Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weight Watchers Update


So weigh in is on Wednesdays so we got a pass this week what with the 4th and all.  But I have been keeping an eye to the scale and unfortunately it looks like there was a gain this past week.  Of about 2 pounds.  So even though I’m still down from where I started I’m up from where I was last week.  And I’m totally blaming it on the antibiotics that I am currently taking.  I apparently got sick and when I get sick I do it big.  This is a little long-winded but if you care to read on my health misfortunes continue.  If not…do not!  It started last Thursday with some really severe back and abdomen pain.  I chalked it up to me starting my (first) cycle since becoming pregnant with Jacoby.  (yay nursing!!)  I dealt with it all day on Thursday at work and went to Leo’s t-ball game that night and the pain was subsiding.  Friday I was fine.  I attended part 1 of my 10 year reunion.  Saturday we got up and went to the picnic which was part 2 of my reunion.  I was feeling a little run-down but fine.  I went to my friends parent’s house who have a pool and hung out and my back started to hurt.  I went home and laid on a heating pad for about an hour and then got up and got ready for the formal reunion.  I met up with my friends and I was DYING.  I lasted about 2 hours at the reunion before I had to go. I had extremely severe pain again in my abdomen and back along with hot sweats and nausea.  Let me tell ya…it was a lot of fun.  Sunday morning I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with a  kidney infection.  Awesome.  He gave me some pain pills and antibiotics and said if I wasn’t better in a few days to come back.  I made it through work on Monday even though I was doped up and still feeling crappy.  And when I woke up Tuesday still feeling like crap I decided to go back.  And lo and behold along with my kidney infection I had a cyst on my ovary.  By the time they did the sonogram it had burst (!) and so I should be feeling better they told me.  It is now Thursday and I am still not feeling great.  I still have pain in my back but I am able to push through without the pain pills.  Apparently work doesn’t think I should be taking them while dealing with money. It’s whatever!  And I am choosing to not use my sick days for myself.  Because I’m sure my kids will get sick and need me to stay home with them soon enough.  So long story long…kidney infection, cyst and my period.  All at the same time.  So 2 pounds gained in my book isn’t so terrible.  I’m hoping by next Wednesday’s weigh-in I will be back on track! Hopefully I can do a life update soon.  I am just finding my time sucked up by my boys and having fun together as a family I don’t make the time!  Hope you all are having an excellent summer and had a nice 4th!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Oy! So much in so little time! I've had a burst cyst before. Three days of being bent over in pain, gah it was awful! I hope you feel better soon, don't worry about weight this week. It sounds like you have enough on your hands!