 3 weigh in at weight watchers went really well today!  As surprised as you are to read this (since my last post it looked like I was doomed to a gain) I am surprised to be writing this.  I haven’t exercised in 2 weeks and I haven’t been tracking anything.  So needless to say this is a MAJOR victory for me.  I apparently have been keeping my portion sizes in check and I know I haven’t been snacking so hooray! 


Struggles: My main struggles this week has been me making cheesy/sour cream mashed potatoes and having a ridiculous amount of leftovers.  The fact that those are one of my favorite foods EVER I had to eat the leftovers.  So I had them 4 times in 4 days.  But seriously…they are delicious.


Victory: Of course not gaining any weight. 


I’m hoping that this week will be a smidge less hectic and I am finishing up my medicine so hopefully that will curb any additional poundage that might have been holding on.  I’m also hoping to get a new exercise video from the library and try something new.  I hope with the exercise and me tracking points again this week I can mark a loss next Wednesday. I need to drop a few more pounds because in 2 weeks I am taking a mini-vacation with the hubby and lord knows that I won’t be tracking while we’re gone! :)





Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weight Watchers Update


So weigh in is on Wednesdays so we got a pass this week what with the 4th and all.  But I have been keeping an eye to the scale and unfortunately it looks like there was a gain this past week.  Of about 2 pounds.  So even though I’m still down from where I started I’m up from where I was last week.  And I’m totally blaming it on the antibiotics that I am currently taking.  I apparently got sick and when I get sick I do it big.  This is a little long-winded but if you care to read on my health misfortunes continue.  If not…do not!  It started last Thursday with some really severe back and abdomen pain.  I chalked it up to me starting my (first) cycle since becoming pregnant with Jacoby.  (yay nursing!!)  I dealt with it all day on Thursday at work and went to Leo’s t-ball game that night and the pain was subsiding.  Friday I was fine.  I attended part 1 of my 10 year reunion.  Saturday we got up and went to the picnic which was part 2 of my reunion.  I was feeling a little run-down but fine.  I went to my friends parent’s house who have a pool and hung out and my back started to hurt.  I went home and laid on a heating pad for about an hour and then got up and got ready for the formal reunion.  I met up with my friends and I was DYING.  I lasted about 2 hours at the reunion before I had to go. I had extremely severe pain again in my abdomen and back along with hot sweats and nausea.  Let me tell ya…it was a lot of fun.  Sunday morning I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with a  kidney infection.  Awesome.  He gave me some pain pills and antibiotics and said if I wasn’t better in a few days to come back.  I made it through work on Monday even though I was doped up and still feeling crappy.  And when I woke up Tuesday still feeling like crap I decided to go back.  And lo and behold along with my kidney infection I had a cyst on my ovary.  By the time they did the sonogram it had burst (!) and so I should be feeling better they told me.  It is now Thursday and I am still not feeling great.  I still have pain in my back but I am able to push through without the pain pills.  Apparently work doesn’t think I should be taking them while dealing with money. It’s whatever!  And I am choosing to not use my sick days for myself.  Because I’m sure my kids will get sick and need me to stay home with them soon enough.  So long story long…kidney infection, cyst and my period.  All at the same time.  So 2 pounds gained in my book isn’t so terrible.  I’m hoping by next Wednesday’s weigh-in I will be back on track! Hopefully I can do a life update soon.  I am just finding my time sucked up by my boys and having fun together as a family I don’t make the time!  Hope you all are having an excellent summer and had a nice 4th!